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The Customize menu, from Sonic Colors: Ultimate.

Customize (American English), or Customise (British English), is a mode that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is the menu in Sonic Colors: Ultimate where the player is able to customize the visual look of certain aspects of the game.


In Sonic Colors: Ultimate, Customize is an optional menu that can be opened by accessing the Options Satellite on the World Map. In gameplay, on the Customize menu, the player is able to customize the visual appearance of Sonic the Hedgehog in Acts and boss battles, as well as the "Customize" section of the Options Satellite.[1] Like the typical Outfits or Costume parts, the customizations have no impact on the gameplay in the various levels.[2] Each customization piece falls into one of the categories below, which include the following:

  • Gloves: Allows the player to chance the appearance of Sonic's gloves.[1]
  • Shoes: Allows the player to chance the appearance of Sonic's shoes.[1]
  • Aura: Allows the player to chance the appearance of Sonic's aura.[1]
  • Boost: Allows the player to chance the appearance of the Boost's animation.[1]
  • Icon: Allows the player to switch out the profile icons.[1]

The game features several customization options for both Sonic and the Customize menu. Customization options can be added, swapped and removed at the player's leisure and can be combined with any other option available to the player. However, the player can only make use of one option for each customization category at any given time. At the beginning of the game, only a few options will be available to the player on the Customize menu. By collecting Park Tokens however, the player can spend them on new customization options.[1]

List of customization options


Image Name Unlock Criteria
SCU-Gloves-1.png Default N/A
SCU-Gloves-2.png Green Gloves 5 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-3.png Jade Gloves 5 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-4.png Cyan Gloves 5 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-5.png Blue Gloves 5 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-6.png Orange Gloves 5 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-7.png Purple Gloves 5 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-8.png Pink Gloves 5 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-9.png Yellow Gloves 5 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-10.png Cheetah Gloves 10 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-11.png Grid Gloves 10 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-12.png Dotted Gloves 10 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-13.png Cosmic Gloves 10 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-14.png Rad Gloves 10 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-15.png Tie Dye Gloves 10 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-16.png Tiger Gloves 10 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-17.png Zebra Gloves 10 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-18.png Zagged Gloves 10 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-19.png Chrome Red Gloves 15 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-20.png Chrome Blue Gloves 15 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-21.png Chrome Green Gloves 15 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-22.png Chrome Purple Gloves 15 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-23.png Chrome Pink Gloves 15 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-24.png Chrome Orange Gloves 15 Park Tokens
SCU-Gloves-25.png Gold Gloves
SCU-Gloves-26.png Silver Gloves
SCU-Gloves-27.png Burst Gloves


Image Name Unlock Criteria
SCU-Shoes-1.png Default N/A
SCU-Shoes-2.png Green Shoes 7 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-3.png Jade Shoes 7 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-4.png Cyan Shoes 7 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-5.png Blue Shoes 7 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-6.png Orange Shoes 7 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-7.png Purple Shoes 7 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-8.png Pink Shoes 7 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-9.png Yellow Shoes 7 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-10.png Chrome Red Shoes 20 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-11.png Chrome Blue Shoes 20 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-12.png Chrome Green Shoes 20 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-13.png Chrome Purple Shoes 20 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-14.png Chrome Pink Shoes 20 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-15.png Chrome Orange Shoes 20 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-16.png Cheetah Shoes 15 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-17.png Grid Shoes 15 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-18.png Dotted Shoes 15 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-19.png Cosmic Shoes 15 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-20.png Rad Shoes 15 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-21.png Tie Dye Shoes 15 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-22.png Tiger Shoes 15 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-23.png Zebra Shoes 15 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-24.png Zagged Shoes 15 Park Tokens
SCU-Shoes-26.png Gold Shoes
SCU-Shoes-25.png Silver Shoes
SCU-Shoes-27.png Burst Shoes


Image Name Unlock Criteria
SCU-Aura-1.png Default N/A
SCU-Aura-2.png Floral Aura 60 Park Tokens
SCU-Aura-3.png Ice Aura 60 Park Tokens
SCU-Aura-4.png Fire Aura 60 Park Tokens
SCU-Aura-5.png Light Aura 60 Park Tokens
SCU-Aura-6.png Sonic Movie Aura
SCU-Aura-7.png Dark Aura Win 5 Rival Rush Races
SCU-Aura-8.png Firework Aura


Image Name Unlock Criteria
SCU-Boost-1.png Default N/A
SCU-Boost-2.png Fire Boost 40 Park Tokens
SCU-Boost-3.png Floral Boost 40 Park Tokens
SCU-Boost-4.png Ice Boost 40 Park Tokens
SCU-Boost-5.png Light Boost 40 Park Tokens
SCU-Boost-6.png Dark Boost Win All (6) Rival Rush Races
SCU-Boost-7.png Sonic Movie Boost
SCU-Boost-8.png Firework Boost


Icons within the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise cost 5 Park Tokens each to unlock (except for Metal Sonic, which requires winning 3 Rival Rush Races). All other icons cost 7 Park Tokens each.

Image Name Artwork/Sprite Origin
Sonic Sonic Colors
Orange Wisp
Blue Wisp
Green Wisp
Yellow Wisp
Cyan Wisp
Pink Wisp
Purple Wisp
Jade Wisp Team Sonic Racing
Eggman Sonic Colors
Egg Pawn
Amy Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Knuckles Sonic the Hedgehog Modern Style Guide
Short Stuff Sonic the Hedgehog Classic Style Guide
Classic Eggman
The Original Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)
Blind Squirrel Games N/A
Sonic Team
Classic Tails Sonic the Hedgehog Classic Style Guide
Ready to Go Sonic the Hedgehog Modern Style Guide
Chao Sonic the Hedgehog Modern Style Guide
Hero Chao
Dark Chao Sonic Runners
Omochao Team Sonic Racing
Big Sonic the Hedgehog Modern Style Guide
SEGA (West: Dark) N/A
SEGA (West: Light)
SEGA (East)
Super Speed
Guardian Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Happy 30th N/A
Super Sonic Sonic Art Assets DVD
Puyo Yellow Puyo Puyo Tetris
Puyo Purple
Puyo Red
Puyo Green
Puyo Blue
Virtua Fighter
Altered Beast
Samba de Amigo Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
Christmas NiGHTS
NiGHTS NiGHTS into Dreams
Alex Kidd
Skies of Arcadia
Shining Force
Rent A Hero
Clockwork Knight
Crazy Taxi
Jet Grind Radio
Panzer Dragoon II
Panzer Dragoon Orta
Chaz Ashley
AiAi Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz

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