The Custom Actions are a collection of specialized moves for Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


There exists a total of seven Custom Actions in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), all which can be used exclusively by Sonic. Each Custom Action grants Sonic a unique ability that the player can use to leverage the gameplay. The player can obtain a Custom Action by purchasing the appropriate Gem from a Shop in the Town Stages in Sonic's storyline of the game. After being purchased, the player can select a Custom Action to use by using the D-pad, which will set the Gem with the desired Custom Action next to the Action Gauge. They can then use it by holding or pressing R1ps3/Xbox-Button-RT, depending on the Action.

List of Custom Actions

Custom Action Gem Ability
Gun Drive Sky Gem Allows Sonic to throw an emerald and then quickly dash ahead and catch it.
Homing Smash White Gem Allows Sonic to stop in midair and perform a charged Homing Attack.
Mach Speed Blue Gem Initiates an increased Speed Boost.
Scale Purple Gem Shrinks Sonic to a miniscule size, making him harder to hit and allowing him to jump infinitely.
Slow Red Gem Slows down time when the Action Button is held down.
Thunder Guard Yellow Gem Creates a Thunder Shield.
Tornado Green Gem Creates a small whirlwind that deals damage to surroundings.


  • The bar at the bottom right corner was originally intended to limit Sonic's usage of these gems, but since it was never coded correctly, it never runs out.

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