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For the hex, see Curse of the Cross Eyed Moose (hex),

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Curse of the Cross Eyed Moose

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"Curse of the Cross Eyed Moose" is the twenty-ninth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 8 April 2015 in France and on 15 July 2015 in the United States.


After seeing a cross-eyed moose, Sticks is convinced that she and her friends are cursed. They set out to find a mystical marmoset who is the only one who can remove the curse.



Races and species:






At the start, Sticks is down at a river fishing for something when she looks up and sees a Cross Eyed Moose. She panics and runs to alert the others. Meanwhile, the other members of Team Sonic are trying to see who can hold their breath the longest when Sticks arrives. She says that since she saw the moose, she and her friends are cursed by the "Curse of the Cross Eyed Moose". Knuckles comes short of breaking his record and Amy's vase breaks, indicating the curse. Later, everyone notices that Sticks has surrounded their houses with traps, in order to protect them.

A short time later, the gang goes to Sticks' Burrow to ask the badger what they need to do in order to break the curse. She tells them that a mystical marmoset with a white stripe on his back and a tail shaped like a "W" can reverse it. The team decides to look for him, and Sticks leads them through the woods.

Finally, they arrive at the marmoset's residence, but he brushes Team Sonic off, telling them he doesn't break curses anymore. However, Sticks pleads him to help, and he complies but with one catch: the team has to prove themselves worthy by doing some tasks. It turns out that the tasks are making guacamole and doing Monkey-Boy's laundry. While Team Sonic is doing this, Eggman comes to the residence and asks to make the marmoset his servant. Monkey-Boy goes back inside to think, and Eggman summons his robots to surround the house.

Team Sonic finishes their chores and then see the robots. Quickly, the team attacks, and Sticks rescues Monkey-Boy from danger. After Eggman leaves, Monkey-Boy thanks Team Sonic for saving his life and offers to break the curse as a reward. While walking back home, Sticks sees a mauve-colored seven legged spider and panics that the team is cursed again. Sticks says they must now go to Lake Yenny Haha, but Knuckles flicks the spider away, much to everyone's relief.



  • The model used for the mauve-colored seven legged spider actually has eight legs, not seven.
  • When Knuckles says; "This curse is scary and disgusting.", Sonic and Tails are not visible.
  • When Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy meet up with an angry Sticks, Knuckles is beside Sonic, but when they get disgusted after Sticks reveals spiders on her back, Knuckles is behind Sonic and Tails.
  • Team Sonic is shown picking avocados on plants, but avocados grow on trees.
    • However, these plants could simply be young plants that are able to bear fruits.
  • During the fight between Team Sonic and Eggman's Badniks, the destroyed Badniks keep disappearing, but reappear when Monkey-Boy says: "Look at the mess you made."
  • When Eggman surrenders, he is shown running away with a Motobug and a Bee Bot, but when he leaves in his Eggmobile, the Motobug is not present.

Regional differences

  • This episode was banned in Turkey for containing contents linked to a curse. This makes it the first Sonic Boom episode to be banned in another country.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 来自对对眼驼鹿的诅咒 From the Curse of the Moose
Finnish Kierosilmäisen hirven kirous Curse of the cross-eyed moose
French La malédiction de l'élan qui louche The Curse of the Cross-Eyed Moose
German Der Fluch des schielenden Elchs The Curse of the Cross Eyed Moose
Hebrew קללת המוס הפוזל The Curse of the Cross-Eyed Moose
Hungarian Az átok The curse
Italian La maledizione dell'alce strabico The curse of the cross-eyed moose
Japanese ヘラジカに注意 Beware of the Moose
Korean 저주를 푸는 법 How to Lift the Curse
Persian استیکز دردسر ساز Troubles Sticks
Polish Klątwa zezowatego łosia The Curse of the cross-eyed moose
Portuguese (Brazil) A Maldição do Alce Vesgo The Curse of the Cross-eyed Moose
Portuguese (Portugal) A Maldição do Alce Zarolho
Romanian Blestemul elanului cu privire crucișă The curse of zeal on the cross
Russian Проклятие косоглазого лося Curse of the cross-eyed moose
Spanish (Latin America) La Maldición del Alce Bizco The Curse of the Cross-eyed Moose
Spanish (Spain)
Ukrainian (Pixel TV) Прокляття косоокого лося Curse of a slanting moose
Ukrainian (PlusPlus)


  • This episode was originally listed as "The Curse of the Cross-Eyed Moose."[2]
  • The scene where Sticks explains about the Curse of the Cross Eyed Moose was heard in the trailer "Meet Sticks" for the Sonic Boom television series.
  • When Sonic shows a safe way "Peer Gynt - Morning Mood" of Edvarg Grieg can be heard.
  • Monkey-Boy's house uses the same model as the house Eggman lived in during his self-imposed exile from technology in "Eggman Unplugged".
  • At the very beginning of the episode (directly after the intro), the brief music piece that plays is strikingly similar to Lara Croft's theme from the Tomb Raider series of video games.
  • This episode marks the first time Tails and Amy's Communicator are seen in the Sonic Boom television series.
  • The Korean title of the episode is a reference to the How to Train Your Dragon series.


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