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Curling Holiday[1] is a carnival game published by Sega, and released at an unknown point in 1994. Although not marketed as a Sonic the Hedgehog title, the game features several Peckies as main characters, plus several Rockies on its artwork.

Due to its nature as a carnival game, Curling Holiday was only released in select locations, such as Joypolis in Yokohama[2] and Sega's Ichikawa Galbo venues[3], before being removed.


While the exact gameplay of Curling Holiday is unknown, the game takes place on a long flat board, and the player is given several curling disks with Peckies on top of them to slide down the board. The player's goal is to "let the disk slide and stop right in the target"[1], with the "target" being a white circle outline near the end of the board. If the player slides the disk too fast, it will move past the outline, whereas sliding it too slow will lead to it stopping in front of the outline.






ゲームカタログ2 1995年07月01日

A video showcasing Joypolis Yokohama. An Curling Holiday cabinet can be seen at the 3:00 mark.


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