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A lone Cucky.

The Cucky (クッキー Kukkī?) is a creature that appears in the Sonic X anime series and its comic series published by Archie Comics which first debuted in "Mean Machines". They are a race of non-anthropomorphic game fowls native to Sonic the Hedgehog's world.



The Cuckies resemble white-feathered chickens with round-shaped heads, two large greyish blue eyes, tiny orange beaks, and thick cheeks. Their wings are medium-sized compared to their bodies, which are at the same size as their heads, and they possess smooth tail feathers and soft orange feet with three toes on each foot. Additional features include a rather large red comb and a red wattle under their beaks.


Although recognized as animal life, the Cuckies are remarkably intelligent and sociable, having been shown to live in civilized environments.[1]



At some point, Cuckies began showing up on Earth, presumably due to the Chaos Control irregularities occurring after the Space Colony ARK incident. Despite concerns that their cultures would cause tensions, the Cuckies maintained a peaceful existence alongside the humans until they got sent back to their home planet with the other creatures.[2][3][4] However, Dr. Eggman soon returned to threaten the Cuckies with his plans to take over their world.[1]



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