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You're a special kind of idiot, Cubot.
Yay! I'm special!

Dr. Eggman and Cubot, Team Sonic Racing

Cubot (キューボット Kyūbotto?) is an antagonist in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a robot built by Dr. Eggman. One of Eggman's aide robots,[1] Cubot mainly assists the doctor in his schemes for world domination, with his partner Orbot working alongside him to perform various duties.[2]

While loyal to Eggman, Cubot is dim-witted and lazy. He also has a faulty voice chip which causes him to randomly switch between different accents and personalities.[1]


Cubot is a diminutive robot, but slightly taller than Orbot. He has a black square head with a flatten, yet wider yellow square cap on top and a larger black square on the bottom, the latter which resembles a jaw. His jaw can separate from his head to reveal a light blue cover resembling a mouth. He also has two gray-framed and pupil-less light blue eyes. His chest consists of a smaller yellow cube and he has yellow gloves for hands. His arms and back consist each of two thin gray bars that are joined by a black and yellow ball joint. His lower body is a black open cube with a gray inside and a ball joint connecting it to his back.


Cubot is a good-hearted and easygoing robot.[1] Even though he is supposed to be built with the same CPU as Orbot’s, he is somehow dim-witted and somewhat slow on the uptake;[1] he has no concept of sarcasm (as evidenced by his reaction when Eggman flippantly told them, after Orbot asked if he wanted the remaining Wisps, that Eggman actually wanted them to go fetch him "a cheeseburger and a shake") and even when things are explained specifically to him, it takes a while for him to catch on.

While still a competent henchman, Cubot is talkative, not very serious and generally annoying to those around him. Also, despite his devotion to his master, Cubot is lazy.[2] Unwilling to take action until he is scolded, he actively tries to get out of doing any work.[1][2]

Cubot's personality can be affected by whatever accent his voice chip is currently set to, causing him to adapt mannerisms and behavior associated with his accent.[1]

Powers and abilities

Cubot's retracted state, from the Wii version of Sonic Colors.

Cubot has the ability to retract his body into a travel-sized cube. While in this state, he is fully capable of movement. While uncurled, he is also able to twist his neck 360 degrees.

Cubot is able to levitate and can move freely through midair. However, he is not able to levitate any higher than a few meters above the ground. He is also capable of projecting holographic videos and displays from his eyes.[3] As shown during the Lost Hex incident, his head also has the ability to operate independently from the rest of his body. Most notably however, Cubot possesses a special skill that lets him change both his personality and accent depending on the voice chip currently inserted into him,[1] although certain types of physical contact can yield the same effect.


Dr. Eggman

In contrast to Orbot's dislike of their creator and boss, Cubot likes and admires Dr. Eggman.[1][2] Despite getting nothing but mistreatment and abuse from Eggman in return for his services, Cubot has remained genuinely faithful and honest towards him. However, it has been hinted that Cubot has a hard time grasping the fact that Eggman is his boss, prompting him to forget who he is talking to.[4]

Despite his preference for Eggman, Cubot's laziness puts him at odds with his master. As such, Cubot often ends up upsetting Eggman.[1] Similarly, Cubot constantly annoys Eggman with his idiocy and voice chip issues. Also, while he might not understand the consequences of upsetting Eggman, Cubot is very much fearful of his wrath.


Orbot and Cubot, from the Wii version of Sonic Colors.

Orbot is Cubot's partner in the service of Dr. Eggman and the two are an inseparable pair. By comparison, Cubot is the comic relief to Orbot's straight man.[1]

Like Eggman, Cubot's dimwitted behavior does not sit well with Orbot, who mentioned during the Lost Hex incident that having Cubot attached to his body during the escapade was like a nightmare. When the duo work together, Orbot usually lets Cubot do all the work while he slacks off, normally without Cubot noticing it. During his time as a disembodied head, Cubot would also be fumbled around by Orbot for his amusement. Despite everything he has to put up with him though, Cubot is not bothered by Orbot at all and has often referred to him as a close friend of his, a feeling which Orbot ultimately reciprocates.




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