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Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)
Cry of the Wolf (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Cry of the Wolf".

[Scene: Great Unknown.]

[The Wolf Pack was seen fighting the test pod.]

[Scene Change: Robotropolis, Robotnik's command center.]

[Snively reads a printout.]
Snively: Oh, my. This is serious.
Dr. Robotnik: Hmm...
Snively: Excuse me, Sir.
Dr. Robotnik: Doomsday. Even the name has a poetic ring. Don't you think, Snively?
Snively: Very poetic, Sir, but...
Dr. Robotnik: [Interrupts] It won't be long now, Snively, when we will see my poetry in motion. Doomsday will finish the job I started during the coup. Before... before that miserable hedgehog came along!
Snively: Yes, Sir, but...
Dr. Robotnik: [Interrupts] Sometimes my brilliance amazes even me. Don't you agree, Snively?
Snively: Oh yes Sir, but...
Dr. Robotnik: But what?
Snively: The Wolf Pack, Sir. They've sabotaged the test pod.
Dr. Robotnik: They what?!
Snively: Here, Sir. Read it for yourself.
Dr. Robotnik: I thought we eliminated those miserable beasts. Put up the surveillance tape.
[The monitor shows a replay of the wolves attacking the pod.]
Dr. Robotnik: [Incoherent grumbling] What's the damage?!
Snively: Minimal, Sir. Engineering says it can be back online in six hours.
Dr. Robotnik: Then get out there, Snively, and make it happen!
Snively: Yes, Sir. [Mumbles] Oh boy, I'd like to get your nose in a vice someday.
Dr. Robotnik: Stop grumbling and find me those wolves!

[Scene Change: Great Unknown.]

Sonic: Yo, Nicole. Is this it?
Nicole: Magnifying, my main Sonic. Information on Great Unknown is limited. Area relatively uncharted.
Sally: Nicole, please display the King's Freedom Fighter list.
Antoine: [Yawns] I am too boring with this journey. It is taking too awfully longer if I ask me.
Sonic: Well, nobody's asking you, Ant.
Dulcy: We can't set up a Freedom Fighters network unless we find them first, Tony.
Sally: Nicole, magnify Freedom Fighter groups located in the Great Unknown.
Nicole: The only group located in this area is the Wolf Pack, Sally.
Sally: Display existing data.
Nicole: An ancient culture with a remarkable respect for nature. Following Robotnik's takeover, they remained loyal to the King and were consequently driven off their land.
Sonic: So where do we find them, Nicole?
Nicole: Their home base is twenty-one point three kilometers south-southeast of the Great Canyon. There are five possible routes.
Sonic: Cool! Which one is the shortest? In English.
Nicole: Go straight, hang a left, then a right.
Sonic: I'll scout ahead. What do you think, Sal?
Sally: Well, I think we should...
Sonic: [Interrupts] Ciao!
Sally: ...all stay together! [Sarcastically] Thanks for asking!
[Sonic reaches a lake of bubbling muck.]
Sonic: Man. There goes the neighborhood. Phew! I smell Ro-butt-nik. Later!
[Sonic runs off, but gets struck by lightning in the tail.]
Sonic: [Yelps] Outta here!
[Sonic continues running while avoid getting struck by more lightning bolts.]
Sonic: Man, I'm gonna re-name this place "The Great Ugly".
Sally: Sonic!
Sonic:: D'oh, man!
Dulcy: Going down.
Antoine: Oh, I am hating this part too much.
[The group screams.]
Sonic: Dulce! Stop! Stop! [Grunts]
Antoine: What is happened? What is happened?
Sally: It's okay, Antoine. [Hops off Dulcy] Sonic, what's wrong?
Sonic: Another two feet and you guys would have been nuked!
Dulcy: What do you mean "nuked"?
Sonic: Check this.
[Sonic tosses a rock, which is quickly zapped by lightning.]
Dulcy: Are you kidding me?
Sonic: Yo! Does this look like I'm kidding? We've got to find another route, Sal.
Sally: Nicole, plot alternate route to the Wolf Pack base.
Nicole: There are four remaining alternate routes, Sally.
Sonic: Give us the next shortest one, without the lightning.

[Scene Change: Great Unknown, canyon.]

Sonic: Oh great. Dead end city. Two bad calls in a row, Nicole.
Sally: What is this place? Nicole, can you translate these hieroglyphics?
Nicole: Working, Sally...
Sonic: Yo! How about "working" us a way outta here?
Sally: Sonic, a little patience, please?
Sonic: [Sighs] Fine. [Taps his foot] Patience is up.
Nicole: The hieroglyphics appear to be ancient symbols used by the wolf Pack. Translations indicate surrounding environs carry a curse for all intruders, but also indicate...
Antoine: [Interrupts] A curse? You are saying there's a bad lucks curse on us? Ooh! We must leave this terrible place. No! Not again! Aaaagh! The curse! It is the curse!
Sonic: Whoa!
Sally: It's interesting
Dulcy: It's small.
Antoine: It's very scary.
Sonic: It's our only way out. Let's kick.
Sally: Come on, guys.
Dulcy: Nuh-uh. Sorry, Sally. I hate little underground places. I got clausto... uh, clorto...
Sally: Claustrophobia.
Sonic: Yo, Sal. What's holding up the ol' parade?
Sally: Dulcy's afraid of small, underground places.
Antoine: Ah, Ducky, I am glad you are coming to my senses. We will not be going into that cur-sed place.
Dulcy: I could fly over the canyon and meet you on the other side, Sonic.
Sonic: Aah... we don't know where this will empty out. Better jam back to Knothole, Dulcy.
Dulcy: Okay. Good luck.
Sonic: And take the Curse-meister with you.
Dulcy: All aboard, Tony. Last call for Knothole.
Antoine: [Whines] My Princess or my safety. I am knowing I will be too sorry. I am knowing this is a terrible mistake. I am knowing I am too stupid!
Dulcy: Arrivederci, Tony!
[Antoine screams as he bounces down the tunnel.]
Sally: Huh?
[Antoine lands near Sally.]
Sally: Antoine, are you alright?
Sonic: Oh, get serious, Sal; he's never been all right.
[The entrance closes behind them.]
Antoine: [Screams] It's the curse. It's the curse!
[Eyes peer out of the darkness in the tunnel.]
Antoine: It is the terrible curse bringing us bad lucks!
[Sonic lights a torch.]
Sonic: Ant, put a sock in it.
Antoine: My socks? What is wronging with my socks? [Sniffs his foot] Ooh.
Sonic: [Sighs] Chill here, Sal. I'll check ahead.
Sally: Sonic!
Sonic: Later!
Sally: Wait a minute!
[Sonic reaches a split in the tunnel.]
Sonic: Whoa.
[Sonic sees two paths in front of him.]
Sonic: Shortcut.
[Sonic comes to a drop-off.]
Sonic: Uncool.
[Sonic drops a rock and impatiently listens for it to hit bottom.]
Sonic: Not a shortcut. Outta here!
[Sonic returns to Sally and Antoine.]
Sonic: Nothin' but a dead end. [Thumbs down]
Antoine: Something is dead? Where? Where?
Sally: Sonic, from now on I think we should...
Sonic: [Interrupts] Be right back, Sal!
Sally: [Sighs] ...stay together.
[The tunnel caves in.]
Sonic: Huh? Whoa!
[Sonic returns to Sally and Antoine.]
Sonic: You know what I think?
Sally: How could anyone possibly know what you think?
Sonic: We should stick together.
Sally: And I think someone wants us to stay in this tunnel.
Antoine: Oh, my... [Mumbles incoherently] Oh, sacre blue cheese. Someone is here. It is the curse, I am saying to you. We are doom-ed. Doom-ed! [Mumbles incoherently]
Sonic: Antoine.
[Antoine realizes where he is.]
Antoine: Oh, hello my Princess. Mmm. [Mumbles] Ooh, this is very nice.
[Sally drops Antoine.]
Antoine: [Laughs]
Sonic: Hey! Why are you following us, pal?
Wolf in Red: You trespass on our land.
Sonic: Look my main wolf, all we want is a way out of here.
Sally: Can you show us?
Wolf in Red: Certainly, if that is all you wish. Come.
[Sonic, Sally and Antoine follow the wolf.]
Antoine: It is the terrible curse.
Sonic: What's up?
Wolf in Red: Wait here.
[The wolf presses a button. Sonic, Sally and Antoine scream as they fall down a trapdoor.]
Antoine: I told you! It is the curse; the curse! [Mumbles] The curse!
Sonic: Shut up, Ant!
Sally: Oh my gosh...
Lupe: Greetings. I am Lupe, leader of the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters.
Sonic, Sally and Antoine: Freedom Fighters?

[Scene Change: Fire Pit.]

Sally: We really didn't know what to expect. There was little information about the Wolf Pack.
Lupe: Robotnik destroyed all physical traces of our culture. This is all we have left from the earlier times.
[Lupe gives a disk to Sally who places it into Nicole. Nicole displays a hologram of a village.]
Lupe: We lived simply and in harmony with nature, raising the food we needed and leaving no mark but our footsteps on the land.
[The hologram changes.]
Lupe: So, after Robotnik captured my father and roboticized most of the pack. A few escapes; although not without reminders. [Touches her scar] Only ten of us are left now. We returned to find our land being destroyed by the test pod.
Sonic: Oh, man! I've seen what that thing can do. It wastes everything.
Sally: That's why we must contact the other Freedom Fighters on my father's list.
Sonic: We're gonna visit all five groups and set up some kinda network to fight Robutt-nik.
Lupe: It's a good plan. I can get a message to the others.
Sonic: That's great, Lupe. Now we gotta figure out some way to fry that pod.
Lupe: We can help in that department. We've been raiding Robotnik's outposts for a while now and collected quite a supply.
Sonic: Whoa. That's some serious collecting.
Sally: Lupe, does this still work?
Lupe: Unfortunately, no.
Sonic: No prob. Sal can fix it. She can fix anything.

[Scene Change: Robotnik's hovercraft.]

Snively: How long?
Tech-Bot: I can't say, Sir.
Snively: You can't say? What do you mean you can't...
Dr. Robotnik: [Interrupts] Snively!
Snively: Oh, hello Sir.
Dr. Robotnik: When will the test pod be back online?
Snively: Oh, any minute now, Sir.
Dr. Robotnik: And what of the wolves?
Snively: The wolves? Yeah. Well, um, Sir. They've disappeared.
Dr. Robotnik: No, Snively. They've just outsmarted you. Now I strongly suggest that you use your pointed, little head and find them! Do I make myself clear?
Snively: Very clear, Sir.

[Scene Change: Great Unknown, canyon.]

Lupe: Quickly! This way!
Snively: Activate heat sensors!
Tech-Bot: Heat sensors activated.
Antoine: [Trips and screams] Ahh! It is the curse beam! We are doom-ed!
Sonic: Move it, Ant.
Lupe: All right! Let's go!
[Sonic places charges all over the canyon.]
Sonic: Rock 'n' roll time, Ro-butt-nik!
[Sonic triggers the charges and things go "boom".]
Sonic: Yes!
Sally: Freedom fighters, all right!
[The Freedom Fighters cheer.]
Sonic: Scratch one test pod.
Antoine: The curse is gone! [Gasps] What is this?
[The test pod rises from the rubble.]
Antoine: It is the curse. It is the doom-ed curse!
[Everyone gasps.]
[Hover Units and the test pod attack everybody in the canyon.]
Sonic: Ram and jam time, Sal!
[Sonic grabs Sally and runs away from the test pod.]
Sonic: Huh. Scratch that plan.
Sally: Not exactly the outcome I'd hoped for. Any ideas?
Sonic: Yeah, maybe I'll take a little spin. Slap me some power, Sal.
Sally: Sonic, where are you going?
Sonic: Trust me, Sal.
Sally: [Sighs] I hate it when you say that.
Sonic: Better move back, Sal.
Snively: What's this?! Computer, reverse course! Take evasive action! [Screams]
[The Freedom Fighters cheer.]
Lupe: Well done, Sonic. That was close.
Sally: Sonic, you were wonderful. [Kisses Sonic on the cheek]
Sonic: Aw, thanks. I thought we could...
[The test pod begins moving.]
Sonic: Huh? I don't believe it.
Lupe: We've blown it up, buried it, and wrecked it; and still it comes back!
Sally: We will stop this thing, Lupe. I don't know how yet, but we will stop it.

[Scene Change: Robotnik's crashed hovercraft.]

Snively: Computer, damage report.
Computer: Damage minimal. All systems fully operational.
Snively: [Falls out of his seat] I hate when that happens. Switch to full power!
[Robotnik's hovercraft reactivates as it flips right side up.]
Snively: Ow! [Moans] I hate my life.
[Robotnik's hovercraft takes off.]
Snively: Alright you Freedom Fighters, come on. Show yourselves you little...
Dr. Robotnik: Snively!
Snively: Yes, Sir?
Dr. Robotnik: The wolves, Snively?
Snively: The wolves. Oh, yes Sir. I-I had them in my sights, Sir, but you see the hedgehog interfered and I...
Dr. Robotnik: [Interrupts] The hedgehog’s with the Wolf Pack? Send me your surveillance tapes. Now!
Snively: [Mocking] Send me your surveillance tapes... Now!
Dr. Robotnik: Hmm...
[Dr. Robotnik re-appears on Snively's monitor.]
Dr. Robotnik: Snively.
Snively: Sir?
Dr. Robotnik: Have you noticed there are caves along the top of the canyon wall, but none at ground level?
Snively: Oh. Yes, Sir.
Dr. Robotnik: What does that tell you?
Snively: That the wolves... [Yelps] used to be very tall?
Dr. Robotnik: It means... they're camouflaging the lower entrances. Find them!
Snively: Yes, Sir.
[Robotnik's hovercraft fires shots into the canyon, as a cave is revealed.]
Snively: Bingo! Bingo! Yes!

[Scene Change: Wolf Pack base.]

Antoine: [Whines] The curse. Oh! It is the curse!
Sonic: Ant! Forget the curse. There is no stupid curse!
Lupe: He's right, Antoine. We use the threat of a curse to keep out intruders.
Antoine: No curses? Oh. Phew and phew again. I am so happy to hear that.
Sally: Nicole, any suggestions?
Nicole: Insufficient data, Sally.
Lupe: Maybe the pod is indestructible; a new metal or...
Wolf in Red: Lupe! Swat-Bots are in the tunnels!
Lupe: Lead them to the Caves of No Return.
Sally: Lupe, wait. I have an idea. Bring them here.
Sonic: Lead the Swat-Bots here?
Sally: Trust me, Sonic.
Sonic: Oh, I hate when you say that.

[Scene Change: Tunnels.]

Swat-Bot: Priority one hedgehog, freeze!

[Scene Change: Robotnik's hovercraft.]

Snively: Well, won't Robotnik be surprised. I've accomplished what he never could.
Sonic: Hey! It ain't over 'til the hedgehog sings, Snootly, and I feel a song coming on!
Sally: Nicole, laser!
[Nicole's lasers free Sally.]
Sally: Oh, no you don't!
[Sally grabs Snively by his pants]
Sally: Have a seat!
Sonic: Way past, Sal.
Sally: Well, what did you expect, Son?
Sonic: Anything yet, Sal?
Sally: Not since the last time you asked... five seconds ago.
Snively: You won't get away with this! Robotnik will...
Sally and Sonic: [Interrupts] Shut up, Snively!
Sally: Oh my gosh. Here it is. Nicole, copy!
Sonic: This is gonna help us...
Sally: ...fry the pod. Exactly. Come on.
Snively: I hate you! I hate you both!

[Scene Change: Great Canyon.]

Lupe: I always suspected that pod was attracted to life forces; this confirms it.
Sally: And by using a power beam...
Wolf: He's coming in!
Sonic: Come on, pod-breath. I’m getting old here. Huh? 'Bout time. [Laughs] Whee! Come on in! Hey, pod-brain!
[The test pod goes after Sonic.]
Sonic: Alright! Jelly and jam time!
[The test pod is zapped by a lightning bolt.]
Sonic: Toast. Yeah!
[The Wolf Pack cheers while picking up Sonic.]
Sonic: Ow, careful guys. I'm a little singed. Ah, thank you, thank you...
Lupe: Good news! The other Freedom Fighters are anxious to meet with us; the sooner the better.
[The Freedom Fighters cheer.]

[Scene Change: Knothole Village, day.]

[Ari, Lupe, Sally, Sonic, Dirk and Polo raise their fists]
Ari, Lupe, Sally, Sonic, Dirk and Polo: All for one, and one for all. Freedom Fighters forever!
Sally: My father would be very proud to know we're together for our most important mission-- to destroy the Doomsday Project and defeat Robotnik.
Sonic: To freedom!
Ari, Lupe, Sally, Sonic, Dirk and Polo: To Freedom! [Cheers]

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