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"Cry of the Wolf" is the twenty-third episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It first aired on 12 November 1994.








In the Great Unknown, a test Doomsday Pod emerges from the ground. As it begins to fly over the land, Wolf Pack members come out of hiding. Pulling out its laser, the Doomsday Pod starts shooting at the wolves. However, the Wolf Pack is able to hit the Doomsday Pod with some explosives, causing the Doomsday Pod to go off-course and seemingly crash. Meanwhile, in Robotropolis, Snively is observing several monitors when he sees a machine pint out info on the attack on the test Doomsday Pod. Disturbed by the news, Snively tries to inform Dr. Robotnik about the attack. However, Robotnik is busy admiring a hologram of a tower and praising himself for the preparations for the Doomsday Project. Robotnik also mentions that the project is designed to finish what he himself started during the coup, before Sonic got in the way. Meanwhile, Snively tries repeatedly to interrupt Robotnik's self-raising, until the doctor finally turns towards him personally. Frightened by Robotnik's anger over being interrupted, Snively tells Robotnik that the Wolf Pack has sabotaged the test Doomsday Pod before giving Robotnik the report, which the doctor reads himself. Crumbling up the report in anger after reading it, Robotnik orders Snively to play the surveillance footage. After seeing the Wolf Pack's attack on his Doomsday Pod, Robotnik demands to know the damage report. Snively reports that the damage is minimal and that the Doomsday Pod will be back up and running in six hours, prompting Robotnik to order Snively to start fixing it. Snively accepts the order, but begins to silently complain about how Robotnik was squeezing his nose when giving out his order. Unfortunately, Robotnik hears Snively's grumbling, prompting him to grab Snively by the collar and firmly tell him to catch the Wolf Pack.

In the meantime, Sonic, Sally, Antoine and Dulcy have arrived in the Great Unknown. Using Nicole, they watch a holographic map of the Great Unknown in hopes of finding possible groups of Freedom Fighters that might be out there. Antoine begins to grow bored with the expedition, but Sonic is not interested in his opinion. Dulcy also reminds him that they need to find the other Freedom Fighters in order to set up a Freedom Fighter network. At the request of Sally, Nicole shows that the only Freedom Fighter group in the Great Unknown is the Wolf Pack, an ancient culture with exceptional respect for nature. After Robotnik rose to power, the Wolf Pack remained loyal to the King, and consequently driven off their land. Sonic subsequently asks Nicole where they can find the Wolf Pack, and Nicole explains that their home base can be found not too far from the Great Canyon, giving its coordinates in the process. Nicole also explains that there are five routes to the Wolf Pack's home base. Naturally, Sonic asks for the shortest route. After being given the directions from Nicole, Sonic asks Sally what she thinks of this. Before Sally can give an answer however, Sonic runs off to check the route out. Soon after, Sonic comes across a lake with smelly and bubbling water, which reminds him of Robotnik's stench. Sonic thus tours around it and ends up in a wide open terrain with storm clouds above him. However, he retreats from there after being pelted with lightning bolts and getting hit by one of those lightning bolts in the rear. Once safe, Sonic spots Dulcy coming towards him with Sally and Antoine on her back. Seeing that they are heading straight for the storm cloud field, Sonic tries instructing Dulcy to land from afar. Eventually, Dulcy does as instructed, but she falls when landing and ends up sliding along the ground, straight towards the storm cloud field. Sonic, however, manages to grab Dulcy by the tail and stop her in the last second. Once everyone have recovered from the landing, Sonic explains the danger of the storm cloud field. With that obstacle in their way, Nicole provides the heroes with a safer, yet short route.

Eventually, Sonic and co. arrive in a canyon with a dead end. Unbeknownst to them, however, they are being observed by various pairs of eyes from the shadows. Annoyed with having hit a dead end, Sonic takes out Nicole to show her where she has taken them and begins complaining. Taking Nicole back, Sally shows Nicole some hieroglyphs on the wall and asks her to translate them. While Nicole works on the translation, Sonic, who wants to find a way out of this place, gets impatient, but Sally tells him to be patient for a while. Eventually, Nicole explains that the hieroglyphs are ancient symbols used by the Wolf Pack, and that they describe a curse lurking all around in the area that will befall any intruder. Before Nicole can finish, however, Antoine begins to panic and wants to run away, hitting the hieroglyphs with his fist in the process. Upon doing so, however, the wall with the hieroglyphs slide away to reveal a hidden underground passage, which Antoine believes to be the work of the curse. Sonic and Sally, however, decide to go down the passage and see where it leads. Ducly refuses to go into the tunnel since she has claustrophobia. When Sonic returns to see what is holding up the others, Sally explains Dulcy's situation to him, and a relieved Antoine expresses how happy he is that Dulcy is "coming to [her] senses". Dulcy suggests that she can just fly over to the other side of the canyon and meet up with them there, but Sonic tells her that it is better that she flies back to Knothole Village since they do not know what is out there in the Great Unknown. In addition, he asks Dulcy to take Antoine with her. Accepting Sonic's instructions, Dulcy tells Antoine to come along with her. However, Antoine is hesitant to join her since he does not want to leave Sally on her own without supervision. Ultimately, he decides to join Sonic and Sally in the tunnel. Respecting his choice, Dulcy flies away. As Antoine walks towards the tunnel however, he trips over a protruding rock and rolls down the stairs in the underground tunnel until he lands in-between Sonic and Sally. Sally asks Antoine if he is alright, but Sonic remarks that Antoine has "never been alright". Immediately after, the door to th tunnel closes behind them and cuts off the light. In the darkness, several pairs of eyes then begin looking at the heroes, and Antoine starts shouting that it is the curse.

Eventually, Sonic lights two torches, one of which he hands over to Sally. He then decides to go ahead on his own and runs off, although Sally tells him to wait. Soon after, Sonic hits a fork in the road, and he decides to choose one of the tunnels. Taking the one on the right, Sonic eventually hits a dead end with a chasm running through it. Sonic proceeds to throw a rock into the chasm to see how deep it is. However, when he does not hear anything soon after, he runs back to the fork in the road where he meets Sally and Antoine. Upon explaining the tunnel he just went through though, Sonic makes Antoine even more nervous when he says that it is a "dead" end. Sally then tries to tell Sonic that they should stick together. However, Sonic does not listen and runs straight into another tunnel. In that tunnel, boulders start to fall down from the ceiling, forcing Sonic to retreat. After returning to his friends, Sonic admits that they should stay together. At the same time, a frustrated Sally points out to Sonic that the traps they have encountered must mean that someone wants them to stay in this tunnel. Immediately after, the howling of wolves can be heard in the tunnels. This frightens Antoine, who begins shouting out loud about the curse before jumping into the arms of Sally. Upon noticing now close he is to Sally though, Antoine recomposes himself and begin complementing her, only for Sally to drop him on the ground. Meanwhile, in the darkness surrounding the heroes, Sonic spots a pair of eyes. As such, Sonic walks over to examine them, and a Wolf Pack member comes out to meet him. Sonic proceeds to ask him why he is following them, to which the wolf replies that they are the one who have invaded their land. Sonic and Sally, however, only want to know where the exit is, and ask the wolf to take them there. The wolf agrees and begins leading the heroes through the tunnels.

At the group reaches a dead end, the wolf tells Sonic, Sally and Antoine to wait. He then pushes a button on the wall, causing a trap door to open beneath Sonic, Sally and Antoine. The heroes are then shown falling down a tunnel before ending up on a slide that takes them through a cave. Antoine screams about this being the curse, but Sonic tells him to shut up. Eventually, the heroes land in the home base of the Wolf Pack, where Lupe, the leader of the Wolf Pack, introduces the group to the heroes. With Sonic, Sally and Antoine joining the Wolf Pack members in a circle around a fire, Sally admits to Lupe that she did not know what to expect since there is so little information about the Wolf Pack. In response, Lupe explains that Robotnik destroyed all the physical traces of their culture before handing Sally a floppy disk containing what there is left of the old ways. Sally proceeds to insert the floppy disk into Nicole, who displays a holographic image of the wolf village. At the same time, Lupe explains that her people used to live in harmony with nature, producing the food they needed from farming and leaving nothing but their footprints on the land. After Robotnik captured her father and roboticized most of the pack however, a few of them managed to escape, although not with "reminders". Lupe also explains that there are only ten members left in the Wolf Pack, who, after returning to the Great Unknown, found their land destroyed by Robotnik's test Doomsday Pod. Upon hearing this, Sonic remembers that these machines destroy everything in their path. Sally and Sonic proceed to explain that this is the reason why they need to contact the other four Freedom Fighter groups: so that all five of them can cooperate with overthrowing Robotnik. Lupe praises them for their plan and says that she can get in touch with the other Freedom Fighter groups. Sonic then notes that all they have to do now is to take care of the Doomsday Pod. In response, Lupe shows them that the Wolf Pack has been raiding Robotnik's outposts for a while now and have as such acquired quite a supply. Among the supply is a cannon, which, unfortunately, does not work. Sonic, however, assures Lupe that Sally will be able to fix it.

Meanwhile, multiple Swat Bots are repairing the test Doomsday Pod. Also, inside Robotnik's hovercraft, Snively is asking the Tech-Bot of how long the repairs will take. However, the Tech-Bot cannot give an accurate answer. This makes Snively rage at it until a hologram of Dr. Robotnik appears behind him. Immediately after, Robotnik remands to know when the test Doosmday Pod will be repaired. Fearful of his uncle's wrath, Snively says that it will be ready soon. When Robotnik then asks about the Wolf Pack however, Snively explains that they have disappeared. Not buying this, Robotnik tells Snively that the Wolf Pack has simply outsmarted him and orders him to look for those Freedom Fighters. Later, under the cover of the night, the Wolf Pack, Sonic, Sally and Antoine drive the cannon (which is covered by a sheet) out of the underground tunnel. While the heroes walk through the canyons however, they spot Robotnik's hovercraft flying nearby. Instructing everyone to retreat to the underground shelter, Lupe opens it using a remote control. Meanwhile, Snively has the hovercraft's heat sensors activated. While the Wolf Pack rolls the cannon into the underground shelter however, Antoine stumbles over a rock. As the heat sensors approach him, he considers them "cruse beams" and freezes up. Sonic, however, comes running and takes Antoine into the underground shelter in the last second. Meanwhile, the test Doosmday Pod has been repaired and is flying around, creating toxic spots on the ground. After the Doomsday Pod has passed them, the Wolf Pack and their allies come out of hiding and begin approaching the Doomsday Pod, which is flying into a dead end in the canyon. At the same time, Sonic is running around the canyon's walls and planting explosives on them. Getting the Doomsday Pod in their sight, the Wolf Pack begins firing their cannon at it. The shots push the Doomsday Pod into the canyon. Once it is in the right position, Sonic detonates the explosives with a remote control, thus triggering a rock slide that buries the Doomsday Pod. As the Freedom Fighters celebrate their victory, Sonic believes the Doomsday Pod have been destroyed while Antoine believes that the curse has been broken. However, after a while, the Doomsday Pod emerges from the rubble, prompting Antoine to start shouting about the curse again.

While the Doomsday Pod begins taking shots at the heroes, Robotnik's hovercraft arrives and keeps the heroes from escaping. Meanwhile, the heroes are forced to abandon the cannon in order to seek shelter. Sonic in particular takes Sally and hides with her inside a branch in the canyon. Having not expected such a turn of events, Sally asks Sonic if he has any good ideas. Having one such idea, Sonic asks Sally to give him a Power Ring without explaining what his plan is. After Sally does as Sonic asked and gives him a Power Ring from Sonic's backpack, Sonic taps into the Power Ring's power and charges towards the Doomsday Pod. While the Doomsday Pod detects Sonic and begins to shoot at him, Sonic uses his Super Spin to burrow and tunnel underground. Sonic then emerges just underneath the Doomsday Pod and creates a huge tornado by running around in circles that sucks in the Doomsday Pod. Being a collision course with the tornado, a frightened Snively orders the computer onboard Robotnik's hovercraft to turn back. However, it is too late. Immediately after, Robotnik's hovercraft and its accompanying flying Swat-Bots are sucked into the tornado, which throws its contents into the wall of the canyon shortly thereafter. With both Robotnik's hovercraft and the Doomsday Pod seemingly destroyed, the Freedom Fighters begin celebrating again. Lupe proceeds to congratulate Sonic and Sally kisses him for a job well done. After a while, however, the Doomsday Pod begins to take flight again. Despite the seemingly indestructability of the machine, Sally promises that they will find a way to destroy it, although she does not know how. Meanwhile, Snively receives information from Robotnik's overturned hovercraft that the hovercraft has received minimal damage. Being buckled to the hovercraft's seat, Snively unbuckles himself, only to fall down on the hovercraft's ceiling and hurt his head, prompting him to remark how much he hates when that happens. Snively then orders the hovercraft to switch to full power, prompting it to retake flight and reposition itself, leaving Snively to roll back on the floor.

After complaining about his life, an increasingly frustrated Snively starts flying around in Robotnik's hovercraft in order to look for the Freedom Fighters. Suddenly though, Robotnik contacts Snively on the hovercraft's monitor, frightening Snively. Robotnik proceeds to ask him about the Wolf Pack, and when Snively reports back, he mentions Sonic. The intrigued Robotnik then tells Sonively to send him his surveillance tapes. After Robotnik hangs up though, an annoyed Snively begins mocking the doctor. After watching the recordings, Robotnik contacts Snively again and tells him that there are cave entrances in the canyon walls, but none on the ground. When Robotnik then asks Snively rhetorically about what that means, a confused Snively replies that it means perhaps that the wolves used to be very tall. After barely restraining his anger, Robotnik calmly explains that the wolves are masking their lower entrances. He then bursts into an angry bout as he tells Snively to find the entrance. Snively thus begins using Robotnik's hovercraft's artillery lasers to fire at the walls of the canyons until he blows up the entrance to a cave.

Inside the Wolf Pack's home base, Sonic is pacing around impatiently. Meanwhile, Antoine is shaking and repeatedly saying that the curse is at play. Eventually, Sonic tells him to forget about the curse because there is no curse. Lupe proceeds to confirm this, saying that they are using the threat of a curse in order to deter intruders. This makes Antoine utter a sign of relief. Sally then has Nicole show a holographic image of the test Doomsday Pod, and Lupe begins contemplating on whether or not the pod could be truly indestructible. Suddenly though, a wolf comes running and informs the group that Swat-Bots have entered the caves. Lupe instructs the wolf to lead the Swat-Bots into the Caves of No Return, but Sally tells Lupe that she has a better idea. As a part of her idea, Sally tells them to lure the Swat-Bots here, but Sonic is not keen on that idea. Regardless, Sonic reluctantly agrees to it when Sally tells him to trust her. Soon after, flying Swat-Bots comes flying through the tunnels. Eventually, they spot Sonic and Sally, whom they take prisoners.

Handcuffed, Sonic and Sally are brought before Snively onboard Robotnik's hovercraft. There, Snively gloats about having accomplished something that even Robotnik has never been able to do. Sonic, however, remarks that it is not over, and begins to jump on the Swat-Bots accompanying Snively, destroying them in spite of his handcuffs. Meanwhile, Sally pulls out Nicole and has her destroy her handcuffs with her build-in laser. She then grabs Snively before he can press the red alert button on the control panel and puts him in his chair, which she then kicks, causing Snively to spin around on it. After that, Sally uses Nicole to break Sonic's handcuffs. After then tying up Snively, Sally begins to go through the data onboard the hovercraft's computer, though Sonic is getting impatient. Meanwhile, Snively promises revenge, but both Sonic and Sally silences him. Eventually, Sally manages to download the computer's data into Nicole, though Sonic does not know how it is going to help them. Sally then explains that they are going to fry the test Doomsday Pod. The two heroes proceed to flee, leaving Snively to curse them both.

Returning to Lupe and the Wolf Pack, the heroes have decided to lure the Doomsday Pod into the open terrain with the storm clouds. As a part of the plan, Sonic runs to the place and waits for the Doomsday Pod to catch up. Once it appears, Sonic runs into the terrain with the storm clouds, avoiding the lightning bolts as they come down. After the Doomsday Pod begins to following into the storm clouds, Sonic pulls out a Power Ring, giving him enough speed to run to a safe area: Meanwhile, the Doomsday Pod is hit by lightening, tunring it completely to ash. The heroes celebrate their victory, and Lupe reports that they have managed to get in touch with the other leaders of the Freedom Fighters, who are eager to meet them.

After returning to Knothole, Sonic, Sally and Lupe meet up with Ari, Polo and Dirk. There, they swear to destroy the Doomsday Project and defeat Robotnik.



Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Croatian Vučji plač Wolf's Cry
Czech Vlčí Volání Wolf Call
French Le Cri du loup The Wolf's Cry
German Neue Mitstreiter New fellow campaigners
Korean 늑대의 울음소리 The cry of a wolf
Latin American El aullido del lobo Howl of the wolf
Persian گریه گرگ Crying Wolf
Russian Волчий зов Wolf's cry