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Sonic X
Cruise Blues (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "Cruise Blues".

[Scene: The Egg Fort, underwater]

Decoe: Dr. Eggman, the main engine has been repaired.
Bocoe: Everything is in top-top shape.
Dr. Eggman: [Joyous] Splendid! [Suddenly glum] Now why does it always take you two slow-bots so long?
Bocoe: It is because Decoe is grumpy and loves to complain about everything.
Decoe: This is the third time I had to fix this hunk of junk!
[Eggman throws a can at Decoe.]
Decoe: Ow! Uh, I mean, it is a pleasure to work on such a fine machine!
Dr. Eggman: Now that's more like it.
Bocoe: You'd better watch what you say, bigmouth.
Decoe: You don't think the doctor will throw me on the scrap heap, do you?
Dr. Eggman: Now let's get going! We've gotta catch up with that pesky Sonic!
Bocoe and Decoe: Aye-aye, sir!
Dr. Eggman: Now fire up the main engine!
[The engine ignites.]
Dr. Eggman: Well, so far, so good... Now turn it up full blast!
Decoe: It is purring like a kitten, Doctor!
[Suddenly the engine's power goes out.]
Decoe: Huh?
Bocoe: What happened?
[The hench-bots turn to Eggman.]
Decoe: We have a problem, Doctor. I have a feeling the turbines are malfunctioning again.
Dr. Eggman: I thought you said you fixed this contraption!
Decoe: We did! At least, I thought we did. Perhaps we could still repair it.
Bocoe: Do not bet on it.
Dr. Eggman: I've had it with this broken-down bucket. Perhaps it's time to retire this old heap and introduce my newest creation.
[Decoe and Bocoe cup their hands around where their ears would be.]
Bocoe and Decoe: Say what?!
Dr. Eggman: All right. I can't hold this off any longer. Have I got a surprise for you...

[Scene Change: Cruise ship, day]

Chris: [voiceover] We were all pretty worn out from searching for the Chaos Emeralds and battling Dr. Eggman. I had a long vacation from school coming up, so...
Nelson: [Flashback] I know just what you need. Why not take Grandpa and your friends on a cruise? I'm not using the yacht right now. You can take in some sun and maybe take a look at the glaciers.
Chris: [voiceover] So that's just what we did—nothing but relaxation and fun in the sun.
Chris: We'll get to the glaciers in about four days.
Sonic: Four days?!
Tails: You mean we're only halfway there?
Cream: These yachts sure do go slow, don't they?
[Sonic runs up to Chris.]
Sonic: Give me a break, will ya?! Come on, pal! I don't take to water! Can't you see I'm gettin' seasick here?
[Chris laughs]
Sonic: Please, I beg ya, I'm goin' crazy! [Goes stir crazy and runs all over the ship in a frenzy] Get me off of this thing!
[Night falls.]

[Scene Change: A cruise ship, night]

Chris: [voiceover] Later that night...
[Chris, Chuck, Tails, Amy, Cream, and Cheese are seated in a sitting room. Amy is holding Cheese. Chuck appears sick.]
Chuck: There, I feel much better now.
Chris: Did you take those seasick pills the doctor gave you?
Chuck: I sure did, my boy. And now that old Grandpa's feeling better, we're gonna have a lot more fun!
Chris, Amy, Cream and Tails: Yeah!
Cheese: Chao!
Chuck: You bet! Hahahaha...!
[Chuck falls asleep.]
Amy: Grandpa sure is enjoying himself.
Tails: Hey Chris, I know we're supposed to be relaxing and all, but what's there to do on this ship?
Chris: There's lots of stuff to do. How about taking a swim?
[A frenzied Sonic races by.]
Amy: Tails is just being rude! Don't pay any attention to him, Chris.
Cream: That's right. Don't forget, Tails, Chris' father let us use this yacht out of the goodness of his heart. We should be grateful.
Cheese: Chao!
[Amy is suddenly upon Tails.]
Amy: Well, Tails?!
Tails: Heheh, uh, okay, uh, I-I'm grateful.
Chris: Tails will be okay. It's Sonic I'm worried about. I think he feels trapped. I guess I'd go crazy too if I were him.
[Sonic occasionally passes through the room in his frenzy.]
Cream: Here he comes again!
Tails: I've seen Sonic go stir crazy before, but I've never seen anything as bad as this!
Amy: Okay. It's time for a meeting.
[She steps out into the middle of the room.]
Amy: Halt!
[Sonic stops right in front of her.]
Amy: Let's have a little talk, Sonic.
Sonic: What about?
Amy: About you.
Sonic: About me?
Amy: And about the way you're acting. I've never seen such immature behavior. We're on this ship for ten more days and ten more nights. Get used to it! Be brave. And just remember, bravery is not the absence of fear, but the facing of it. Nobody wants to see their hero carrying on like a big crybaby. We want him to meet every challenge head on. Remember that, Sonic.
Tails: Think Amy's really getting through to him, Chris?
Chris: [Grunts]
Amy: Now go for it, hero, and keep your head held high!
[Sonic starts to walk away. He takes a glance back, but suddenly faints.]
Amy: He collapsed! [pointing] I was too overwhelming!
Tails: Uh, we've got to do something! I think he's sick!
Chris: Okay, I'll call Dad.

[The opening theme plays]

[Scene Change: The ship, morning]

[The next morning, a helicopter lands on the ship.]
Sonic: Well, I'm off! It's been a real blast, but I gotta split! See ya!
Amy: Hey! He isn't sick! He's a fake!
Chris: It's okay. After all, why make him stay on the boat if he doesn't want to?
Sonic: Enjoy your vacay, kids! I'll catch you on the flip side, huh?
[He is about to board the helicopter, but is surprised to see several elderly people come out and surround him.]
Elderly people: (Wow, what have we here?) (Isn't he something?)
Tails: What's going on?
[Mr. Tanaka appears.]
Tanaka: Good morning. Nice day.
Chris: Tanaka! What are you doing here? Who are all these people?
Tanaka: These people are joining us from the Silver Star Retirement Home. It is Mr. Thorndyke's hope that you and your friends will learn from them. They will be your coaches, you see.
[The elderly people are all over Sonic while he is feeling uncomfortable]
Chris: Coach us?
Amy: Mr. Tanaka, what will they coach us on?
Tanaka: On how to relax. You see, they have all worked hard for many years, and now the time has come for them to relax. They will teach you how to as well.
Chris: No thanks, Mr. Tanaka. I just want the helicopter to take Sonic home.
[Tanaka's glasses flash.]
Tanaka: He will remain here. Even a great warrior needs his rest. Constant battles not only exhaust the body, but also the mind. The warrior must relax and be rejuvenated, so that when next he goes to battle, he is mightier than before!
[He punches the air. The helicopter's rotors spin.]
Sonic: Hey! Where are you going? What about me?!
[The helicopter takes off. Sonic, now apart from the others, falls on his knees and extends his hands in the air in despair.]
Sonic: No, wait! COME BACK!
Chris: [voiceover] And so, from that afternoon on, our new friends taught us all how to relax.
[Tails is cloudgazing with a female elder identified as Julia.]
Julia: Just look at that, Tails. Isn't it wonderful? Sometimes life goes by so fast that we never take the time to appreciate the simple things, like a blue sky and fluffy white clouds.
[One of the clouds begins to resemble the X-Tornado, and Tails grows incredibly restless. Elsewhere, Cream and Cheese are talking with another female elder.]
Female elder: I understand you and your friends are from another planet. My, it's so fascinating.
Cream: Yeah. We've only been here for a little while, but we like it.
Cheese: Chao!
Cream: Everyone's been so nice to us since we got here.
Female elder: I'm glad. How lovely. So, you come from another planet, do you?
Cream: Yes.
Chris: [voiceover] And so the lady asked Cream the same question over and over. Sonic was so bored he tried to jump ship all the way to shore, but he missed... fifteen times.
[Meanwhile, Sonic takes a running jump off the ship. Eventually, he lands in the water quite some distance away.]
Crew: Not bad. He went about five nautical miles on that one.
Captain: Mm. Little guy gets further every time.
Amy: That Sonic can't relax for one second! [Depressed] Oh, what's the use? I'll find somebody else to play shuffleboard with.
[A nearby male elder overhears her and chuckles.]
Male elder: Something tells me you've got a thing for that little Sonic fella.
[Delighted, Amy leaps up onto the table.]
Amy: What makes you say that, mister?
Male elder: [Chuckles] I could tell just by looking at you.
Amy: [Blushes] Is it that easy to see?
Male elder: Why, sure. It's obvious. Then again, Sonic probably has that effect on all the girls.
Amy: [Agitated] What girls are you talking about?

[Scene Change: Beneath Eggman's destroyed base]

[Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe are sitting inside the newly-completed Egg Fort II. Eggman laughs.]
Dr. Eggman: It sure is a beauty, eh? Those dimwits thought they'd seen the end of me, but I've outsmarted them! I've got a shiny new base hidden where nobody can see!
Decoe: You have outdone yourself, Doctor! Very impressive!
Bocoe: You can say that again. What a shocker! I had no idea there was another super-secret base hidden down here.
Dr. Eggman: Of course you had no idea! If you had, it wouldn't have been a secret! Hmph. It's required of all evil geniuses to be smart as well as sneaky.
[Eggman laughs again.]
Decoe: Let's get started, Doctor. I cannot wait to see the look on Sonic's face when they see the powerful new Decoe Bocoe XL Super Ultra--
Dr. Eggman: Just a minute!
Decoe: Huh?
Dr. Eggman: Hold your horses, you dome-headed donkey! Who gave you permission to name anything around here?! I'm the boss! I'll do the naming!
Bocoe: You mean you've already named the three components?
Dr. Eggman: But of course! There's "Decoe Two", "Bocoe Two", and best of all, the "XL Super Ultra Eggman Extreme!"
Bocoe: I do not like those names!
Decoe: Neither do I! Why do our sections get boring names while your section gets a big long fancy one with cool words like "Super Ultra Extreme"?
Bocoe: What is the deal with that? We should be able to name our own sections!
[Eggman picks up a book and opens it.]
Dr. Eggman: Well, excuse me! I thought I was doing you a favor by naming them for you!
Decoe: Well, maybe you should have asked us first!
Dr. Eggman: Alright, alright! Don't get snippy! I've written some second and third choices in here. What about "Ace", "Jack", "King?"
Bocoe: Nope, I don't even play cards.
Dr. Eggman: "Rock", "Paper", "Scissors"?
Decoe: You can't be serious!
Dr. Eggman: Ehh... "Eenie", "Meenie", "Miney"! [Decoe starts to sweat] "X", "Y", "Z"? Uh, how does, "Egg", "Egger", and "Eggiest" grab ya? I think that could work.

[Scene Change: Cruise ship]

Chris: [voiceover] As time went by, we learned more and more about relaxing and enjoying life from our new friends. Soon, everyone was having a good time. Everyone except Sonic, who still hadn't got used to the idea, so he started hatching an escape plan, and this is what happened...
[Sonic grins slyly... Soon...]
Tails: Why would I be worried about the X Tornado?
Sonic: You see, we've been on this boat a couple of days, right?
Tails: [Nods] Uh-huh.
Sonic: Well, Tails, did you ever think that just maybe, machines can get lonely? I bet the X Tornado's been awful lonesome since you went away.
Tails: Oh no! I never even thought of that! I feel so guilty! How could I have ever abandoned you like that? Poor little X Tornado!
Sonic: I got him!
Amy: Do you really mean that, Sonic?
Sonic: Well, sure I mean it, Amy. I think you're just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. The way you swing that little hammer of yours around, my heart beats a million times a minute. I know, you could never care for somebody like me. I guess it's just the way it has to be... Perhaps you could go on if you would only swing that hammer once more.
Amy: You want it, you got it!
[She swings her hammer wildly. Soon, Sonic is down on the ground in front of Chris and Chuck.]
Chris: Aah! Amy's gone berserk!
Sonic: Uh-huh. This boat's gonna drive everyone bananas sooner or later...
Chris: What do you think, Grandpa? Maybe we should ask the captain if we should turn the ship around.
[Sonic's ears perk up.]
Chuck: I don't know. I have a feeling something fishy's going on...
[Amy, Cream and Cheese enter the room.]
Cream: Did he really truly say that, Amy?
Amy: It's the truth, Cream! He said his little heart beat faster every time I swung my hammer. He's so dreamy.
Cream: Wow, that's so sweet!
Cheese: Chao!
[Chris and Chuck sweatdrops.]
Amy: I have a feeling that someday soon, Sonic's gonna ask me to be his girl...
Cream: Really?
Cheese: Chao chao!
[Sonic tries to crawl away.]
Chris: [Yelling] Soniiic!

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Foyer]

[Bokkun throws open the doors, but no one is around.]
Bokkun: Hey! Long time no see! Did you miss me? No big important message this time. Just dropping by to say hi! ... Hey, you guys! Where is everybody? ... Hello? Anybody? Hello? [Miserably] Guess there's... nobody... home...
[Ella appears.]
Ella: Well, look who we have here. Our little flying robot friend. You've come to stir trouble today? Well, too bad for you, 'cause nobody here now, so you can just scram, you hear me?
[Ella laughs, and Bokkun begins to cry. He buries his head in Ella's apron.]
Ella: What's the matter now?
Bokkun: I'm so lonesome! Nobody's home! I just wanted somebody to play with!
[Ella puts down her bags and comforts Bokkun.]
Ella: It's all right. There there now, don't cry, sweetheart.
Bokkun: I'm so lonely...
Ella: Don't be lonely. Ella's here now. You stay here; I'll make you a nice lunch, okay? Don't you worry now.
Bokkun: Ella...? I'm sorry... for all those times I was bad... Will you forgive me?
Ella: Of course.
Bokkun: This is for you.
Ella: For me?
[An explosion can be heard, and Bokkun flies away laughing.]

[Scene Change: Cruise ship.]

[Chris and Tails are on the deck, enjoying the scenery.]
Chris: Hey, look, Tails.
Tails: An iceberg! We're near the glaciers!
[Chuck arrives and places a coat around Chris' shoulders.]
Chuck: Put this on. It's a bit chilly out here.
Chris: Hey, thanks, Grandpa. Guess Amy's still pretty upset with Sonic, huh.
Chuck: Yes. Well, it wasn't very nice of him to lie to her like that.
Tails: But Amy can't stay mad forever.
[Meanwhile, Sonic is cowering on top of the mast.]
Amy: Sonic, come on. You can't stay up there all day. Don't you want to see all the wonderful things I can do with this hammer? It's pretty amazing, but you've gotta see it up real close, got it?
Sonic: Ah, no thanks! I'll just stay up here, catch some rays. Maybe another time.
Amy: [Angrily] All right, that's it! You come down off that pole this instant! Got it?!
[She repeatedly hammers the mast, which causes Cream who was nearby to panic, and Sonic who’s offscreen to scream every time Amy hits the mast.]
Cream: Oh, I don't like it when Amy gets mad!
Chuck: I get the feeling we ought to stay out of this.
Chris: I agree!
[A whale surfaces and sprays water from its blowhole.]
Chris: Look at that!
Chuck: Wow!
Tails: It's a whale!
[Something else surfaces as well.]
Tails: Another one!
Chris: Wow, look how big it is!
[But it isn't a whale.]
Chuck: That's not a whale.
Chris: I guess not.
Tails: If not, what is it?

[Scene Change: The Egg Fort II.]

Dr. Eggman: Thought you could take a pleasure cruise without me, eh? Well, think again! [Growls and shouts]
Decoe: Let's go get them!
Bocoe: We can beat that overgrown tugboat any day!

[Scene Change: Cruise Ship.]

[Amy, having finally gotten Sonic down from the mast, is now smugly sitting on him.]
Sonic: Heheh... I was wondering how long it would take for you bozos to show up. You two boys staring to rust yet?

[Scene Change: The Egg Fort II.]

Bocoe: We are incapable of corrosion.
Decoe: You, on the other hand, are a rotten little hedgehog!
Dr. Eggman: Stop all this yammering at once! You two tin-heads are forgetting who's in charge here! [To Sonic] I hope you've enjoyed yourself, Sonic, because your happy little holiday's about to end!
Sonic: Oh yeah, I'd say the fun's about to start!
Dr. Eggman: Don't be so sure, warthog!

[Scene Change: Cruise Ship]

Crew: Captain. We've reached the glaciers, sir.
Captain: Wonderful! Let's stop here so our passengers can get a good look.
[The ship stops.]
Chris: Hey, why did you stop the ship?
Chuck: What's going on here?
Captain: It's the glacier, Mr. Thorndyke! Sure is a beauty, isn't it, sir? We can stay here as long as you like!
[Chuck, Chris, and Tails fall over in exasperation.]
Chris: Are you crazy?! This is no time to look at the glacier!
[Sonic leaps off the ship and lands on the iceberg.]
Sonic: Okay! If you want a fight, you got a fight! Bring it on, Egghead!

[Scene Change: The Egg Fort II.]

Dr. Eggman: All in good time, my friend. First let's mix things up a bit, shall we? Perhaps you seafaring simpletons would like to see what my new Egg Fort II can do. Get ready to be blown away! All right, Egg Fort II, combine! One!
Decoe: Two!
Bocoe: Three!
[The three sections combine.]
Bocoe and Decoe: Egg Fort II complete!
Dr. Eggman: [Laughs] Impressive, eh?
[A phone rings. Eggman answers it.]
Dr. Eggman: Hello? No, I'm not going to change names!
[He answers a second phone.]
Dr. Eggman: How dare you say my Egg Fort II isn't all that!
[He hangs up both phones and grumbles.]
Dr. Eggman: I'm getting an unlisted number!

[Scene Change: Outside]

[Sonic is running on the iceberg.]
Sonic: Come on! Try and catch me! What are you waitin' for?
Dr. Eggman: Oh, Sonic...?
Sonic: Yeah, what?
Dr. Eggman: You're going nowhere fast!
[Indeed, Sonic is not going anywhere. He stops.]
Sonic: Oh no!
[Suddenly the Egg Fort II blasts the iceberg, sending Sonic into the air.]
Chris: Oh, watch out!
[Eggman blasts Sonic from iceberg to iceberg.]
Dr. Eggman: Hahaha! This much fun should be illegal!
Tails: Stay focused!
Chris: Be careful!
Amy: Don't worry! We'll get help!
[Suddenly, Julia takes the captain's intercom.]
Julia: Oh, poor little thing. You're having a tough time. I may be an old-timer, but I just might be able to help you out. Now Sonic, I want you to breathe deeply and relaaax. Focus on your goal. Relax, stay in the moment, and feel the ice with your feet.
[Sonic lands smoothly on one of the icebergs.]
Sonic: Not bad. Now if I could only keep my feet from slipping, this ought to be a piece of cake!

[Scene Change: The Egg Fort II.]

Decoe: Something's the matter. Why isn't he frightened?
Bocoe: I don't like it. A moment ago, we had him on the run.
Dr. Eggman: He certainly is cool all of a sudden, isn't he? Enough of this! Let's put the freeze on the hedgehog!
[He aims the Egg Fort II's guns at the cruise ship.]
Crew: Captaaaiiin!
[Suddenly a frantic Bokkun arrives and clings to the Egg Fort II's windshield.]
Dr. Eggman: What are you doing here?!
Decoe: He looks upset.
Bokkun: Please let me in!
Bocoe: Why should we let you in?
[Suddenly, the X-Tornado appears]
Chris: It's the X Tornado!
Tails: But who's flying it?
[It is revealed that Ella is piloting the X-Tornado.]
Ella: I'll get you, you brat!
Chris: It's Ella!
Amy: But how?
Tails: How'd she learn to fly the X-Tornado?
Chuck: Ella can do anything she puts her mind to... except windows.
[Chris groans]
Bokkun: Aah! Help me!
Dr. Eggman: What are you bawling about, Bokkun?
Ella: Now we change to X Cyclone! Transform!
[The X-Tornado converts into the X Cyclone, then prepares to kick the Egg Fort II.]
Ella: You see who's boss now!! Cyclone Kick!
[Bokkun scrambles to get away and Eggman and his robots panic. The X-Cyclone succeeds in kicking the Egg Fort II into the distance. It disappears with a twinkle. Later, everyone is seen relaxing.]
Julia: So often we rush through our lives from day to day, not seeing what is really important. Just think of it - the smell of the ocean, the rustling of leaves, moments with family and friends. Sometimes just to sit and fell the warmth of the sun...
Tails: [Off-screen] Sonic!
[Sonic looks up to see Tails in the X Tornado.]
Tails: The X Tornado's all set to go! You still want to go back to town?
Sonic: Uh... [Winks] What's the rush? Come on down here.
Tails: Huh?
Sonic: I changed my mind. I think I'll take it easy, just enjoy myself for a while.
Julia: I think you've made the right decision, Sonic. Remember, there's always enough time to while away the hours and just be happy. Now let's all relax and enjoy ourselves!