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Crowns are objects found in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. They are old artifacts that are scattered throughout each level. There are a total 266 Crowns to be found in the game.


Crown Profile

A standard Crown.

Crowns appear as real-life blue-colored crowns surrounded by a blue bubble.


Crowns are scattered around in levels, each containing a specific number of crowns. Some are easy to spot while others may require completing a puzzle or a thorough search. Should the player replay a level and encounter the same crown again, it will mainly appear as a transparent white color. When the player approaches and touches a Crown, it will move towards them and be added to the collection. Although these Crowns do not provide any benefits to the user directly, they can unlock Team Upgrades for the player to purchase.

Crowns can also be obtained by trading Shinies with Sticks on Bygone Island.

Crowns Per Level

Level No.
Lyric's Tomb 15
Cliff's Excavation Site 27
Abandoned Research Facility 16
Lyric's Weapon Facility 12
The Pit 22
Bygond Island 19
Crater Lake 8
Slowpoke Isle 13
Ocean Purification Plant 17
Creeper Gorge 21
Sky Citadel 12
Lyric's Lair 16

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