Crouch[1][2] is a move in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a technique where the user assumes a low stance.


When performing the Crouch, the user assumes a stance by lowering their head. In gameplay, crouching is useful for dodging attacks or obstacles that would otherwise hit the player while standing up. In one instance, it can also be used to slip through narrow spaces which can otherwise only be passed through with the Slide.

Games appearances

Sonic Unleashed

Dolphin 2015-12-22 19-49-28-264

Sonic using the Crouch in the Wii/PlayStation 2 version of Sonic Unleashed.

The Crouch first appeared in both versions of Sonic Unleashed. In these games, it can only be performed in the daytime as Sonic the Hedgehog. When performing the Crouch in this game, Sonic falls down on all fours.

In gameplay, Sonic can move around while crouching, unlike in subsequent games, albeit only by crawling around on all fours. This way, the player can pass through spaces otherwise only traversable with the Slide. To use Crouch in gameplay, the player has to hold down the following buttons while standing still. Using the control stick while crouching lets Sonic crawl around:

PlayStation 2 Wii (remote) Wii (Classic Controller) Wii (GameCube Controller) PlayStation 3 Xbox 360
PSSquareButton Wii-Button-Z y Button SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO PSObutton XboxB

Sonic Colors

In the Wii version of Sonic Colors, the Crouch is used by Sonic the Hedgehog and the Virtual Hedgehog. When performing the Crouch in this game, the user bends down and supports themselves with a hand on the ground.

In gameplay, should the player try to move while crouching, it will induce the Slide instead. To perform Crouch in gameplay, the player has to press the following buttons while standing still:

Wii Remote + Nunchunk Wii Remote Sideways Wii (Classic Style) Wii (GameCube Controller)
Wii-Button-Z WiiB x Button Gamecube X Button

Sonic Generations

SonicGenerations 2015-02-02 14-15-16-519

Sonic using Crouch in Sonic Generations.

In the console/PC version of Sonic Generations, the Crouch is only available to Modern Sonic. In this game, it has the same mechanics from Sonic Colors and is pulled off in the same way too. To use it in gameplay, the player must press XboxB/PSObutton while standing still.

Sonic Forces

In Sonic Forces, the Crouch is usable to Sonic the Hedgehog, the Avatar and Shadow the Hedgehog (Episode Shadow only). To perform the move in gameplay, the player has to press Switch a/PSObutton/B button while the playable character stands still.


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