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The Cross Eyed Moose is a character who appears in the Sonic Boom television series. He is a non-anthropomorphic moose on Seaside Island who randomly appears from time to time.


The Cross Eyed Moose is a large and bulky moose akin to a real-life western moose. It has brown fur and skin, broad and palmate antlers with tines along the outer edge, and green eyes. A noticeable characteristic is its strabismus condition.


TV series

Season one

When wandering around, the moose left when it tried to eat one the Evil Cookies Dr. Eggman had left in front of Sonic's Shack.[1]

While in the wilderness, the moose met a rabbit, which then became feral, scaring the moose off while the rabbit chased it.[2] The moose was more than Sticks the Badger bargained for as it curiously looked at the paranoid badger while she was collecting water. Believing that his crossed eyes had cursed her and her friends, she forced her friends into a misadventure.[3]


The moose has a knack for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Despite its anxiety towards danger, it is brave enough to wander close to populated residences.


  • The Cross Eyed Moose is a name used for several fast food restaurants in Canada.
  • According to Bill Freiberger, the scream the Cross Eyed Moose made when threatened by the rabbit was taken from the viral video The Screaming Goat.[4]


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