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Croesus (クロイソス Kuroisosu?) is a Voxai citizen and a resident of Voxai Colony Beta during the Overmind's tyranny.


Croesus and his family became unwitting outerminds when a clandestine Nocturnus Clan operation involving a experimental signal-blocking machine that blocked the Overmind's telepathic signal. Being cut off from the other Voxai allowed Croesus and his family to not be controlled by the Overmind, but the silence from not hearing the Overmind's suggestions was driving Croesus mad.

Some time later, Croesus met Sonic the Hedgehog and his team when they arrived on the colony, and asked them for help in this grave matter. Eventually, the Nocturnus Clan's machine was shut down by Tails, and Croesus was able to hear the Overmind again.


  • His name comes from Croesus, who was a king of Lydia in Ancient Greece, renowned for his great wealth.

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