Quotation1 They call it the Crimson Tower. It’s the MeteoTech's signal tower. Commands sent out here relay through facilities across the world to control the robots. In other words, you're looking at MeteoTech's brain! Quotation2
Wave the Swallow, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

The Crimson Tower is a location in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. It is the radio signal tower of MeteorTech.


The Crimson Tower is a round, large, silver/grey mechanical structure several stories tall surrounded by a flat, mechanical complex. The base of the tower has a few vents and a MeteorTech banner. The top round segment of the tower has air vents and several yellow lights in two circular paths at the edge of the segment and at near the centre.

The Crimson Tower's purpose is to relay any transmitted signals from MeteorTech to facilities across the world in order to control the world's SCR-GP robots. As described by Wave, the Crimson Tower is essentially MeteorTech's "brain".

In gameplay, the Crimson Tower is the location of two courses, Crimson Crater and Security Corridor.


Eggman built the Crimson Tower seemingly in the middle of a desert where it had a mother computer that was powered by an Ark of the Cosmos the doctor found sometime prior to the events of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. Eggman intended to use the Crimson Tower to command the world's SCR-GP robots and use it to establish Eggmanland to conquer the world.

Later, Team Heroes followed Eggman to the Crimson Tower and crossed paths with the Babylon Rogues outside it where Jet challenges Sonic to a race inside the tower for obtaining all of the Arks of the Cosmos and the title of fastest in the universe. The teams raced each other in the tower and reached Eggman's main room there where they foiled the doctor from controlling the world's robots. Since all Arks of the Cosmos are brought together, Babylon Garden was brought below the surface. However, SCR-HD appeared at the Crimson Tower and stole the Arks, becoming Master Core: ABIS and a giant black hole that threatened to consume the world. The Crimson Tower was severely damaged by it while the heroes went to stop Master Core: ABIS.

After the events, it is not known whether the Crimson Tower was still intact or not from the incident.


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