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The Crimson Eye[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The successor to the Red Eye, it was a robotic satellite created by Dr. Eggman that safeguarded the passage into the Titanic Monarch.


The Crimson Eye is identical in appearance to its predecessor, the Red Eye. As such, it resembles a floating cylinder with a single crimson eye on the front, red caps on the top and bottom, and adjustable cannons on the side.


Sonic Mania

In Sonic Mania, the Crimson Eye encountered Sonic, Tails and Knuckles when the trio entered its elevator that led into the Titanic Monarch. The Crimson Eye fought back against the intruders from its post, but when they forced it out of its post, the robot turned up the heat by taking control of the elevator's vertical movements, with which it created gravity effects to use. Despite this, the Crimson Eye still got destroyed by the trio, who in turn finally reached the Titanic Monarch through the elevator.

Sonic Mania Plus

In Sonic Mania Plus, when Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty and Ray took the elevator into the Titanic Monarch, a seemingly rebuilt Crimson Eye tried to fight the intruders from its post. Eventually, the heroes forced the Crimson Eye out of its post, prompting it to turn up the heat by taking control of the elevator's vertical movements, thereby creating gravity effects for it to use. However, the Crimson Eye was still destroyed by the heroes in the end, which finally let them enter the Titanic Monarch.

Powers and abilities

On its own, the Crimson Eye is able to levitate and fire energy balls from its cannons. It is also able to control the workings of the elevator it safeguards, allowing it to manipulate its vertical movements. When interfaced into its post in its elevator, it can also control eight metallic balls telekinetically.


The Crimson Eye is the mini-boss of Titanic Monarch Zone and the twenty-third overall boss of Sonic Mania and Sonic Mania Plus. It is fought at the end of Titanic Monarch Zone Act 1.

In Sonic Mania, the Crimson Eye is fought with Sonic, Tails or Knuckles. In Sonic Mania Plus, it is fought with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty or Ray.

Boss guide

Phase one

Phase one of this battle begins when the player enters a giant elevator with a few red and green lights and pillars which serves as the boss arena (the background is constantly moving down too), and plays out identically to the Red Eye's first phase in Sonic & Knuckles. Here, the Crimson Eye occupies itself in the top of a large metal pillar in the center of the arena, from where it stares at the player.

When the battle starts, eight balls will drop from the ceiling, spinning and surrounding the pillar and the Crimson Eye itself. As the spheres lower themselves down to the floor where they continue to spin in a widening circle, the player must make a difficult jump into the widened gaps between them and hit the Crimson Eye's eye before the spheres rise up to surround the eye again. If the eye is hit, one of the spheres will explode into spikes that can damage the player. These spikes will travel in all directions away from each other on the screen. Sometimes, the spheres will radiate away from the Crimson Eye too.

After eight hits, both the final ball and the pillar itself will explode, and the Crimson Eye will begin its second phase.

Phase two

Phase two of this battle is a lot different from the one in Sonic & Knuckles. First, the Crimson Eye dislodges itself from its metal compartment and starts hovering back and forth in the elevator. Now under the control of the Crimson Eye, the elevator will abruptly begin moving rapidly in the direction shown on the two arrow panels in the background. If it is moving up, the player's jumping height will be reduced, rendering them unable to reach the Crimson Eye for a hit. If it is moving down, the player's jumping height will be increased, allowing them to hit the Crimson Eye. At different points, the elevator will also come to an abrupt stop, resulting in the Crimson Eye lodging itself into the floor, if the elevator was moving down, or the ceiling if it was moving up. Once it lodges itself into the floor or ceiling, it will fire five shots at a 45° angle per turret that will ricochet off the ceiling and floor. It is impossible to hit the Crimson Eye if it is on the ceiling, unless the player is using Tails, who can use his twin-tails to hit the Crimson Eye.

This phase repeats itself until the Crimson Eye is hit eight times, at which point it will be destroyed. As the elevator subsequently slows down to a complete stop, the player can touch the Goal Plate that falls down from above and finish the Act.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
Danger on the Dance Floor Tee Lopes, Falk Au Yeong (mixing) 2:08



Sonic Mania Boss 25 - Red Eye


  • The main difference between the first phase of the Red Eye and the Crimson Eye's boss fight is that the Crimson Eye itself is lowered down so that Knuckles is able to hit it.
  • Ironically, the Crimson Eye is green in Sonic Mania Plus's Encore Mode, contradicting the name.





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