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Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Crimson Crater

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Fly up the massive broadcast tower as it just skyward with no regard for gravity!

— In-game description

Crimson Crater is the final course in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity's Heroes story. Set at the Crimson Tower, it is where Eggman's mother computer is located and where he plans to use the power of the Arks of the Cosmos to control all of the world's robots. Sonic has to race Knuckles, Tails, Amy Rose, Jet, Storm and Wave to win the Arks of the Cosmos and save the world from Eggman.


The race takes place in a mechanized city, specifically in a tall metal tower in the center of the city, where Eggman's mother computer is located. The player starts off from a tall ramp. The stage is rather difficult, as it is the last stage of the Heroes Story.


Mission Objective Character Rank requirements
1 Perform air rides to reach the goal in under 1:20 minutes! Tails
  • Normal: 1:20:00-1:17:01
  • Super: 1:17:00-1:14:01
  • Extreme:<1:14:01
2 Reach the goal with at least 130 Rings! Sonic
  • Normal: 130-159 Rings
  • Super: 160-199 Rings
  • Extreme: 200 or more Rings
3 Score at least 36 points by performing really slick tricks! Knuckles
  • Normal: 36-49 points
  • Super: 50-63 points
  • Extreme: 64 or more points
4 Perform at least 6 grinds before reaching the goal! Sonic
  • Normal: 6-8 grinds
  • Super: 9-11 grinds
  • Extreme: 12 or more grinds
5 Earn 500 points performing gravity dives as you do one lap around the course! Tails
  • Normal: 500-799 points
  • Super: 800-1099 points
  • Extreme: 1100 or more points
6 Land attacks on the robots to reach the goal in under 1:30 minutes! Amy
  • Normal: 3 points
  • Super: 4 points
  • Extreme: 5 or more points
7 Collect time items and reach the Goal before time runs out! Sonic
  • Normal: 0:00:00-0:44:99
  • Super: 0:45:00-0:59:99
  • Extreme: >0:59:99


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
Dive Into Gravity N/A 3:36


  • A 100 Ring Capsule is located at the area before the final area, one must jump the first set of dash panels and use Gravity Control to hit it.
  • The first grind section has notably the slowest grind speed (100 mph).
  • This course is set in the desert of the Sonic Riders course Sand Ruins because Babylon Garden is hanging above it as seen in some cutscenes.
  • The first lap of Crimson Crater starts at a platform placed high above the main course with a Trick Zone which cannot be revisited after the first lap.


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