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The Crimson Cobra is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He was a minor villain living in New Tek City and the former owner of Crimson Cobra Inc. Aided by his assistant Cribbins, the Crimson Cobra succeeded in defeating the Chaotix Crew, but was subsequently the victim of his own backfired plan.


The Crimson Cobra is a tiny, rather normally-looking cobra decked out in mechanical armor that grants him the use of artificial arms.


An experienced villain, the Crimson Cobra was said to be a thorn in the side of the Chaotix. An old enemy of his, Blockhead Bill, recognized him as a major nuisance and attempted to use the monstrous Society Max to destroy him.[1][2]

The Cobra came into prominence when he enacted his plan to rule over the entire Special Zone once Chaotix were out of the way. As the first step in his plan, he instigated an explosion in Chaotix Tower that mutated Vector the Crocodile into a hulking beast.[3] He then used his Brain Scrambler on Mighty the Armadillo and subsequently Espio the Chameleon, affecting their emotions so much that they turned on each other.[3][4]

With the fight raging through the city, the army arrived and captured the three rampaging Chaotix.[4] Finally, the Crimson Cobra used his Brain Scrambler on Charmy Bee, the only Chaotix who had evaded arrest, to turn the bee insane, leaving his reign unopposed. The following evening however, the Crimson Cobra learned from the news that the insane Charmy had bought out his company. Immediately after, bailiffs seized all of the Cobra's property, including his mechanical arms. The Crimson Cobra tried ordering Cribbins to stop them, but even he left his side when Charmy offered to double his current wages, leaving the Cobra with nothing.[5]


  • The Crimson Cobra was mentioned almost twenty issues before his actual first appearance.
  • Books previously in his collection include "World Domination Made Easy", "How To Be Scary" and "Great Snakes Of Our Time". He also owned a device from "Thermonuclear Weapons-R-Us" and a picture of a female cobra.


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