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Creepy Crawly is a boss that appears in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. It was a massive robot created by D-Fekt from the natural resources on Cutthroat Cove to battle Team Sonic.


Resembling a spider, Creepy Crawly has an almost egg-shaped body made of purple furry trees and roots. Its main body has purple and white bark plating in several places, and a pair of inverted robotic limbs with purple claws on both its lower rear and upper sides, the latter of which have extra large and long tree trunks for claws. On the bottom of its body it has a head with fangs and six, horizontally-aligned purple eyes with slit-like pupils and pale sclera. In the middle of its face rests D-Fekt. Being held together by D-Fekt's powers, some of its joints are not physically connected.



Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

Finding himself pursued by Team Sonic on Cutthroat Cove, D-Fekt created Creepy Crawly from broken trees to battle the heroes. In the end, the robot lost to Sonic and Knuckles, with the latter delivering the final round of pummeling. Despite this, D-Fekt still got away.

Powers and abilities

Possessing the agility of an actual spider despite its size, Creepy Crawly has excellent climbing skills, being able to climb in vertical directions and gently across suitable spider webs. Its front legs also make for excellent and deadly stingers, which excrete a volatile green acid. It can also spin webs at a rapid rate and use them in a number of ways, like wrapping up balls to throw at foes, knit barricades, and deploy strings of webs loaded with mines at the end.


Since D-Fekt is the one holding Creepy Crawly together, harming him causes Creepy Crawly's structure to destabilize.


Creepy Crawly is the third boss of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice and can be fought with Sonic and Knuckles after clearing Castaway Bay in Cutthroat Cove. The boss battle takes place in a closed-off arena with disappearing platforms and a burrow area below.

Boss guide

When the battle begins, Creepy Crawly will attack by targeting Sonic and then driving its claws into him. Simply get out of the way as Creepy Crawly comes in to dodge the attack. If the player successfully evades it, Creepy Crawly will be left dazed and open to the Homing Attack; failing to avoid it makes Creepy Crawly repeat its attack. After that, Creepy Crawly will repeat this pattern. From there, however, it will keep bouncing back into the background to repeat its attack until the player dodges it enough times. The number of times it can bounce in succession increases the more damage it takes. Additionally, it will leave acid blots in the spots it bounce back from. These acid bolts remain for a few seconds and will damage Sonic if he touches them.

After taking four hits, Creepy Crawly will starting crawling around its web in the background and firing web balls at Sonic. Intercept these balls with the Homing Attack in midair to knock them back at Creepy Crawly to damage it. Deflect a total of ten web balls to move onto the next phase.

For the next phase, the player takes control of Knuckles, who automatically starts burrowing. Meanwhile, Creepy Crawly will web up the ground, preventing Knuckles from resurfacing. Creepy Crawly will then sent mines into the ground. These mines are surrounded by either a Fire or Ice aura. To destroy a mine, make a Burrow Loop around it while using the elemental Mode matching its aura. This will in return deal one hit worth of damage on Creepy Crawly. However, for each round of mines destroyed, underground enemies will start appearing to intercept the player. After destroying eight mines, Creepy Crawly will be defeated.


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N/A Richard Jacques 2:03
Cutthroat Boss


  • Creepy Crawly was referenced on Seaside Island by Knuckles when he mistook D-Fekt for a "30-foot tall spider-looking thing with deadly pointy legs made out of trees and roots and stuff."