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Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
Creeper Gorge

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Creeper Gorge (クリーパー・ゴージ Kurīpā Gōji?) is the seventh area of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. It is a black gorge with a nature befitting its name, filled with fog, giant and hostile thorn-covered vines, and abandoned structures. The gorge is apparently not meant for living beings as indicated by the local remains of once great beasts.

During the events of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, Team Sonic journey through Creeper Gorge in search of the Twilight Crystal where Eggman eventually comes after them with his newest mech.


Creeper Gorge is an extremely hostile and uninviting environment. It is comprised of menacing and jagged spires made of black rock with blue veins, which form several water-filled gorges. The entire region is covered in fog with eerie colors: the fog in the gorges is black and obscures view, while the fog overcasting the sky is a sick green. The entrance to Creeper Gorge is marked by a rock formation resembling a grinning skull with glowing eyes. The paths here are smooth, but with extensively cracked surfaces. Additionally, the area is geologically unstable due to constant earthquakes and rock slides.

Creeper Gorge is an seemingly uninhabitable area for living beings, holding skeletons of building-sized animals in the walls. Regardless, it does contain some flora, like pale plants and gigantic vines. The vines are up to several meters thick with pink thorns, white flowers, and grow in extreme abundance. The most unnerving thing about the vines is that they are alive and extremely hostile, moving around or spouting roots to attack intruders.

Throughout Creeper Gorge lies abandoned ruins of constructions from the Ancients, such as broken scaffolds, empty buildings and still functional hangars. In the center however, lies a pristine complex from the Ancients (which is presumed to be the reason why nobody comes to Creeper Gorge) that is surrounded by metallic objects resembling planets. This complex shoots a column of light into the sky which can be seen from everywhere.


A thousand years ago, the Ancients hid the Twilight Crystal in Creeper Gorge so that Lyric could not find it.

In the present day, Team Sonic came to Creeper Gorge to find the Twilight Crystal, where they split up upon arrival. There, Tails and Amy saw Lyric salvaging a device for his robot army when he was confronted by Dr. Eggman in his mech. Lyric tried taking control of Eggman's mech, but its design made it impossible. Eggman, intending to eliminate Lyric and become the dominant villain, attacked him, but all his mech's missiles missed. Mocking the doctor, Lyric left.

Furious, Eggman saw Tails and Amy nearby and went after them. Tails and Amy soon reunited with Sonic and Knuckles, and the heroes took the fight somewhere else, where Eggman intended to crush Sonic for good. However, Team Sonic defeated Eggman and made the doctor retreat while they took the Twilight Crystal, which Eggman had found, from his mech's remains.


In Creeper Gorge, the player travels through several gorges to the Ancients' complex. Like other areas in the game, Creeper Gorge includes speed level sections, where the player runs down a long path with speed-enhancing gimmicks while avoiding hazardous obstacles, and as well slower-paced areas for exploration and combat. It also features puzzles that the player must solve with the Enerbeam mechanic and Buttons.

Creeper Gorge contains gimmicks for all four playable characters' specific actions, though in fewer numbers than in most levels. These include Spin Ramps for Sonic, Climbable Walls for Knuckles, Tails Vents for Tails and Balance Beams and Beam Swings for Amy. Environmental hazards in Creeper Gorge revolve around the large vines that cause damage to both players and enemies when touched. Some vines block the player's path by holding rocks, but will move away when the rocks are destroyed. Other vines block paths by moving around in circles, meaning the player has to time their movements to get past them. In open areas, pillars of vines can also suddenly sprout out of the ground and then retract as traps. However, as a warning, the ground will start moving at these vines' emerging point just before they appear. Additionally, in speed level sections, the vines or their roots can suddenly sprout out on the path to become damaging obstacles.

Besides vines, there are platforms with pink cracks that will fall into bottomless pits when stepping on them, though they will eventually respawn. At times, the floor will also crumble away to reveal new paths. Blocked paths or enemies can also be cleared by falling boulders when neared. In the level's second half, the Eggman Mech starts appearing to shoot cannonballs and missiles at the player. While the player cannot block cannonballs, they can lasso missiles with the Enerbeam and use them against obstacles.


The player's objective in Creeper Gorge is to find the Twilight Crystal. At the beginning, the player passes through a speed level section. Once cleared, the player takes control of Sonic and Knuckles. The player must then scale a vine-infested cliff to reach a bottomless pit, filled with vines and platforms leading across it. Cross the platforms to reach the other side, and enter another speed level section from there. This will take the player to a path of unstable platforms leading over a pit, which the player must cross to reach an Ener-Rail.

Taking the Ener-Rail to a new section, the player must here throw enemies into some vines to make the vines retract and unveil a new path. This path leads to a labyrinth of vines where the player must find a Bounce Pad leading to another Ener-Rail. This rail will then take the player to a field with vine hedges and spontaneous vine sprouts. Cross this field to reach a puzzle on the opposite end. Solving this puzzle will create a path. The player then automatically takes control of Tails and Amy. Follow then the path that was just created into another speed level section.

At the end, the Eggman Mech appears. Use its missiles to destroy a barrier blocking the path. Continue down this path, while dodging Eggman's cannon fire, to a cargo area. Here, the player must press some Buttons that will unlock doors holding character gimmicks. Move these gimmicks out and use them to reach a path above the cargo area, which leads to an Ener-Rail. The player must ride this Ener-Rail while dodging the Eggman Mech's cannon fire, until they reach a new platform. Here, they have to lasso the Eggman Mech's missiles into two nearby rock pillars while dealing with Eggman's artillery and incoming enemies. Once the pillars are destroyed, a new path is opened and the player gains control of Sonic and Knuckles as well. The player then has to continue down this new path and take a speed level section to the site of the Eggman Mech boss battle, thus completing the level.


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Eggman Mech Profile

The Eggman Mech.

The boss of Creeper Gorge is the Eggman Mech, a shoddy combat mech created by Dr. Eggman. It can be fought directly after reaching the end of Creeper Gorge. For this boss battle, the player controls all of Team Sonic.

In this battle, the Eggman Mech will attack with ground stopping, punches, cannonballs and missiles while enemies swarm the arena. To defeat the Eggman Mech, throw its missiles back at it with the Enerbeam to stun it and then pull it in for a beatdown. Repeat this process three times to defeat this boss.


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