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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

I'm gonna put on the biggest smile I can and share it with everyone! And I can do that because of you. You're a hero, and an adventurer, and you never give up! You and Mr. Sonic will find a way to save us. So why be sad when I know things will be okay in the end?

— Cream the Rabbit, Sonic the Hedgehog #22

Cream the Rabbit is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. She is an anthropomorphic rabbit and the daughter of Vanilla the Rabbit. She lives in Floral Forest Village with her mother, her faithful Chao companion Cheese, Chocola, and Gemerl.[3]


Cream is a small, cream-furred, anthropomorphic rabbit with cinnamon-brown eyes, a small brown nose, and a white muzzle. She has princeton orange markings around her eyes, on her head and at the ends of her ears. She also has one long eyelash on each eye, and a short, fluffy tail that sticks out of her dress, though it is not always visible. For attire, she wears a simple sleeveless vermilion dress with a white collar and a light blue cravat, white gloves with a golden cufflink on each cuff, white socks, and vermilion and yellow slip-on shoes with gray soles. Her ears also has pink-colored canals, and are usually swiveled back and flop behind her head.

For cold weathers, Cream wears a vermilion coat with a yellow button on each sleeve, and two white pom poms in the front. She also wears a pair of black leggings, a light blue scarf with yellow tips, pink gloves, and light and dark pink shoes with white cuffs and gray soles.



Cream, alongside Cheese, has been on many adventures with Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose and Tails among others. However, due to her young age, Cream was not acknowledged as heroic as her friends, let alone as powerful. Following one particular adventure, Tails repaired the robot Gemerl after he had been programmed to be violent by Dr. Eggman. Gemerl then went on to live with Cream, her mother Vanilla, Cheese and Chocola in Floral Forest Village.[3]

Crisis City

Cream stopping Gemerl from eliminating the Metal Virus victims, from Sonic the Hedgehog #18.

Cream and her family later got involved in a new threat when Floral Forest Village was invaded by Dr. Eggman in his new flying fortress, the Faceship. With it, Dr. Eggman poured a large batch of the Metal Virus into the village, creating several Zombots. Vanilla requested Cream to stay inside during this attack but the young rabbit wished to aid the villagers as she had Cheese by her side, just as Vanilla had Chocola. Regardless, Vanilla told Cream to stay inside where it was safe and guard their house, so Cream asked Gemerl to aid the villagers instead. Sonic soon arrived to help the villagers but was driven off by Gemerl who saw him as a threat since Sonic was also infected with the Metal Virus, much to Cream's shock. When Gemerl then began attacking the Zombots with his missiles in an attempt to eliminate them, Cream ran out of her house and stepped in to stop Gemerl. After telling Gemerl that Sonic and the other Metal Virus-infected people were just victims of Eggman who did not want to be bad, Cream reminded Gemerl of how he himself was once an unwilling victim of Eggman who used him for evil purposes, but was given a second chance to live happily. With that, Cream convinced Gemerl to fight the Zombots non-lethally, much to Cream's happiness.[3]

Hearing her mother scream immediately after, Cream tried calling Gemerl and Sonic for help, but both were too busy. Returning to her house, Cream found Vanilla, Cheese and Chocola surrounded by Zombots. Despite Cream's protests, Cheese attacked the leading Zombot. This led to Cheese getting captured, with Chocola following. Seeing her Chao get turned into Zombots broke Cream's heart. Though Cream did not want to leave the duo, Vanilla grabbed her and tried to leave with her, only for more Zombots to corner them. Fortunately, Sonic arrived and blew the Zombots away. He then encouraged Cream to be brave and promised her that they would find a way to reverse the effects of the Metal Virus and save Cheese and Chocola. Cream and Vanilla then evacuated their house, and Cream flew her mother towards the north glade where a Rescue Shuttle awaited them.[3]

Cream remembering Cheese and Chocola, from Sonic the Hedgehog #20.

At Restoration HQ, Cream would find herself trying her hardest to be happy to raise morale among the refugees and regularly hand out snacks and sweets to them. Cream also found herself having several bad dreams following Cheese and Chocola's sacrifices. One day, Vanilla permitted Cream to stay up later than usual to help around. On the same day, Sonic visited the HQ and Cream led him to Amy's office as the latter wished to speak with him. Gemerl tried to prevent Sonic from entering the office due to his hazardous infection but Cream told him off again and told him that Amy had requested to see him herself. After Gemerl allowed Sonic to enter, Cream and Sonic bid each other goodnight.[4]

The Last Minute

Cream arrived to Amy's office to bring cookies and tea for her break. While there, Cream helped encourage Amy by saying she was determined to stay strong for everyone else who was scared and she knew Amy, Sonic and the others would find a way to solve the Metal Virus crisis. Afterwards, the duo received a call from Tails, who went to his lab in Central City with Tangle the Lemur and Whisper the Wolf to research a cure for the virus. After Tails and Amy shared their updates, Cream happily watched Amy wish Tails luck and end the call. After Amy and Cream finished the refreshments, Cream went back to the main room to witness how unhappy the refugees were with the little space there was left in Restoration HQ. Cream then turned her attention to Vector and Gemerl who were busy having an argument. Following a mission for refugees in Pine Grove Village, Vector and Espio managed to find the Zombot Charmy and trapped him in a Containment Bubble. They wished to leave him in Tails' lab with Omega until Tails found a cure for him. Cream managed to convince Gemerl to let Vector and Espio go through with their plan as Charmy deserved another chance.[1][5]

Moments later, a villager (who had hidden his infection using a blanket) turned into a Zombot and caused panic to break out among the survivors. Gemerl quickly grabbed Cream and flew her above the commotion. The two got separated after Gemerl was attacked by a Zombot. Soon, Cream painfully witnessed her mother get cornered by several Zombots. Though she wished to help her, she was instead rushed to safety by Amy on request by Vanilla. Cream protested against this, even when she was taken to the launch bay of Restoration HQ. However, Amy comforted Cream and told her to find a seat as she would be with her later. Following this, Espio helped lead an upset Cream into the Rescue Shuttle.[1]

After picking up Tails, Tangle, Whisper and the uninfected citizens of Central City, the Rescue Shuttle next went to Spiral Hill Village after they learned from Tangle that the village was hit by the Metal Virus. While Espio, Tangle and Whisper distracted the Zombots, Cream and Tails helped rescue uninfected villagers. Soon, when Sonic arrived on the scene, the young rabbit coldly said hello to him. Later on when Amy was calling for an evacuation, Sonic returned to the shuttle with the news that Tangle had been infected by the Metal Virus. After a hysteric Whisper was forced back onto the ship to prevent her from going after her friend, Cream let her cry into her lap as her Wisps comforted the wolf.[6]

All or Nothing

Cream consoles Whisper, from Sonic the Hedgehog #25.

The Rescue Shuttle eventually went to Angel Island. While there, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Starline and Metal Sonic had abruptly arrived via a portal after a run-in with the Deadly Six. While the others discussed current events, Cream carried Omega's head outside to see Whisper preparing to shoot Eggman, which discouraged Cream and Omega (as Omega wanted to destroy the doctor himself). Intercepting the wolf, Cream begged her to stop, insisting that although she hated him as well, it was worth sparing his life if it meant getting her family back, as well as all their other fallen allies. Unable to deny her logic, Whisper tearfully relented. Cream held her and promised that she and Omega would stay by her side so that she would not be lonely.[7]

Later, Cream watched Tails and Eggman build their Multi-Portal Generator with the Warp Topaz that would take everyone where they needed to go in an instant. When Sonic was assigning the missions to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds from the Deadly Six, Cream pointed out how she was not picked to help out. Gemerl told her that it was too dangerous for her to go and stated that she has already proven to be brave; the robot could not lose her as well. After Tails and Eggman finally set the coordinates on the portals, Gemerl began to say his goodbyes to Cream; ever so determined to help, the rabbit instead went through the Warp Portal anyway. Now in Sunset City, Cream met Zeena and demanded that she gave over the Chaos Emerald to them. Zeena instead took control of Gemerl, joking that Cream was looked alone.[8]

Gemerl transports an infected Cream out of Sunset City, from Sonic the Hedgehog #27.

Cream managed to convince Gemerl to fight off Zeena's control, allowing the robot to damage his own wireless receiver and prevent the Zeti from controlling him. However, Zeena used the Chaos Emerald's power to enhance her energy tethers as an alternate means of controlling him. Cream once more told Gemerl to fight back again while she attacked Zeena herself, trying to break the tethers while lamenting how much she hated fighting, seeing her friends being hurt, and people like Zeena being mean. She and Gemerl were overwhelmed at first, with Zeena throwing Gemerl to the Zombots. While preparing to do the same with Cream, she mocked the rabbit for her "moral high ground" and "desire to please everyone". Cream struggled to break free long enough for Gemerl to break out of the Zombot horde and rescue her. Together, they used Zeena's tethers against her, allowing Cream to grab the Emerald. This in turn allowed Gemerl to throw Zeena to the Zombot horde, in retaliation for the Zeti hurting Cream. This victory came at a price, however, as Cream apologized to Gemerl, revealing she had been infected with the Metal Virus in the middle of the fight. She handed Gemerl the Emerald and volunteered to stay behind, not wanting to infect her friends back on Angel Island. She was surprised to see Gemerl throw the Emerald through the portal instead. He carried her outside of the city, vowing to stay with her "until she was well", even as the rabbit grew weaker with the Metal Virus rapidly overtaking her.[9]

Despite her infection, Cream eventually directed Gemerl to go back to Angel Island, certain that Sonic would triumph. Sure enough, they returned moments after Super Sonic and Super Silver had begun healing the world and sending the Metal Virus to the sun, completely destroying it. Cured of her incomplete infection, Cream soon spotted Vanilla at the wreckage of the crashed Faceship. Cream was overjoyed and happily called out to her mother as she ran to reunite with her.[10]

Out of the Blue

Cream tells Zavok to leave but he refuses, from Sonic the Hedgehog #30.

While being cradled by Vanilla, Cream mentioned that she did not see Sonic return to Angel Island. Vanilla thought that as there was a bright flash, they may have missed him. Nonetheless, Vanilla asked Gemerl to look for Sonic, only for the robot to put his guard up. Seeing Zavok approach them, Cream quickly jumped in front of her mother. She yelled at Zavok to leave as his team was beaten but he refused. He declared that he would not suffer humiliation from Sonic again and stated that he would tear the world asunder with his bare hands. Cream claimed that Sonic would return to stop him but Zavok retorted saying that the young rabbit would not be there to welcome his return. When the Zeti asked her if she had any last words, Cream called on Cheese. The Chao flew down directly at Zavok to knock him on the head. The Zeti was then ambushed by Tangle, the Chaotix, Whisper and Silver, the latter of which held the Zeti down with his psychokinesis powers. Later on, Gemerl had found Orbot and Cubot in the debris of the Faceship after tracking their Eggnet signals. However, Gemerl was forcibly deactivated by Metal Sonic after he drove his hand through Gemerl's torso. Cream cried out after Gemerl as Whisper shot at Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic blocked the attacks and dropped Gemerl's body in order to pick up Orbot and Cubot instead and flew away.[11]

Some time later, after Gemerl was repaired, Cream visited the Chaotix Detective Agency with Vanilla, Cheese, Chocola and Gemerl to gift the Chaotix with treats for their hard work. So as to relieve them of their more strenuous tasks, Vanilla tasked Cream with helping her with calls regarding missing people. Cream stated that she would make sure to take lots of notes. Later on, Cream went to Tangle's party that she was hosting in Spiral Hill Village. Though she enjoyed her time for a while, the party was soon crashed by Eggman arriving in a large mecha with the intent of destroying everyone.[12] Cream proceeded to participate in the attack on Eggman's mecha, asking Gemerl to be careful as he charged at Eggman. Unfortunately, Gemerl got paralyzed by Eggman's mecha and incorporated into the mecha to empower it. Fortunately for Cream, Tails and Rouge managed to free Gemerl. After Sonic then returned and helped defeat Eggman, who departed upon his defeat, Cream took part in her friends' group hug around Sonic.[13]

Chao Races and Badnik Bases

Cream and Cheese at the White Park Chao Racing Circuit, from Sonic the Hedgehog #33.

Back home later on, Cream and Cheese were told by Vanilla that Amy and Rouge wanted her and Cheese to come with them to White Park Zone because they needed help rebuilding Omega. Though Vanilla permitted an excited Cream to go, she had Gemerl accompany her. On the way to White Park Zone though, Cream and her friends ran into Shadow, but he refused to help them when Amy gave him the offer. In the White Park Grand Chateau, Cream came with Rouge to register Cheese for the upcoming qualification round in the White Park Chao Racing Circuit. However, Cream could not sign up because she was a child, so Rouge signed herself up under the pseudonym "Facet". Cream pointed out to Rouge that she had lied, but Rouge told her that it would not hurt anybody. During the ensuing race, Cream, along with Amy, cheered on Cheese, who managed to qualify for the next round. Cream and her friends were then approached by Clutch the Opossum, the local Chao racing champion, who left them his business card and invited Rouge to come visit him. Cream was then left in Amy's care while Rouge met with Clutch.[14] The next day, Cream met Amy at breakfast, expressing her concerns about Rouge who did not come back last night. However, Amy was convinced that Rouge was just busy robbing the guests. Immediately after though, Rouge showed up, and after a while, the whole team went to take part in the next Chao Race that would guarantee them a place in the semi-finals. At the track, Cream cheered on Cheese, who qualified for the next round. Rouge then asked if she could take Cheese with her, but Amy was suspicious about her reasons. Rouge thus explained that she wanted to trick Clutch by offering him Cheese in exchange for the parts they need, and then turn the situation against him. Cream and Amy agreed to the plan, but only if they went along with her. Later, in Clutch's suite, Rouge assured Cream that she had everything under control. Cream thus reluctantly approached Clutch with Cheese and Rouge. When Rouge then tried to use her secret weapon, Shadow showed up and knocked out Clutch. Shadow then showed the cage where Clutch was holding all the Chao that had not won races for him. Appalled by the sight of the sad Chao, Cream told Gemerl that they should set them free.[15]

When Amy arrived with Sonic and Belle the Tinkerer, Cream was still trying to open the cage that the Chao were locked in, but could not do it without hurting the Chao. However, Belle offered to help Cream out since tinkering with things like locks were her specialty. Although Cream and Belle managed to introduce themselves, they failed to open the cage before Clutch managed to recover and activate the Badniks in his suite, before disappearing. Amy proceeded to fight a Snowy while Gemerl protected Cream and Belle from the rest of the Badniks.[16] As the battle progressed though, Cream pleaded to Gemerl to back off as he was taking too much damage from trying to protect her. She also asked Belle about how she was doing opening the cage, to which Belle replied that it would fake a few minutes. With her friends getting overwhelmed by the Badniks, Cream convinced the captive Chao to help her friends. Once the Chao were freed, they all rushed in to fight, Cream then helped Gemerl get up and told him that he did not have to be perfect, as they would all do their best to help each other out. After the Badniks were destroyed, Tails and Rouge flew into the suite and informed Cream and her friends to take the parts they needed for Omega and escape, as an avalanche was approaching the chateau. The heroes also managed to evacuate the guests, only for Dr. Starline to then stand in their way. Fortunately, he was defeated by Tails with Belle's help. After the chateau had withstood the avalanche, Cream informed Sonic about the help Belle had provided. Returning afterward to Tails' Workshop, Cream played with Cheese and Clutch's former Chao. Cream was soon picked up by Vanilla, whom she told about her adventure to.[2]


Sonic watching Cream carry her mother with her newfound courage, from Sonic the Hedgehog #18.

I hate fighting! I hate seeing my friends hurt and scared! And I hate how mean you are!

— Cream the Rabbit, Sonic the Hedgehog #27

Cream is a very sweet, lovely, polite and well-mannered girl. While still young with an attitude befitting her age, Cream is extraordinarily brave and noble. Noted to possess a lot of potential, Sonic himself has remarked that she is going to become an amazing person when she grows up. She has also been noted for her sensibility, her empathy towards others and her understanding. Notably, she stood up to Gemerl to protect some Zombots while convincing Gemerl to use non-lethal means against the Zombots by reminding Gemerl that they were just regular people forced to do evil things, which meant they deserved a chance to be happy, a situation that Cream noted was not all that different from Gemerl's.[3] During the Metal Virus plague, she also helped the survivors by bringing them refreshments and comforting them in difficult times.[1]

Though Cream never wishes to disobey orders from anyone, especially her mother, Vanilla, or her friends, she will do so extreme cases in the name of justice and what she feels is right. She is also shown to care deeply for other people and creatures, especially her family, as she broke down in tears when Cheese and Chocola and later Vanilla got infected with the Metal Virus and refused to leave them behind as they got converted into hostile Zombots.[3] When challenged with intense hardship though, Cream's optimism can fade away.[6]

While she dislikes violence, Cream will not hesitate to fight if she must, going so far as directly striking Zeena when the latter took control of Gemerl. She also hates cruelty, furiously condemning Zeena for her show of it during their battle in Sunset City.[9]

Powers and abilities

By flapping her two large ears, Cream has the ability to achieve flight. She is also surprisingly strong for her age, being capable of carrying her mother through midair with ease.[3]

Like Sonic, Cream can attack enemies by curling into a concussive ball, allowing her to perform moves like the Spin Attack or the Spin Dash.[9] Usually, however, she relies on Cheese to attack her opponents.


Though Cream has enhanced strength and is known to use moves similar to her friends, she is not a trained fighter and can easily be beaten by most people in combat. To add to this, Cream is a pacifist and is more likely to avoid a battle unless it is absolutely necessary.[9]


Amy Rose

Amy hugs Cream, from Sonic the Hedgehog #22.

Amy is like a big sister to Cream. After being on several adventures together, they trust and care for each other very much. Cream has been inspired by Amy on several occasions and sees her as her hero. Though Amy is usually looking out for Cream, the latter has been able to encourage and inspire her enough to move her to tears, leading Amy to call Cream her own hero.[1][3] Amy also tries to make sure that Cream gets a good example from others.[15]


Cheese is Cream's best friend and her life-long companion in both life and on their adventures. Cream and Cheese are practically inseparable from each other. In fact, Cheese so much for Cream that they will protect her from any threats and attack opponents for her so that she does not have to resort to violence herself.[3] Cheese and Cream are so well-tuned with each other, that Cheese's mood tends to reflect Cream's. Notably, Cream had a hard time leaving Cheese after they became a Zombot, and would later have nightmares over the experience.[3][4]

During the Chao Races at the White Park Grand Chateau, Cream was an important support for Cheese, effectively motivating them to victory.[14]

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is a close friend to Cream and her role model. Her bravery, optimism, and courage has impressed him on several occasions and he has stated that she has been allowed to join him on his adventures due to her sensibility. In the bleakest occasions, Sonic looks out for Cream and usually tries to encourage her and convince her to be brave. Sonic in particular believes that Cream will grow up to be a great person in the future.[3][4]

During the Metal Virus plague, Cream heeded Sonic's advice to be brave after losing Cheese and Chocola. However, when Vanilla fell victim to the Metal Virus, Cream began to lose hope and treated Sonic coolly.[6] Nonetheless, she showed concern when he did not reappear after disposing of the Metal Virus.[11] When Sonic did return, Cream was happy and joined in on his group hug, showing that she had let go of the anger she held towards him.[13]


Cream hugging Gemerl, from Sonic the Hedgehog #18..

Gemerl is Cream's protector and one of her best friends. Though Gemerl is not exactly a playful person, Cream usually finds joy in having him around. She also takes comfort in him always wanting to do the right thing but does not hesitate to scold him when she believes he steps out of line.[3] Even though Gemerl is Cream's protector, she cares dearly for Gemerl's well-being and has been shown to care greatly when he is injured.[9][11]

Cream strongly believes that Gemerl has a good heart. As such, she believes that he should not left anyone boss him around. Her belief in Gemerl and the bond they have are in fact so strong that Gemerl was able to speak to her and even break free from Zeena's control. Also, when Cream fell victim to the Metal Virus, Gemerl took her to safety with him and promised to stay with her until the end.[9]

Cream worries at times when Gemerl is too stubborn and takes his directives too far and making no exceptions to his guidelines. Notably, Cream had to reprimand him after he chased Sonic away and then began using excessive force against the Zombots, reasoning that they were only innocent people.[3] While Gemerl has a hard time understanding Cream at times, Cream is always able to make him understand after a while. Cream also does not expect Gemerl to be perfect and does not want him to risk his life for her sake. Instead, she believes that they make a much better team when they are helping out each other and can thus get out of any crisis.[2]

Vanilla the Rabbit

Vanilla is Cream's mother and as such, she has unconditional love for her. Cream loves her mother very much and always puts her above her own safety. Vanilla is similarly very caring towards Cream and always puts her safety before her own. Though Vanilla has been known to be protective of Cream, she has allowed her to go on adventures before but under supervision.[1][3] When Vanilla insists that Cream should not get involved in something too dangerous though, Cream does not opposes her and instead looks for other ways to help others.[3]

When Vanilla became a Zombot during the Zombot apocalypse, Cream would break down and lose her optimism.[1] As such, she would often walk around with her head held low and even give Sonic the cold shoulder.[6] She also began to become increasingly embittered and disobedient, causing her to disobey Gemerl, who was the only member of her family that she had left.[8] After Vanilla was returned to normal, Cream threw herself around her neck, crying in joy.[10]


Upon meeting Zeena for the first time, Cream addressed her with a courtesy, as her manners dictated.[8] From the start, however, Cream found Zeena rude and cruel, and hated seeing her exhibit those traits. However, Cream did not hesitate to use force against Zeena to save Gemerl. Zeena, in turn, mocked Cream and taunted her for her kindness and willingness to be friends with others. She even went as far as to tell Cream that although she had the moral high ground, she was still not better than her.[9]

Rouge the Bat

While visiting the White Park Grand Chateau, Cream helped Rouge the Bat and Amy obtain spare parts for Omega. At the time, she did not like the way Rouge lied, although Rouge assured her that they would not hurt anyone.[14] Rouge was also setting a bad example for Cream by giving her tips on how to successfully rob a hotel with rich guests.[15]





  • Despite first appearing in Sonic the Hedgehog #18, Cream already made a cameo appearance on cover RI for Sonic the Hedgehog #9.
  • Vanilla, Cream and Cheese are all names that involve some sort of dairy product.
    • That being said, Cream and Cheese's names are a pun on "cream cheese."

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