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Sonic X

Cream in Sonic X.

In the anime series Sonic X, Cream originates from a parallel version of Earth in another dimension. During her and their friends' battles with Dr. Eggman, Cream was captured and imprisoned in Eggman's base until Sonic tried to save her. In the process, an accidental large-scale Chaos Control sent Cream, Sonic, Dr. Eggman, and their friends to the human world. After arriving, Cream and Cheese were captured by the military for study until they were saved by Sonic and Tails. After that, she came to live with Christopher Thorndyke and his family where she built a strong bond with the housemaid Ella.

On this new world, Cream supported her friends as they fought Dr. Eggman when the doctor attempted to conquer Earth. Along the way, Cream was reunited with her mother when she came to Earth and stopped Emerl when he went on a rampage. In the end though, Cream and everyone else from her world were forced to return home as their presence threatened to freeze time.

Six months after returning home, Cream and her friends joined forces to fight the Metarex, an alien race of cyborgs who were a danger to the entire galaxy. After defeating the Metarex, Cream and her friends returned to their home planet where they resumed their ongoing battles with Eggman.

Archie Comics

Cream in the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Cream originally lived in the Southern Baronies with her mother, Cheese and the Chao of a local Chao Garden. When Snively attacked their home, however, they had to move to New Mobotropolis upon Amy's insistence, whom Cream made a long-standing friendship with. In New Mobotropolis, Cream proved herself Freedom Fighter material and eventually became a junior member of Team Freedom.

After the reality was rewritten by the Super Genesis Wave, Cream's history became nearly identical to her game counterpart's. Becoming an in-training member of the Freedom Fighters, Cream would work as side-support to her team during the Shattered World Crisis, as her inexperience puts her in danger.

IDW Publishing

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing, Cream is a friend of Sonic the Hedgehog. In this media, she lives in Floral Forest Village with her mother, her Chao friend Cheese, Chocola and Gemerl. Her past is the same as her game counterpart's up until after the events of Sonic Forces.


Some critics like Official Nintendo Magazine, GameSpy and GamesRadar dislike her because of her name, voice, and appearance. In IGN's review of Sonic Advance 2, she is respectfully called "aggressive" because of her Chao Attack. Fans of the series, overall, enjoyed her.[4][5][6][7]


"Come on, Cheese! We have to save mom!"
—After thanking Sonic for rescuing her in Sonic Advance 2.
"It's when your heart hurts."
— Cream telling Emerl what "sad" means in Sonic Battle.
"I betcha you're the ones who stole Chocola Chao!"
—Cream blaming Team Chaotix for stealing Chocola in Sonic Heroes.
"Mr. Sonic must be really..."
—Cream about to comment on Sonic's hesitation when he saw Amy in Sonic Heroes.
"You cannot have Cheese!"
—After defeating Team Chaotix in Sonic Heroes.
"Maybe he didn't like his neighbors?"
—Commenting on Eggman's Egg Fleet in Sonic Heroes.
"We're sorry, Team Sonic."
— When Team Rose defeat Team Sonic in Sonic Heroes.
"There are so many bad robots!"
— When Team Rose encounters a large number of enemies in Sonic Heroes.
"You've been in battle before? What? You too, Mr. Big?"
—Cream being surprised that Amy and Big were in battle on the Egg Carrier.
"Good luck Amy!"
—When Amy was going to chase Sonic in Sonic Heroes.
"Blaze and I agree! Blaze is my friend, and Amy's my friend. A friend of a friend is always a friend! So, Sonic and Amy are also Blaze's friends!"
—Cream telling Blaze that she should be friends with Sonic and Amy in Sonic Rush.
"Please, take it easy on me!"
—Before starting a race in Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.
"Phew, that was close!"
—When winning a race in Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.
"Please don't... Leave me behind like that... Again! I thought I was going to get lost!"
—When Cream caught up to the rest of her team in the beginning of Team Rose's story of Sonic Free Riders.
"Well, sure! That means a lot coming from you, Mr. Tails!"
—Cream in response to Tails wanting to examine her Gear in Sonic Free Riders.
"It's too early to be worrying about that, Mr. Vector."
—Cream when Vector announced about how the cash prize would be distributed among the members.
"Hi, mama! I'll keep doing my best!"
—Cream telling to her mom through the 'television' after beating Team Babylon in Sonic Free Riders.
"Both of you, stop! You're still on television!"
—Cream when Amy and Vector began to argue in Sonic Free Riders.
"That's a terrible thing to call poor Mr. Robot!"
—Cream in response to Shadow when he called E-10000B 'deadweight'.
"Cheaters never prosper!"
—Cream when Eggman challenges the other racers to a race.
"Thanks for saving me, Sonic. It was scary in the dark, but I tried to be brave."
—Cream after Modern Sonic rescues her and Cheese at Speed Highway in Sonic Generations.
"Thanks, Sonic! Hey, is it me or, did you get a new haircut?"
—Cream after Classic Sonic rescues her and Cheese at Speed Highway in Sonic Generations.
"I believe in you, Sonic!"
—Cream cheering on Sonic in Sonic Generations.
"Find the chao and get to the goal."
—Cream before the Speed Highway mission with Classic Sonic begins.
"I'll help you with the Rings, Mr. Sonic!"
—Cream before the City Escape mission with Modern Sonic begins.

Theme songs


  • Cream is the youngest female main character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, being six years old.
  • Cream was one of the two characters featured in a Sonic McDonald's commercial, the other being Sonic.
  • Cream is the third fastest character in Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic Advance 3.
  • The length of Cream's ears varies in the games. For example, they were down to her feet in Sonic Generations, but they were just below her head in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, even though those games came out around the same time.
  • Cream is the first Sonic character living in the game continuity to have a known parent (although Tikal was Pachacamac's daughter).
  • Cream is the first female Sonic character to have a confirmed weight, presumably because she is quite young, and thereby not afraid to reveal it.
  • Curiously, Cream is unaffected by the Voxai Overmind's mind control in Sonic Chronicles.
  • Cream is the only character in Sonic Chronicles to lack a damaging POW move.
  • Cream is the only member of Team Rose who lacks her own individual theme (Amy has "My Sweet Passion" and Big has "Lazy Days").
  • Cream, along with her mother, Vanilla, and Cheese, were the first Sonic characters to debut on a Nintendo console.
  • When Cream was first shown Sonic Team made the mistake of keeping Amy's life icon complete with broken palette.
  • To date, Cream has only appeared in three main series console games (excluding cameos).
  • The only three games where Cream is not with Cheese are Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut, Sonic Free Riders and Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • In the Sonic Advance series, Cream is one of the best characters to play as in boss fights, since she can fly to avoid attacks and throw Cheese at the boss without even moving, and is a good way of not getting damaged during the final boss fight.
  • The Sonic Generations Bradygames strategy guide mistakenly puts Cream's first appearance as Sonic the Hedgehog CD.
  • Cream is the only character in the party mode in Sonic and the Secret Rings that does not have a role (or even an appearance) in the sequel apart from the fanart video.
  • In Sonic Jump, when Cream curls up, she seems to have two sets of ears.

Cream's sprite sheet for Sonic Jump.

  • Assets were found for Cream in the data of Sonic Jump, but, along with Shadow and Vector, she never got to be released as the app ceased to get new updates. Furthermore, it was confirmed there are no plans to add any more characters to the game.[8]
    • Despite this, Cream and the other two unreleased characters are fully functional, and Cream has Cheese following and collecting Rings for her in the game.


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