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Sonic Adventure 2
Crazy Gadget

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Crazy Gadget is the fifteenth stage in the Hero story of Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, and is the penultimate level both overall and playable as Sonic the Hedgehog. The stage takes place in outer space around the Space Colony ARK.


Throughout the stage, Dr. Eggman makes continuous threats to hurt Amy.


Sonic had arrived in the main computer room aboard the Space Colony ARK to fulfill his part of the mission of stopping Dr. Eggman's plan to dominate the world. Suddenly, over Sonic's radio, Tails warns that Amy has been captured by Dr. Eggman. Tails begins to cut out and Sonic only hears part of the message, but Eggman makes an announcement that he has in fact captured Amy which prompts Sonic to run off to save her.


Located in various places are Gravity Control Switches. By utilizing these Sonic can get past the numerous obstacles that come his way. There are also Rails on the ceiling and different "colored blocks" that float in space. Using the Gravity Control Switches, the player will be able to navigate these blocks. Additionally, the stage is filled with Artificial Chaos and Shield Hunters, making the progression much harder if the player has not obtained the Ancient Light.

An obstacle unique to this stage are green walls of energy, which can disarmed by firing a rocket into it. They can be found before the final point marker and guarding the Goal Ring. These obstacles cause an instant kill, regardless of Rings or shield -based power-ups.


1st Mission: Hurry and Find Eggman!

2nd Mission: Collect 100 rings!

This mission is surprisingly easy if the player is able to get past the Artificial Chaos. The best approach is to line Sonic up slightly to its left or right, Spin Dash toward it from a distance, then jump up and perform a Homing Attack just after it is possible to go by it.

3rd Mission: Find the lost Chao!

When the player reaches the red platform out in space, instead of proceeding forward, they should hit the Gravity Control Switch on the left. Doing so places the player on top of the purple platform where the Ancient Ruin is, toward the screen and on the right. They must play the Mystic Melody to make a row of Rings appear, then Light Speed Dash across them and push forward on the Control Stick to reach the top of the red platform where the lost Chao waits.

4th Mission: Reach the goal within 5 minutes 0 seconds!

The player should avoid attacking any unnecessary enemies and straying for any Rings. They must be going full-tilt almost constantly to reach the Goal Ring in less than five minutes. Fortunately, there is one shortcut.

The player should first get to the room with two doors after crossing the bottomless pit via the Light Speed Dash. From there, there is a red beam with rotating iron balls between it and Sonic, and another door below it. The player must jump over the iron balls and perform a Homing Attack while in midair to defeat the nearby enemy, then go through the door ahead that opens. As a second door opens on the opposite side, they should jump off and perform another Homing Attack to land near the Rings below it.

Last Mission: Clear Hard mode!

There are some changes that have been made in Hard mode:

  • After the high-speed warp tube, when the player reaches the gap filled with the green energy fluid, there normally a Spring Beetle that bounces the player up. Before said enemy, there is now a Float Type Artificial Chaos.
  • Immediately afterward, when the player activates the Gravity Control Switch and walks on the roof, the Spring that is supposed to bounce the player up is replaced with a series of Unbreakable Containers that the player must jump from and use as steps.
  • The room with three Gravity Control Switches now has two Switches instead, and the left Switch leads to the correct path.
  • After riding the second high-speed warp tube, Sonic is dropped on the floor instead of the ceiling. The path over the green energy fluid has a Rail, two Spark Beetles, and two Mono Beetles.
  • The way to the shaft up in front is now done by a staircase of Rails and Unbreakable Containers.
  • After the shaft, the path of Rings over the energy plant gap which one must cross using the Light Speed Dash, is now filled with Spark Beetles.
  • When the player approaches a room with two doors up and down, the red beam leading to the top door is now protected by two laser beams.
  • Out in space, the Ball Switch used to activate the rocket at the end of the stage has been moved to beneath an Unbreakable Container at the end of the green platform.

Level Up Item

The Level Up Item in Crazy Gadget is the Flame Ring, which allows Sonic to break Steel Containers with the Fire Somersault. This Level Up Item is required to beat this stage.

Chao Containers

  1. After passing through the first Point Marker, the player can look at the middle of the floor to find the first Chao Container.
  2. After obtaining the Flame Ring Level Up Item, the player should keep walking toward the screen, and they will soon come to a pit of green energy fluid with Rails above it to either side. They must grind on one of the Rails to get across the pit, and the player should find the second Chao Container on the other side.
  3. Soon after exiting the third high-speed warp tube, the player will come to a room containing a long red beam with swinging iron balls and a Gun Beetle atop it. They must walk along the beam, jump over the iron balls and perform a Homing Attack on the Beetle to reach the door on the other side. The player should hit the Gravity Control Switch behind this door to walk along the ceiling, then launch the missile just ahead to open an alcove with the third Chao Container inside.


Big the Cat sighting

Big is standing on the left side of the yellow platform located near the end of the stage. The player can get the best shot of him while grinding down the Rail on the yellow platform.

In Hard mode, Big is located on the underside the blue platform near the end of the stage.


Score Rank
17,000 A Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
15,000 B Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
12,000 C Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
10,000 D Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
<10,000 E Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png

Time Rank
3:00 A Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
3:30 B Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
4:00 C Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
4:30 D Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
>4:30 E Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png

Time Rank
5:00 A Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
5:30 B Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
6:00 C Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
7:00 D Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
>7:00 E Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png

Score Rank
16,000 A Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
15,000 B Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
14,000 C Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
12,000 D Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
<12,000 E Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png

Score Rank
15,000 A Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
13,000 B Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
11,000 C Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
9,000 D Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
<9,000 E Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png

Other game appearances

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Vector in Dream Trampoline, from Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

In the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Crazy Gadget is featured as the setting of the Dream Trampoline event.

In other media


Sonic X

In the Sonic X anime series, Crazy Gadget is a section of the Space Colony ARK.


The original design for the cubes, from Sonic Adventure 2.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Unstable World ...for Crazy Gadget" Jun Senoue 2:51


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