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The Crawlton is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a centipede-based Badnik variant created by Dr. Ivo Robotnik and are some of Robotnik's earlier Badnik models.


The Crawltons are centipede-based robots whose bodies are composed of several round segments, including their head. Old Crawlton models have two yellow spikes on each side of their body segments (excluding their head). They also have two dark eyes, a pointy antenna on each side of their head, and long scissor-like mandibles. Their paintjob often varied, although they would usually be purple or blue with yellow or grey underbellies.

The new Crawlton models Robotnik developed on Flickies' Island were more menacing-looking and fitted with spikes on their heads to minimize the surface area that could possibly pose as a weak spot. Along with other Badniks at the time, these Crawltons were grey as Robotnik had not gotten around to painting them. They also looked more like Caterkillers, having similar antennas.


Several Crawltons were stolen by Captain Plunder and his pirates who used them to defend their hideout. These Crawltons surprisingly did not include organic batteries. On a mission to the hideout, the Freedom Fighters made light work of the Crawltons they faced.[1] Sonic and Tails also encountered a Crawlton in the Mystic Cave Zone which the former took care of.[2]

Later, Dr. Ivo Robotnik mobilized a Crawlton fleet for an assault on Kintobor's Laboratory. Since the base was underground, Robotnik utilized Crawltons, Grounders, Tunnelbots and his own Squeeze Tag Machine to dig through one of the blocked entrances. Crawltons watched while Sonic and Robotnik traded blows, but were not called into action until Knuckles the Echidna showed up. The battle moved outside, where the heroes eventually defeated all the Crawltons after an arduous battle.[3][4]

Follow this defeat, the Crawltons were not generally used by Robotnik, their role diminished to patrolling underground areas that the Freedom Fighters were not likely to visit. Tails himself faced a Crawlton underneath the Spring Flower Zone. Despite the Crawlton's superior strength, Tails used his aerial ability to tie it up and push it into the lava.[5] Later, a Crawlton worked together with a variety of other Badniks to wear down the Freedom Fighters. With the help of Shortfuse the Cybernik though, the Crawlton was dispatched.[6]

Advanced badniks of Comic

New Crawltons introduced, from Sonic the Comic #105. Art by Richard Elson.

During the invasion of Flickies' Island, Robotnik created more powerful Crawltons. However, Robotnik failed to set these new Crawlton loose on Sonic when he invade the doctor's base before he was take away by the Drakon Empire.[7][8]

As Robotnik seemingly started to experiment with new Badnik designs, the Crawltons were quickly forgotten. However, old Crawlton models which Robotnik had ceased building years ago was acquired by Big Bill Screwloose, a duck eager to make the citizens of Sunshine Valley Zone lose faith in heroes. Reprogramming them, Screwloose unleashed the Crawltons on the villagers and had them lose to him so people would praise him.[9]


Crawltons have a tendency to lash out of the ground and walls and take enemies by surprise.[2][1]

Powers and abilities

Crawltons are quite adept at tunneling through the ground, and when burrowing in large groups, they can easily cause surface tremors or underground cave-ins.[3][4]




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