Quotation1 These arachnid-like enemies will ran the pain from Sonic from above, dripping liquid acid from their eyes as they crawl on the walls and ceilings. They'll also slash with their razor-sharp front pincers. The Crawling-Ones' mobility is limited, however–they cannot land on flat ground. Quotation2
— Description, Sonic and the Black Knight US website

The Crawling-One is an enemy that appears in Sonic and the Black Knight. It is one of the Knights of the Underworld and a variant of the Soldier-One.[1] They specialize in tackling enemies on walls and at high speed.


Crawling-Ones are humanoid-arachnid knights. They wear brown full-body armor with cyan medieval markings on their arms and torso. Their helmets have twelve air-holes to breathe and see. On their hands they have two long metal pincer-like claws.


The Crawling-Ones appear in most of the areas in Sonic and the Black Knight, such as Molten Mine, Deep Woods, Camelot Castle and Knight's Passage. They are usually only encountered when the player is climbing along walls. However, in places such as Deep Woods, the Crawling-Ones will also appear and chase after the player when the player is riding a Horse-Drawn Wagon. They can easily be defeated with a single slash of the playable character's sword.

In all instances where they appear, the Crawling-Ones attack the player by slashing with their claws. Depending on the situation, they will slash with either flips or simple swings.


The Crawling-Ones are said to be crafty opponents.[1]

Powers and abilities

The Crawling-Ones are able to teleport to different locations by emerging from black voids. They can use their claws for either offense or climbing walls and ceilings, making them excellent climbers. The Crawling-Ones are also very agile; they can attach themselves to walls with balance without falling and they can perform several mid-air flips. However, they have limited mobility which makes them unable to land on flat ground.

The Crawling are very fast quadruped runners, being able to keep up with a horse-drawn wagon moving at full tilt. Their eyes also excrete a liquid form of acid.




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