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Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
Crater Lake

Crater Lake is the third hub world area in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.[1] It is a dormant volcano with a lake inside its throat which holds a few settlements on its edges and above the lake itself. It can be accessed anytime from Bygone Island.

During the game's events, Sonic and the gang journeyed to Crater Lake to find the Radiant Crystal.


Crater Lake is a large volcano overlooking Bygone Island. Surrounding it is a tropical environment with mostly grass and palm trees. The sides of the volcano are barren brown rock. While the volcano itself is dormant, it still has a few lava river pouring out of it.

On the volcano's top is its throat which is filled with water, forming a lake. Due to volcanic activity, the lake's waters are warm. The edges of the crater consist of rock formations formed from harden lava. The northern part of the crater is covered in a line of flora from where a waterfall emerges. To the south, the lake empties out in a waterfall which has formed a deep recess into the volcano, and to the west lies Salty's house. In the middle of the lake lie crudely made metal platforms and house-like water tanks where Hokey and Pokey live.

Crater Lake holds a series of caverns made from molten rock, with stalactites hanging from the ceilings. Those near the lake are the most beautiful, being partially flooded and with green moss in bloom and illuminating fungus growing on the surfaces. These caverns are lit up by holes in the ceiling. Also, behind the upper waterfall lies a containment field for the Radiant Crystal, made by the Ancients.


A thousand years ago, the Ancients hid the Radiant Crystal in Crater Lake so that Lyric could not to find it. Eventually, Hokey and Pokey moved to Crater Lake and found the Radiant Crystal. However, since its light kept them from sleeping, they tossed it up the nearby waterfall.

When Team Sonic came to Crater Lake, they meet Hokey and Pokey. Amy asked the elderly couple about the Radiant Crystal, and they told where they could find it. On their way, Team Sonic found one of Lyric's airships coming towards them. Getting rid of the Destruction Troops, Team Sonic ventured into the cavers and found the Radiant Crystal.


In Crater Lake, the player must travel across the lake and into the caverns behind the waterfall. Like other areas in the game, Crater Lake has a speed level section, where the player runs down a long path with speed-enhancing gimmicks while avoiding hazardous obstacles, and as well slower-paced areas for exploration and combat. This level's speed level section includes lava squirts that will instantly form obstacles on the path. The level also features the game's signature puzzles which must be solved with the Enerbeam mechanic and Buttons.

While all four characters are available, Crater Lake only has gimmicks for Sonic, Tails and Knuckles' character actions. This include Spin Ramps and Air Targets for Sonic, Climbable Walls and Ceilings and diggable surfaces for Knuckles, and Tails Vents and Buddy Bot sockets for Tails. There are also Hydro Gates which lets the player Hydro Dash across water. Besides bottomless waters as environmental hazards, Crater Lake has in one spot a rotating platform with spikes on it that inflict damage. It also has rotating blocks that can squeeze the player against the roof to cause damage as well.

Should the player have accepted Salty's side-quest on Bygone Island, the player can interact with Pepper in Crater Lake to initiate a minigame. Here, the player must use the Riptide to destroy some Swarmer Hives on the lake using either Sonic's fast, but weak Water Cannon, Amy's immobilizing Ice Cannon, or Tails' powerful, but slow Mortar Shot, while dodging floating mines. When defeating a Swarmer Hive, a string of Rings will appear and lead to the next hive.


In Crater Lake, the player's objective is to collect the Radiant Crystal. At the beginning of the level, the player enters a speed level section which leads to the lake. From there, the player must Hydro Dash to the metal platforms in the lake and talk to Hokey and Pokey. One of Lyric's airships will then appear to drop some Destruction Troops into an arena. The player must travel across the platforms and into the arena, where they must defeat the enemies to lower a bridge to the cliffs.

Across the bridge, the player must climb the cliffs using moving platforms. At the top, they must then press three Buttons on some moving blocks to unlock a path leading into the caverns. The player must then ride an Ener-Rail into the caverns where they have to climb the rock formations and uncover another Ener-Rail. At the end of the previously mentioned Ener-Rail, go left to reach the room with the Radiant Crystal. There, use the Enerbeam to activate a containment field which makes enemies appear. Defeat the enemies to obtain the Radiant Crystal and complete the level.


This level has the following total of collectable items:


  • Crater Lake is the only hub in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric from where the player cannot access additional levels or collect Power Glyphs.
  • Crater Lake has the same background music as Bygone Island.


Name Artist Length Music Track
N/A Richard Jacques 2:06
N/A (Battle) Richard Jacques 2:06


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