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The Crab Excavator is a miniboss that appears in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. It is an ancient giant robot located in The Pit which were used for Lyric the Last Ancient's digging operations there.


The Crab Excavator is a massive red robot at the size of a building. Its design is reminiscent of both a crab and a spider, possessing a large round torso with layers of armor which reveal grey clock mechanics between the cracks, several back pistons with red lines on top of its back, a fin down its spine, exhaust pipes on the sides, a semicircle for a head with only two red eyes for features, and four massive legs with hand-like feet with three digits each. On its belly it has three oblong black drills with pink spikes which can swirl as well as rotate together.


When the Crab Excavator broke down, it was left to be used for scrap metal by Lyric when he resumed his operations in The Pit. As it was being dismantled by the Destruction Troops, Sonic and Knuckles and smashed the robots. Opting to proceed through the Crab Excavator, Sonic and Knuckles reactivated it to get by it, only for the massive robot to attack them. Regardless, the Crab Excavator met its end at Sonic and Knuckles' hands, who used the hole it made to enter the tunnels.

Powers and abilities

The Crab Excavator possesses a powerful multi-drill on its belly which can quickly drill through rocky ground and crunch up Destruction Troops instantly.


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