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Sonic Boom
Cowbot (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Boom episode, "Cowbot".

[Scene: Seaside Island, beach, day.]

[Knuckles is stretching because he and Sonic are playing coconut hurl. Tails is talking into a pretend microphone made of a pinecone on a stick.]
Tails: It all comes down to this final toss for the young echidna from Angel Island. He'll need a score of four to take the championship.
[Knuckles grabs Sonic and starts swinging him around.]
Tails: Can he do it? Can he score a four? The crowd is on their feet!
Amy: Can you get on with it already?
[Knuckles throws Sonic and knocks three coconuts out of the tree.]
Tails: Denied! Three coconuts is not quite four.
Sticks: Look!
[A fourth coconut falls and hits Amy on the head.]
Amy: Ow!
[Sonic and Knuckles laugh]
Tails: They've done it! They've achieved the impossible! The team of Knuckles and Sonic has bested the team of Sonic and Knuckles!
Amy: Wait a minute. You were playing against yourselves?
Knuckles: No! Weren't you listening? We beat Sonic and Knuckles. Ha! In your face, Sonic and Knuckles!
[As a giant black storm cloud comes with a sunrise, Dr. Eggman arrives from the cloud.]
Dr. Eggman: Behold, rodents! Prepare to face the most fearsome destructive force ever to grace this, or any other world.
[Eggman lifts his arm towards the storm cloud he came from and poses awkwardly. Cut to Sonic and co. who all stare at Eggman and the cloud.]
Dr. Eggman: It'll be just a minute. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.
[Eggman again lifts his arm towards the storm's direction, taking his pose again. Cut to Sonic and co. still staring continuously.]
Dr. Eggman: Your doom is coming, I assure you!
[Eggman once more lifts his arm toward’s the storm’s direction. More silence. Cut to Sonic and Knuckles, who appear to be getting impatient. A cow’s moo is then heard.]
Dr. Eggman: Ahh, here it is now! This, is, Cowbot!
[Zoom into the storm cloud, showing a close up of a robot cow, making its way towards the beach. It then lands in front of Team Sonic.]
Amy: It's a cow.
Dr. Eggman: It's a cow bot.
[Team Sonic suddenly bursts out laughing.]
Dr. Eggman: What's so funny?
Sonic: Cowbot? That has to be the lamest thing you've ever come up with.
Dr. Eggman: Not true. There was Spoonbot, Crybot, Mathbot, ooh, and who can forget Lamebot? Wait, what am I saying?
Sonic: Yeah...
Amy: Forgot about that one.
Sticks: My breakfast is plotting to kill me...
[Sudden silence as Team Sonic suddenly looks at Sticks, who immediately notices them looking at her. Cut to Eggman’s face, who has an alert on his wrist controller go off.]
Dr. Eggman: Ooh! Time to move my laundry to the dryer. I'll leave you with Cowbot's capable hooves.
[Eggman then turns away to go back to his lair.]
Sonic: Okay guys, let's destroy this thing so we can get back to coconut hurl.
[Eggman suddenly stops his Eggmobile and turns around.]
Dr. Eggman: Oh, did I mention that Cowbot is filled with Mootonium? A pun based radioactive compound? If you destroy him, he'll vaporize everything in a 20-mile radius. Toodles!
[Eggman turns back around to return to his lair. Cowbot suddenly shoots a missile toward Team Sonic, but it hits the ground in front of them, making a small explosion.]
Sticks: He's firing crud missiles!
[Team Sonic run away from Cowbot, who continues to fire missiles at the group. The team hides behind some bushes, and a missile from Cowbot hits a coconut tree, dropping five coconuts on the ground. Knuckles suddenly appears from behind the bushes.]
Knuckles: *crying* MY RECORD!
Amy: If we can't smash that thing, what can we do?
Tails: Looks like there's an access panel on top.
[Cut to Cowbot, zooming into its access panel. Cut back to Tails.]
Tails: If I can get to it, maybe I can reprogram Cowbot.
Knuckles: Time to tip this cow!
Sonic: I'll distract him!
[Sonic runs past Cowbot, the latter noticing and shooting more missiles at him. Meanwhile, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and Sticks got to Cowbot.]
Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks: One…
[They all prepare to push Cowbot on his side. Cut to Sonic, who is continuing to distract Cowbot. A missile almost hits him, making him nearly lose his balance.]
Sonic: Any day now guys!
Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks: Two...
[More pushing. A missile from Cowbot makes Sonic fall over and slide on the ground, getting sand into his mouth. The latter immediately spits it out.]
Tails, Amy, and Sticks: Three!
Knuckles: Four, uh, I mean three!
[Team Sonic successfully pushes Cowbot on its side, rendering it unable to move. Tails flies up to the access panel, opens it, and proceeds to work on Cowbot. It suddenly is enveloped by electricity and milk suddenly comes from Cowbot’s “utters”. Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks manage to dodge it before it hits them.]
Tails: That should do it!
[Cowbot’s eyes suddenly turn red, and it tries to get back on its feet.]
Tails: Or not...
[Cowbot stands back up, making a loud moo before flying away in a different direction toward the ocean.]
Sonic: Uhh, Tails. What's going on?
Tails: Not sure. It's original programming was to destroy Sonic, so since I reversed it...
Sonic: It's going after Eggman! Classic!
Amy: No, it's not classic. It's awful! That thing's a killing machine and if it explodes, no more Eggman!
Knuckles: And on laundry day? Not cool Sonic!
Sonic: Ugh, fine. I'll go warn him. Tails, you're coming with me, and bring your science stuff.
Tails: You got it Sonic!
Knuckles: And while you're there, ask him how he gets out grass stains. His whites are always so white.

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