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Sonic Underground
Country Crisis (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "Country Crisis".

[The Sonic Underground theme song plays]
Aleena (narrating): Sometimes there are problems, even among the Freedom Fighters, and Robotnik is always ready to exploit them.
Sonia: And in 3, 2, 1...! [nothing happens] Huh?
Manic: Are you sure you activated those fuses?
Sonia: Ah!
Sonic: Hmm, I can't remember. Do you want me to go back and check?
Manic: Haha, yeah! You do that.
Sonia: Nice work guys!
Sonic and Manic: Yeah!
Sonic: SWATbots! Let's jam!
Sonic: Are we good, or are we good?
Manic: Oh, we're good!
Sonia: Are your arms getting tired from all that congratulating?
Sonic: No.
Manic: Nah, never tired, no, oh no...
Sonia: Wait, the pebbles! They've been moved.
Manic: So somebody's been here.
Sonic: Or still is...
Sonia: A note! [picks up the letter] From Mother! [reads it] Robotnik's building a hydroelectric dam in southern Mobius, and he's getting away with it because of a feud between the Freedom Fighters in the mountains and the valley. If they don't join forces to stop him, the whole area will be destroyed! Mother wants us to go make peace between them.
Manic: I forget how beautiful it can be away from Robotropolis.
Sonia: Not for long if Robuttnik... [yawns and stretches] gets his way.
Sonic: Well, he won't. We'll see to that.
Manic: Heads up! Trouble!
Sonic: Chill out, the good guys have arrived.
Zeb: You just turn around and tell your boss we ain't lettin' no more of you polecats in here.
Sonic: Huh?
Sonia: No really, we're-
Zeb: Robotnik's goons, come to finish the dam.
Sonia: [gasps] Ugh!
Sonic: Yo bud, you got it all wrong.
Manic: We're the Sonic Underground.
Zeb: Huh?
Manic: And he's Sonic.
Zeb: Well if you're the real Sonic, you'd almost be able to keep up with Jarod here. He's the fastest boy in these here parts!
Sonic: How about a little race?
Zeb: Race to that there pine nut tree and back. And grab a pinecone while you're there, too. We'll see if'n you're the real Sonic!
Jarod: Don't mind Zeb. Good luck!
Zeb: Go!
Sonic: [sniffs] Ah, kickin' scent!
Zeb: I guess your friend's afraid to run against Jarod, hmm?
Sonic: [sniffs] [sighs]
Manic: Uh, Sonic. The race?
Sonic: No biggie, bro.
Zeb: What the heck?
Sonic: Psst!
Zeb: I ain't never seen nothin' like that before!
Jarod: [pants]
Zeb: You're the real McCoy, all right!
Jarod: Real pleased to meet ya, Sonic!
Sonia: [clears throat]
Sonic and Jared: Huh?
Sonia: If the Sonic fan club can adjourn, we've got a dam to dump.
Sonic: Right, sis! Let's scan, then plan.
Jarod: I'll show y'all around. You don't want to run into any robot patrols or mountain folk.
Sleet: Ooh... [looking at a monitor] What have we here? This is it! Our chance to get big money from Robotnik.
Dingo: Oh, I'll go get him.
Sleet: No! Not yet.
Dingo: But you just said-
Sleet: Listen. First we nab the hedgehogs and hide them. Then we tell Robotnik, and make him pay a lot of money!
Dingo: Retire?
Sleet: Yes, retire. You can spend the rest of your life, waiting on me hand and foot!
Dingo: Oh, boy! Wow! Thanks!
Manic: So, you valley dudes used to be buds with the mountain dudes, eh?
Jarod: Yep.
Sonia: And you said this feud started because of our mother?
Jarod: Yep. Way it happened was when your ma visited here. She gave us these purty medallions so's we could always prove the land was ours. We was havin' a big time hoedown. The mountain folks lost their medallion!
Granny (flashback): You took it.
Zeb (flashback): No I didn't!
Jarod: They said us valley folks took it, so we could steal their land, and they swore they wouldn't play another lick o' music 'til we give it back...
Granny (flashback): [blows raspberry]
Jarod: ...but we didn't take it!
Jarod: Shhh. Quiet now. [points at the dam] There it is!
Sonic: Let's see what that bot's made of. [throws rocks at the robot, which quickly zaps them] Whoa!
Manic: Double whoa!
Sonia: We're going to need a little help with this one. Can you take us to the mountain folks?
Jarod: I can take you most of the way. But, we ain't really welcome up there.
Jarod: Just follow that path.
Sonic: Thanks, bud!
Manic: Yo, these mountain dudes better wise up and see how bad it'll be when Buttnik's dam gets built!
Sonic: [gasps] [hides in a bush] Shhh!
Manic: [gasps]
Sonic: Whoever it is, I'll grab 'em. [runs out of the bush] Huh? [sees a girl] Whoooaa! [trips] Oof!
Serro: Oh!
Sonic: Huh?
Manic: Cool, man, very cool(!)
Sonic: I meant to do that.
Serro: You must be them Freedom Fighters come to help Jaro- um, the valley folks stop the dam.
Sonic: Right on the first guess!
Serro: I'm Serro. Nobody does nothin' up here without talkin' to Granny first. I'll take you to her.
Sonia: How'd she know who we were?
Sonic: So if Buttnik takes the valley, your land is next!
Granny: I don't care. Long as them valley folks is gone!
Manic: But when they're gone, it'll be too late.
Serro: Granny, we used to work together with 'em. We can do it again!
Granny: Don't see how. Them valley folks stole our medallion!
Sonia: You'll lose a lot more if you don't join forces with the valley folk.
Granny: Whatcha mean?
Sonia: If you don't help us destroy the dam, this whole area will be underwater, including your place!
Granny: That so? Well [sighs], I guess talkin' with them varmints couldn't hurt. But I ain't makin' up!
Sonic: It's settled then? You'll work together until the dam is down?
Granny: I reckon so. We'll try it, but no promises!
Serro: Thank goodness.
Granny: You and that valley boy? Ain't no way! I knew somethin' funny was goin' on. The deal's off!
Serro: Oh no!
Sonic: Stop! Oh, this is mondo uncool!
Zeb: Mondo? What in tarnation is "mondo"?
Sonia: He means fighting's not the way to settle this.
Sonic: I do? [thinks about it] Oh yeah, I do!
Sonia: [gasps]
Granny: Nah, feudin' is what we do. The only way we settle this is with a fight!
Sonia: But you don't have to fight, right Sonic?
Sonic: Uh, right, y-you could uh-uh-uh-uh-uh...
Sonia: You could settle it with music!
Sonic: Yeah! What she said.
Valley folk: Hm, maybe so. Yeah... Y'all think so? Okay...
Granny: Well, we ain't played no music for a while, so, er, I pick Sonic Hedgehog here to do our playin'.
Sonic: Huh?
Zeb: And Sonia'll play for us.
Sonic: No way!
Sonia: We really-
Serro: Please, otherwise they'll just start fightin' again!
Manic: I vote for music.
Sonic: No problemo. But I gotta warn ya: when it comes to gettin' down, I'm the main hedgehog!
Sonia: Oh, well I guess we'll just have to see about that, won't we?
Sonic: Exactamundo!
Manic: Let's rip it!
["How You Play The Game" plays]
Valley folk: Yeehaw! Yahoo! All right!
Granny: Well, maybe we can work's together. Least way's long enough to stop this dam.
Sonia: Well, now that we have them working together...
Sonic: Time to take out the big guy!
Sonia: You know the plan. When Sonic lures the guardian bot away, we strike.
Manic: Go, bro!
Sonic: Hey, bolts-for-brains! [the robot shoots his rear] Oww! [gets his guitar out] Okay, hotshot. Now it's personal. [blasts and provokes the robot] [blows raspberry] [the robot launches a grapple] Ahh! Whoa, this bad boy's got some real juice!
Sonia: Let's go!
Zeb: Let's go!
Everyone: Yeeehaaa! Wahoo!
Manic: Take 'em out!
[shouts from the team]
Zeb: Yeah, move it on out!
Granny: Yeah, cowards, you get now!
Sonia: It's not over yet. Let's bring this dam down! How about a drum roll, Manic?
Manic: One downbeat, comin' up!
[the people gasp and panic as they run from Sleet's ship]
Sleet: They must have destroyed the guardian bot. Now we'll destroy them! [cackles harshly]
Manic: Ah, man! Talk about snatchin' defeat from the jaws of victory!
Serro: Wish we had a robot to fight them fellers with.
Sonia: That's an idea. If only I could get a message to Sonic!
Jarod: It won't be hard to find him.
Sonia: That's for sure.
Serro: No, Jared! It's too dangerous.
Jarod: And this isn't? What do I tell Sonic?
Sonic: Man, Buttnik's outdone himself with this mean machine! [giggles] Almost.
Jarod: It's me, Sonic! Sonia's got a plan!
Sonic: Yo, what? [dives away from a laser blast] Heads up!
Jarod: She wants you to bring that thing back to the dam.
Sonic: What?!
Dingo: Er... it looks like they're gone.
Sleet: Wait a minute...
Dingo: Sonia... it's Sonia!
Sleet: Don't start. She's the enemy, remember?
Dingo: Yeah. Okay.
Sleet: Time to stun two hedgehogs.
Sleet and Dingo: Whoa!
Dingo: Uh-oh. What was that?
Robot: Must protect dam.
Dingo: Hey, doesn't he know we're on his side?
Sleet: Does it look like he knows we're on his side?! Time for Plan B.
Dingo: Isn't there a Plan C? [Sleet transforms him] Dahh!
[the team cheers]
Sonia: Yay, all right, we did it!
Everyone: Yaaaaay!
Serro: Thank goodness you're safe.
Jared: No problemo.
Sonic: Now you're talkin', bud!
Manic: Just one more riff to play. Dance to this beat, bot!
Sonic: Push it, bro!
Robot: Target identified. [the dam bursts and it topples into the water] Pro... tect... dam!
Sonia: [kisses] Great performance, Manic.
Zeb: [gasps]
Granny: Not bad for a bunch of yokels, eh Zeb?
Zeb: Yeeeehaw! Let's have us a wingding!
Granny: Yeah, a win wingding!
[party guests cheer and chatter]
Granny: Hey there, Sonic! You and your kinfolk come on over here, would ya?
Sonic: What's up, Granny?
Granny: I want's to thank y'all for what you've done. And since y'all like's music so much...
Serro: She ain't touched that thing since the feud started!
Granny: I want you to have my music jug. [looks inside it] Tarnation! What's in my jug? [rattles it around] Hooch my possum!
Serro: [gasps] The medallion!
Granny: Well, for goodness sake. The medallion! [gasps] I remember's now! I put the medallion into my music jug for safekeepin'. But my mind wasn't really on the medallion that night. I reckon I owe's you an apology, Zeb. I'm awful sorry.
Zeb: Don't you worry nothin' about it, Granny. Maybe we's could pick up where's we left off?
Sonic: Well, I think our work here is done.
Granny: I'm thinkin' this oughta go to you young 'uns. You helped us save our homes and... [looks at Zeb] somethin' even more important.
Sonic: Gee Granny, I don't know.
Zeb: Granny's right. These are from your ma. You oughta have 'em.
Sonia: I... I don't know what to say.
Sonic: Hey, sis, look! [fits the medallions together] It's a map! Well, I guess we know where we're headin' next.
Zeb: It looks like everybody got what they wanted. This calls for a hoedown!
Sonic: Wanna dance?
Sonia: Delighted!
Sonic: Maybe next time, sis!
Sonia: [chuckles]
[The credits roll]