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Quotation1 My new book, "Counter Productive," is about fixing your old mistakes. Times where you made a mess of things. When you were a bad apple. Acted like a basket case. Quotation2
Soar the Eagle, "Counter Productive"

Counter Productive is an object that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a book written by Soar the Eagle that explains about introspection and self-betterment through fixing past mistakes.


TV series

Season one

Having written Counter Productive, Soar the Eagle talked about it on the Comedy Chimp Show, inspiring Knuckles to make amends with Charlie, only to turn him into a supervillain. Even so, Knuckles stood by Counter Productive and refused to harm Charlie until Amy found a loophole in the book's rules that said Knuckles could fight Charlie if he was a supervillain.[1]


"If the person you are trying to make up to turns into a supervillain, you can forget all that I said about fixing your past mistakes. In that case, knock yourself out."
Counter Productive, pg. 235.


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