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The Council of Acorn is the democratic body representing the citizens of the Republic of Acorn. They are the decision-makers of the Kingdom of Acorn and won't even hesitate to put the princess behind bars. The Council was created in 3237 following the destruction of Knothole and the relocation of the Kingdom's citizens to New Mobotropolis. The idea was put forth by Amadeus and Rosemary Prower who had learned of numerous political systems during their time with the Bem. After discussing its creation with King Elias, the Council of Acorn was created.


Revolution and creation

Not long after the destruction of Knothole and the relocation to New Mobotropolis, the Kingdom was faced with internal problems: Amadeus Prower staged a rebellion intent on removing the Acorns from power due to their past failures, a conflict that split the inhabitants of the city down the middle and pitted Acorn-loyal Sonic against Tails, his best friend and Amadeus' son. With neither King Elias nor Amadeus willing to budge on their stance regarding the kingdom, the two engaged each other in a fierce duel. Their battle ended abruptly, however, when Nicole intervened, bringing Sally Acorn in to mediate. (StH: #178, #179)

Acorn Council

The original Council of Acorn.

After a stern lecture from the princess, the two men agreed to compromise rather than demand one extreme over another, resulting in the creation of the Acorn Council: six elected citizens, with the king presiding as a seventh, and the Council itself was the ruling body over the newly-formed Republic of Acorn. While this reform was praised by the people, it was silently criticized by the former king, Maximillian, who had initially demanded severe punishment for Amadeus and all co-conspirators after the original riot. Despite this, the elections were organized, with Rosemary Prower—Amadeus' wife and Tails' mother-putting her name up for nomination, obviously eager to bring about the reforms she feels are necessary. She won the post, together with three of the Substitute Freedom Fighters, Sir Charles Hedgehog, and Rotor Walrus. (StH: #179, #180)


When Dimitri visited New Mobotropolis to warn them of the returning Enerjak, the Council found themselves deliberating how to proceed with the new threat. After Dimitri reported all that he could about the situation, the Council made a number of decisions. First, they determined that neither the Knothole Freedom Fighters nor the Chaotix would be sent against Enerjak or to Angel Island until more could be learned about the danger of the situation. The Chaotix, objecting to this decision and to the fact that the Council refused to hear their say, tried to force their way through by fighting through guards at the King Frederick Airfield. Sonic appeared to stop them, and Sally managed to convince them to remain in New Mobotropolis by offering them a compromise from the Council: if they stayed, Sonic and Tails would be sent to find the missing Knuckles. Dimitri, disgusted at the slow decision making by the Acorn Council, fled to warn Doctor Eggman as well. (StH: #180, #181)

Following the successful invasion of Mobius Prime by the Suppression Squad and the subsequent loss of Freedom HQ by the Knothole Freedom Fighters, a vote was held whether or not to retake the base or to continue pressing attacks against the Eggman Empire. Believing the issue of the Suppression Squad could be dealt with later, the majority voted against retaking Freedom HQ for the time being, 4-2. (StH: #190, #191)

Chaos and the Crown

Sonic facing Naugus in front of the Council of Acorn right before the Operation: Clean Sweep.

After the successful invasion of Moebius, Sally Acorn was called before the Council to stand trial for ignoring the Council's decision not to deal with the Suppression Squad. Hamlin was the prosecutor of the case. Sally ultimately admitted guilty, but warned the Council that she would not go through this again, declaring that she would not act or give any order unless she had the approval of the Council, even if it was in the middle of a fight. The trial ended with a 5-1 vote in favor of dropping the charges against Sally. (StH: #197)