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Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure
Cosmic Casino Zone

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Cosmic Casino Zone is the third zone in Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure.


Cosmic Casino Zone is a remake of Casino Night Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, being a casino-themed area with a fairly similar level design.



In this zone, the player must navigate Acts filled with bumpers, flippers, and various other pinball-themed obstacles. There are also many spikes placed around the Acts, so it is very easy to fall into them.


Act 1

Act 2


The boss of Cosmic Casino Zone is Dr. Robotnik, who be flies around in a hovercraft with an electrified bottom, similar to the Egg Claw from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. During this boss battle, Robotnik bounds around the arena and occasionally pauses to home in on Sonic. He cannot be damaged from below. After the player beats him, they will get to the capsule and clear the zone.

Photo piece locations

Act 1

  1. Past the first pinball set, jump far to the right and land on a flipper. Use it to land on the moving block above, then bounce from the nearby yellow spring to the bumper, then to the above platform on the right. Ride then the first moving block up to the photo piece.
  2. From the last photo piece, bounce across the four Bumpers on the left and take a jump off the last one to reach the midair photo piece.
  3. Go right from the first photo piece and bounce along the flat Bumpers to the other side. Go then through the tunnel and jump up to the Invincible Protect item box. From there, go through the green mesh wall and continue to the right from there.
  4. At the first Start Post, walk backwards towards the ledge. Then, start a Spin Dash from the flat part and jump the moment Sonic hits the Start Post to get launched up.
  5. From the pinball table through the first loop, go down to the bottom and fall through an invisible hole in the center.
  6. Past the last photo piece, in the pinball area with two conveyer belts at the top, drop down the right hole. Land then on one of two moving blocks and quickly jump to the photo piece on the right.
  7. Past the last photo piece, hop across the four Bumpers, over the yellow Spring, and into the next pinball table. From there, use the circular Bumpers to bounce onto the two flat Bumpers and up to the platform on the right.
  8. From the lower pinball area, just before the end of the Act, flip Sonic when he is about to roll off it to launch him up to the upper pinball table. From there, hop onto one of the nearby Bumpers and bounce onto a Flipper. Afterward, just flip Sonic into the slot machine in the middle.
  9. Along the lower route at the beginning, past the two pinball tables, ride the second moving block and jump up into the wall.

Act 2

  1. From the beginning of the Act, use the first two red springs and then jump onto the conveyer belts. From there, use the flipper above the second Conveyer to launch Sonic up to another Flipper on the right. Flip Sonic upward again to the right and over the top of the wall. Jump then onto the Conveyor Belts above, and continue to the left from there, past the lifts. At the end of the path, drop off the ledge and through the 100-point baskets to land on the photo piece.
  2. Use the lift from the previous path, then go left and into the next lift. From there, collect the Power-Sneaker and run up the ramp to the right ledge. From here, take a flying leap to the left.
  3. Along the top route, under a "Casino" sign, ride the moving box down to the lift. Once out, Spin Dash into a jump on the rightmost ledge.
  4. From the last photo piece, go right and up through the bumper walls and carefully ride the Conveyor belts over the pinball table. Once on the other side, jump to the tiered platforms, then bounce off the flat Bumper on the left to reach the piece.
  5. From the Start Post near the bottom of the map, go right and jump across the three sets of spikes, then continue past the first pinball table. Go through the curvy tunnel, then down into the next pinball table. From there, jump into the gap in the center. Spin Dash then up the side and jump from the right side of the platform.
  6. Near the end of the Act at the extra-wide pinball table, use the Flipper on the upper right side to launch Sonic up into the upper left corner.
  7. From the lower Start Post, drop down on the moving boxes on the left. Go then down through the hole in the pinball table and continue to the right up the lift. Then, fall down the ledge, hop over the spikes, and drop under the moving box past the spikes.
  8. Run along the top of the Act, past the pinball table with the slot machine in the center, until Sonic reaches two moving boxes. Drop down here and hop over the gap to reach the platform on the left.
  9. Up from the last photo piece, just past a Start Post, jump far to the right and land on the two Conveyor Belts. Continue to the right from there and then jump off to the flat Bumpers, bounce up to a platform, and hop over the three sets of spikes. After that, from the right ledge, bounce off the hexagonal Bumper to fly up into the photo piece.



Name Artist(s) Length Music track
Cosmic Casino Zone: Act 1 Maitaro 1:08
Cosmic Casino Zone: Act 2 Maitaro 1:40