Corner Poles[1] are variants of the well-known Pole gimmick that appears in Sonic and the Black Knight. Using these poles allows the player to travel down the correct or an alternate path.


Corner Poles mostly resemble simple thin poles standing perpendicular on a flat surface. Depending on the location, the Corner Poles can be made of the local materials; in Camelot Castle or Deep Woods the Corner Poles are made of wood, while in Crystal Cave and Dragon's Lair they are made of crystals.


When touching a Corner Pole in gameplay, the playable character will automatically swing around it and gain momentum while ascending it. Once at the top, the playable character will then be thrown through the air while gaining speed, often leading the player down the correct path or a shortcut during the Missions. While flying through the air, the player can often collect fairies. Every time the player uses a Corner Pole, the player earns a "Corner Pole Bonus" to their score.


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