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Coral Bay is a location that appears in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. It is a bay located at Bygone Island which holds the entrance to the Ocean Purification Plant.


Coral Bay is located on the eastern coast of Bygone Island and is surrounded by tall black outcrops which enclose the entire bay. Occupying much of the bay is a large tower-like metal platform which holds the Crystal Lock and entrance to the Ocean Purification Plant. In the northern area of Coral Bay also lies a small sandy island with a tower from the Ancients holding an air defense system.

Leading from dry land are small metal platforms, which are either floating and held up by pillars (the former flip around in intervals). These platforms are the only path to the tower-like platform. Additionally, the waters of Coral Bay are infested with mines.



Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

After acquiring the Verdant Crystal, Team Sonic traveled to Coral Bay to find the Tidal Crystal. Upon finding the entrance to the Ocean Purification Plant there, it was decided that Sonic and Amy ventured into the plant for the Crystal while Tails and Knuckles remained behind to protect the village. A while later, Tails and Knuckles left Coral Bay to reunited with their friends further down the beach.


  • According to Pokey, Coral Bay holds a rare breed of sea shells.



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