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Control Disc

Tekno removing the Control Disc from Shortfuse's neck, from Sonic Holiday Special 1996. Art by Mike Hadley.

The Control Disc, also called a Magnetic Disc by Tekno, is an object that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was a small magnetic device, designed by Doctor Robotnik to take control of Shortfuse the Cybernik.


During an aerial battle between Shortfuse and some EggRobos (who had been sent to find Shortfuse by Robotnik), one of the EggRobos attached the Control Disc to the back of Shortfuse's neck. The device instantly suppressed Shortfuse's personality and ability to think, forcing him to obey Robotnik's orders. Through the device, Robotnik appeared to Shortfuse as a vision and ordered him to destroy Sonic the Hedgehog, which he immediately set off to do.

Shortfuse found Sonic in the Rocky Desert Zone, but their battle was inconclusive. Tekno the Canary arrived and flicked the disc off Shortfuse's back, freeing him from Robotnik's control. Shortfuse crushed the disc so that it could not be used again.[1]


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