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Ho ho ho, quite alright myself! Though feeling a little bittersweet.

— Conductor, The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog

The Conductor is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is the former conductor of the Mirage Express, who has recently retired after thirty-two years of service.


The Conductor is a tall, cyan-furred anthropomorphic dog with two large ears that are swiveled on the sides of his head, yellow eyes, a black nose, a white muzzle with a matching mustache-like facial hair below the nose, and a tail.

For attire, the Conductor wears a large, pine green coat with red trim that covers his torso, most of his legs, and his arms. This coat has six gold buttons, a yellow Ring emblem with wings on the left, and yellow cuffs. Apart from that, the Conductor sports a yellow shirt, a pair of pine green pants with visible lining, as well as white gloves and short black boots with yellow cuffs. Finally, he wears a pine green hat with a red band and a Ring emblem with white wings that distinctively leaves much of his face in the shadows.

Conductor winter outfit

Conductor in his winter outfit from, Christmas artwork by Min Ho Kim.

During the Winter he wears a "Santa Claus" outfit with a red hat and a Red and white coat along with a Black belt and Red pence with black shoes, with brown gloves.



For thirty-two years, the Conductor was, as hinted by his name, the conductor of the Mirage Express cargo train. At some point, he met and married a woman and the couple had at least two children, from whom he learned of Sonic the Hedgehog in recent times. When the Eggman Empire took over the earth in what later became the War to Take Back the Planet, the Conductor feared that the worst was about to come, but his kids assured him that Sonic would save the world, which he did.

Very recently, the Conductor considered retiring after decades of working at the Mirage Express. To celebrate his retirement, his wife bought him and the rest of his family tickets to Spagonia for a vacation. At that time, however, his train was amongst the many cargo trains that were secretly modified by Dr. Eggman into autonomous Badniks in his plan to transport civilians away from their hometowns to build Eggmanland and another Death Egg.

The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog[]

In The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog, right during his last day of work at the Mirage Express, the Conductor held Amy Rose's birthday party onboard his train. At the same time, he had also hired a young quokka to ensure everything went as planned. When Amy and her friends arrived, both the Conductor and Barry met everyone and spoke with them.

The Murder of Sonic Sonic's confession 7

The Conductor being trapped by the robotic hands of the Mirage Express, from The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Soon after, Amy assigned her friends different roles to play a murderer mystery game. With Sonic being given the role of the train's captain, he headed to the conductor car. The Conductor welcomed him there and taught him the Mirage Express' many features. However, the blue hedgehog suspected that something was off, and when he asked what powered the train, the Conductor did not know. After they went to check to see, the two found out that it was powered by a Flicky, prompting Sonic to suggest destroying the Mirage Express, which the Conductor did not want to know. Immediately afterwards, however, the hedgehog was attacked by Espio, the "murderer" of the game, who shot him with a tranquilizer gun as the "staff" of the train had suggested him to do. The chameleon disappeared afterwards, and the Conductor was caught off-guard by his own train's robotic arms, which held him hostage since the Mirage Express did not want him to leave it. Another one of the arms took the fainting Sonic to the Dining Car.

The Murder of Sonic 1000 out of 10 poetry

The Conductor and his wife (far left) celebrating Amy's birthday with Sonic and the others, from The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Much later, when Sonic regained consciousness following the end of the murder mystery game, he revealed to his friends what had happened to the Conductor. Soon after, the Mirage Express revealed the Conductor himself, who was still caught and unable to talk, before it started accelerating, knocking all of the heroes out. When the group woke up, they cooperated to stop the Mirage Express from getting to Eggman's base. After this mission ended in a success, the Conductor was finally liberated from the robotic hands' grasp, from whom the train apologized for all the trouble since it could not bear seeing him go. Afterwards, he was greeted by his wife, and the two joined Sonic and his friends when they began celebrating Amy's birthday before they packed their stuff to go to Spagonia.


His personality is very optimistic while at times being straight forward. He is also very friendly as when upon meeting Barry the Quokka is excited and joyed instead of having a thought of distrust. He even warms up to Sonic and friends quickly he also has manners proving his kindness. But when the Mirage Express was destroyed he apologizes showing more of him taking the blame for a misdeed.


His Wife[]

Barry the Quokka[]

Mirage Express[]






  • The Conductor having driven the Mirage Express for 32 years is a reference to the fact that 2023 (the release year of the game) marks 32 years since the release of the original Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • The Conductor bears a heavy resemble to the Conductor from Galaxy Express 999.


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