For the Animal in Sonic Adventure 2, see Condor (animal).

The Condor (コンドール Kondōru?)[1] is an enemy that appears in Sonic Advance 3. It is a mass-produced, falcon-based Badnik model created by Dr. Eggman.


Condor (SA3)

The Condors resemble mechanical purple falcons with a pair of small eyes and a yellow beak. They also have rocket engines attached below their wings. They bare some resemblance to the Balkiry and Falco.


Condors are only encountered in Route 99. In gameplay, they fly back and forth slowly in high places. When the player gets close to a Condor however, it will charge towards the playable character to damage them while dropping a Bomb in the process. After this, the Condor pulls itself back and repeats this pattern.

As the Condors usually fly above, the player can defeat them with the Spin Jump or melee moves when they get close. However, some Condors are placed in inconvenient locations, such as above Seesaws, making them one of the more frustrating enemies the player will encounter.


  • Falcos in Sonic Rush closely resemble the Condors in terms of attack patterns, except they cannot drop bombs.


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