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The Commando Husk[1] is an enemy that appears in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. They are a collection of different models of dormant Destruction Troops which can be awakened by Parasite Snakes.


The Commando Husks are not an independent model of Destruction Troops, but rather a collection of various other models. These include:

Commando Husks only appear in a few levels. Weak Commando Husks appear in groups while tougher ones are by themselves. They are encountered in the Abandoned Research Facility, Ocean Purification Plant, Creeper Gorge and Lyric's Lair.

Sonic in front of a Commando Husk for a Swordsman Trooper.

On their own, the Commando Husks are harmless as they can neither move or attack. However, each model have health similar to their counterparts (i.e. Swordsman Trooper husks take a few hits to destroy while Crusher Brute husks require many). Should a Parasite Snake approach a Commando Husk, it will crawl into it and reboot it, giving back the mobility and attack patterns associated with its model. An advisable strategy is to either destroy the Commando Husks before the Parasite Snakes appear or keep the Parasite Snakes away. Also, destroying a model of Commando Husk will release the same amount of Rings and Robot Scrap said model would otherwise grant.


  • The Commando Husks' name was not revealed in the final version of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. However, their name is listed in an unused biography for the game.[1]


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