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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (film series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Commander Walters[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog film series produced by Paramount Pictures and its spin-offs. He is a human and a commander of the United States Armed Forces in the Pentagon, serving as Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest-ranking members of the various branches of the U.S. military. He later became commander of the Guardian Units of Nations, a task force dedicated from protecting Earth from extraterrestrial threats.


Commander Walters is a tall and elderly human with clean-cut white hair, peach skin, and blue eyes. He normally wears his military commander uniform, which has many medals and awards on it. He later adopts a civilian disguise while undercover with Operation: Catfish, and puts on black G.U.N. camouflage fatigues upon leading the assault against Dr. Robotnik at the Mean Bean Coffee Café.


Film series

Sonic the Hedgehog

Walters at a meeting in the Pentagon, from Sonic the Hedgehog (film).

Following a huge power blackout across the Pacific Northwest due to an electromagnetic pulse, Walters would attend an emergency meeting with other top officials of the Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon to discuss the incident. Recognizing that they were out of choices and needed additional help to investigate the incident when they were unable to figure out what caused it, Walters convinced the officials that they needed Dr. Robotnik's help, given his familiarity with technology and perfect operations record, despite admitting with the others that the doctor was quite eccentric.

After Robotnik was defeated by Sonic and banished to the Mushroom Planet, Walters personally showed up at Tom and Maddie Wachowski's house in Green Hills, where he gave them a $50 gift card for the Olive Garden restaurant as a thank you from the government to the couple for keeping quiet about the incident involving Sonic and Robotnik. When Tom brought up Robotnik however, Walters claimed that no such person had ever existed. Walters then tried getting Sonic's whereabouts from the Wachowskis in hopes that he could get Sonic to attend a meeting with the President. However, the Wachowskis claimed not to know where Sonic was and politely bid him goodbye as they closed their door in front of Walters, who tried peeking inside their house.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

After the incident in San Francisco, Walters was appointed commander of the newly founded Guardian Units of Nations, a global taskforce devoted to protecting the planet from extraterrestrial threats. Having deemed Sonic the Hedgehog a dangerous alien element when he would not ally himself with the United States, Walters and G.U.N. would enact Operation: Catfish. For this operation, agent Randall Handel was to marry Rachel, the sister of Maddie Wachowski and one of Sonic's human sympathizers and abiders. The couple were then to get married during a wedding ceremony set up by G.U.N. on Hawaii, where the plan was to capture Sonic if he showed up with Tom and Maddie Wachowski.

When Sonic interrupted the wedding ceremony by arriving through a Ring with an unconscious Tails, Walters and G.U.N. sprung their trap. Arriving on the scene disguised as a boat captain, Walters had his associates drop their covers, with Walters unveiling the nature of Operation: Catfish to an upset Rachel as Sonic and Tails were contained in cages, with Tom getting apprehended by Randall when he tried to free Sonic by force. Maddie tried telling Walters that Sonic was no threat, but Walters ignored her plead as he told his troops to have their prisoners detained in the hotel. As Rachel demanded an explanation, Walters debriefed them on the background and purpose of G.U.N. As Maddie then told Walters that Dr. Robotnik was back too and that Sonic was their only hope of stopping him, Walters insisted at first that Robotnik was dead after the U.S. government erased all trace of him after the previous incident. Regardless, Maddie's notion convinced Walters, as he took his leave, to contact his agents and advise them to locate Robotnik in case he had returned. Soon after, having deemed their operation successful, Walters proposed a toast to Agent Randall. Hearing that Randall felt guilty over what he did to Rachel, Walters promised him to sent her a gift card as consolation. Immediately after however, an agent fell down in front of them and told them that they were under attack. Walters then noticed Rachel arriving in a golf kart, barely avoiding her as she tried running him and Randall over. Getting his taser pistol out, Walters held Rachel at gunpoint. When he tried firing at her however, Randall took the shock for Rachel, much to Walters' disappointment. Afterward, Walters was intimidated into dropping his taser and surrendering when Rachel pulled out Tails' laser pistol and used it to blow up her wedding cake, showing she had the better firepower. Afterwards, Walters got bound and gagged up. When he later witnessed a large green beam of energy emerge from across the ocean, Tom and Maddie offered it as proof of Robotnik's return, which finally made Walters listen to them.

Using a G.U.N. helicopter, Walters traveled to Green Hills with Tom and Maddie, where G.U.N. soldiers had surrounded the Mean Bean Coffee Café. There, an agent informed Walters that Robotnik was holding up in the Mean Bean Coffee Café with Agent Stone and a hostage. When Robotnik later emerged from the café in an empowered state, Walters informed him that he was finished, as the U.S. government had seized his lab, drones, and funding. In response, Robotnik used his newfound powers to disassemble all of G.U.N.'s military vehicles and other machinery in the vicinity, and using them, to construct the Giant Eggman Robot, which forced Walters to order his agents to retreat due to being outmatched and out gunned by the giant mech. When Robotnik was later defeated by Sonic, who trashed the Giant Eggman Robot, Walters would search the battle site for any trace of Robotnik. When they could not find anything however, Walters simply concluded that Robotnik could not have survived his machine's destruction. Soon after though, an agent informed Walters that as they were deleting Robotnik's files they found coordinates to a secret facility dating back fifty years ago, which Walters realized, much to his dread, concerned Project Shadow.


As a high-ranking military official, Walters is a serious, yet formal, professional and calm man with some dry humor. Putting the safety of the nations above anything else, he will not hesitate to carry out military operations for manipulating others or imprisoning those that he has deemed an uncontrollable force in spite of these people having committed no crimes, all in the name of maintaining global safety. He also holds a position of great trust in the United States Armed Forces. While he tries to be kind, he is nonetheless firm in his convictions and decisions when civilians disagree with him. However, he is not overly stubborn or uncooperative, as he has been known to listen to reason from even civilians when a greater danger presents itself and his methods have proven decremental to stopping it.

Walters is somewhat of a risk-taker when there are no other options available. Notably, he was willing to call in Dr. Robotnik to help investigate an electromagnetic pulse of unknown origin despite the concerns of his comrades. For all his military professionalism though, he is not a stern individual, and was very friendly and warm with Tom and Maddie. He can be a bit awkward though, as he tried a little too hard to keep the Wachowskis from closing their door in front of him.

For those involved in national matters, Walters has a preference for sending people gift cards as compensation for their unintended involvements in such cases or as thanks for their contributions.


Dr. Robotnik

Originally, Walters held Dr. Robotnik in high esteem due to his intellect, perfect operation record, and drone technology. However, like his comrades in The Pentagon, he knew that Robotnik was weird and ultimately psychologically messed up, which made him admit that brining him into investigating a threat to United States was a risky move. After it became apparent that Robotnik ultimately posed a threat to the world by seeking to dominate it and enslave humanity, Walters came to regard him as an enemy. This has led him to erase any trace of Robotnik's existence and put G.U.N. resources into ensuring his neutralization. While this may seem like Walters considers Robotnik a serious threat, he also has a tendency to underestimate him, especially his ability to survive situations that an ordinary person would not be able to emerge alive from.

Tom Wachowski and Maddie Wachowski

Originally, Walters was thankful to Tom and Maddie Wachowski for keeping quiet about the incident in San Francisco, although he would only award them with a meager gift card to the Olive Garden as a sign of his gratitude. After the Wachowskis turned down his offer to get Sonic affiliated with Uncle Sam however, Walters found it necessary to put an end to their aiding and abiding of him. Following the formation of G.U.N., Walters would remorselessly manipulate Tom, Maddie and their family in order to bring Sonic out into the open. Even so, he showed no intention of punishing them in any way unless they did not cooperate. He would also listen to Maddie after she had warned him of Dr. Robotnik's return, which he took seriously, though without openly admitting it. He later complied to their request to help in the fight against Robotnik after realizing that they were right about Sonic and Robotnik all along, becoming somewhat of an ally to them again.


As far Walters was concerned, Rachel was just a pawn for him to use in Operation: Catfish, which involving luring her into a fake wedding set up by G.U.N.. Apparently possessing no consideration for Rachel's feelings, Walters would causally tell her that her wedding day was a set up all along right to her face. Even after agent Randall broke her heart, Walters thought he could make it up to her by sending her a gift card. Walters' callous treatment of Rachel, however, quickly came back to haunt him when Rachel returned to have retribution on him and Randall. While Walters would mock her by calling her "bridezilla", completely disregarding the fact that he himself had driven her to such an extreme state, he surrendered to her in fear after she demonstrated Tails' laser pistol to him.


A trusted agent of G.U.N., Randall was apparently someone who Walters held in high regard, as he would personally suggest a toast between themselves after the completion of Operation: Catfish and later show disappointment in him when he chose Rachel over his federal duty.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Seeing Sonic the Hedgehog as an "uncontrollable extraterrestrial", Walters hoped initially to get Sonic on the side of the United States. However, when the Wachowskis turned down his offer, Walters came to see Sonic as a threat to the safety of Earth and thus found it necessary to ensure his capture, which prompted him to enact Operation: Catfish.








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