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"G.U.N. Commander" redirects here. For other commanders, see Commander (disambiguation).

This is for my family, and for Maria! I'll settle this once and for all with my own hands!

— The Commander, Shadow the Hedgehog

The Commander[1] (司令官[2] Shireikan?) is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a human military leader and currently the Guardian Units of Nations' highest-ranking commander,[1] as well as one of the most respected.

During his childhood when his family was aboard the Space Colony ARK, he befriended Maria Robotnik and witnessed the creation of Shadow the Hedgehog. After the ARK was invaded by G.U.N., the Commander blamed Shadow for his family's death. He carried a grudge against the hedgehog for fifty years, until he discovered the truth about him and Gerald Robotnik, the latter of which he had considered insane.


The Commander is a middle-aged human man with a lined face, peach skin and short gray hair. He has complete heterochromia, with his left eye being green and his right eye being brown. His attire consists of a gray service dress uniform with four gold stars on red backings upon the shoulder boards and jacket collar. There is a G.U.N. emblem on the upper left sleeve, and red and blue stripes on the lower sleeves and pants. The stripes, with gold detailing partially over a center red stripe, are present on the front left side of his jacket as well. He also wears black combat boots and white gloves.

In his childhood, he had lilac hair. For attire, he wore a red polo shirt with white trims, beige-brown shorts, white socks with a red trim, and red shoes with a white stripe down the center and white soles.



Commander Young

The young Commander witnessing Shadow's creation, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

The Commander grew up with his family on the Space Colony ARK, and was a good friend of Maria Robotnik. One day while playing with her, he saw Shadow the Hedgehog being created by Black Doom and Professor Gerald Robotnik, and was terrified at the sight of the hedgehog. His family and Maria were later killed in the G.U.N. military's attack. He harbored a deep personal hatred towards Shadow for this, blaming him for their deaths. The Commander was relocated to earth shortly after as the ARK was placed under military lock-down, and years later he became G.U.N.'s overall commander.

Shadow the Hedgehog[]


The Commander leading G.U.N. during the Black Arms' invasion, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

In Shadow the Hedgehog, when the Black Arms made a full-scale invasion of earth and dealing severe damage along the way, the Commander sent G.U.N. troops all around the world to repel the aliens and protect the civilians. Throughout the invasion, he would receive numerous reports on the military's progress, and also authorized his men to kill Shadow if possible, when he learned that the black hedgehog was involved in this too.[3]

Following a series of unspecified events, Shadow would collect the seven Chaos Emeralds and was about to hand them over to Black Doom, the infamous leader of the Black Arms, at the Black Comet. Meanwhile, the Commander would stay at GUN Fortress, where he would watch with the President of the United Federation a video feed being broadcast all around the world and the Black Comet by Team Chaotix, in which Gerald Robotnik revealed the truth about the black hedgehog's creation. When Shadow defeated Doom for good, the President stated how ironic it was that people treated Gerald like he was evil, and he ended up saving them all in the end. The Commander realized that he was wrong about Shadow's intentions and that he was truly a hero. The President declared they would pay homage to the professor by working for a brighter future, and the Commander agreed.

Following these events, the Commander revealed that he had become a grandfather one week earlier and invited Shadow over as part of his apology to the hedgehog.[4]

Other game appearances[]

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood[]

Chronicles Commander

The Commander, from Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

The Commander made an appearance in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood with a new design. He has a short role and only briefly appears in the first two chapters. After G.U.N. had spent much time tracking the Marauders and their exploits,[5] Rouge the Bat provided the means for Tails[6] to meet with the Commander in Central City under her escort, and Tails brought along Sonic and Amy. Though while the Commander was glad to see Sonic, he did not pay much attention to Amy, telling her to have a glass of milk and sit down while she was in the middle of speaking.[7]

Assuming they were already briefed, the Commander got straight to it. He informed them that they did not know why the Marauders wanted the Chaos Emeralds, and that now they had all seven they were likely to go after the Master Emerald next. With G.U.N. troops guarding Angel Island, Tails' mission was to take his friends to find the person with the greatest intel in the Marauders: Knuckles the Echidna. With the information he knew, they could very well stop the Marauders. The Commander then got them started on where to search by providing them with the locations of four of Dr. Eggman's old hideouts in Green Hill and Central City, found by Team Chaotix and G.U.N.'s own satellites. These bases were currently being occupied by the Marauders and were likely where Knuckles was being held, so the Commander ordered the trio and Rouge (as their G.U.N. contact) to investigate the four hideouts and find Knuckles. The Commander wished them good luck and ordered them to go.[8] From this point on he's not physically seen for the rest of the game, as a G.U.N. soldier will claim he's busy.


The Commander is described as having a "heart of stone", an unshakable resolve, complete confidence and an iron will.[1] This is something of a misnomer, as he is in fact passionate, though it has mainly been shown through his want for vengeance at those he cared for being killed. During the Black Arms incident, he was determined and willing to sacrifice anything to stop Shadow and the Black Arms, but mainly the former.

Powers and abilities[]

Justice will finally be served

The Commander cocking his Pistol, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

As the highest-ranking commander of G.U.N., the Commander is an exceptional military leader and tactician, his skills in the field being best demonstrated during the war against the Black Arms. He is also shown to be an expert mech pilot, having piloted the Diablon in a heated battle with Shadow during possible outcomes of the Black Arms' invasion.


The Commander is known to carry a Pistol. His exact proficiency with it is unknown.


Shadow and Commander

Shadow and Commander back to back, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Shadow the Hedgehog[]

The Commander initially considered Shadow the Hedgehog his enemy, as the Commander blamed Shadow for the deaths of his family and Maria fifty years ago during the G.U.N. raid on the Space Colony ARK. During the Black Arms' invasion on the earth, he ordered his troops to kill Shadow. However, after the events concluded, the Commander apologized and invited Shadow over.

Maria Robotnik[]

Maria and the Commandor

Maria embracing the young Commander, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

During his childhood, the Commander became good friends with Maria Robotnik aboard the ARK, forming a brother-sister relationship. The two of them would often play merrily around with each other, though Maria would be annoyed with the Commander's antics and chase him around, but they still cared for one another. The Commander suffered a deep loss when Maria was killed during the G.U.N. raid on the ARK.




In other media[]

Books and comics[]

Sonic Chronicles (manga)[]

Archie Comics[]

Commander (Archie)

Abraham Tower, from Sonic Universe #59.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, the Commander is named Abraham Tower. Originally, he was an Overlander who was born in Mega Central and lived with his scientist parents on the Space Colony ARK. There, he befriended Maria Robotnik, and witnessed the nightmarish creation of Shadow the Hedgehog. Shortly after Shadow's birth, Tower was whisked back to Mobius as the ARK went under military lockdown. Maria was one of the casualties cited, and the young Abraham blamed both G.U.N., for its seeming incompetence, and Shadow. He later joined the Overland Military and took part in the Heritage Project, designed to restore ties between the Overland and their ancestral kin in the United Federation. He later served as a general during the Great War. After the war he helped lead immigrating Overlanders, and his military experiences saw him quickly rise through the ranks of G.U.N., eventually to become supreme commander of the organization. As commander, Abraham made sweeping changes to G.U.N., diminishing its ruthlessness and self-importance and making it the military force he wanted it to be. Despite their past, Abraham later allowed Shadow to join G.U.N., where he acted as his superior and arranged the formation of Team Dark.

After the Super Genesis Wave re-wrote history, Tower and his history became virtually identical to that of his game counterpart. During the Shattered World Crisis, he also lead G.U.N. when the Black Arms returned to Sonic's World.



Main article: Commander Walters

In the Sonic the Hedgehog film series produced by Paramount Pictures and its spin-offs, Commander Walters is the highest authority of the United States Armed Forces in the Pentagon. He is later revealed to be the commander of the Guardian Units of Nations.


"Shadow? Deploy the troops, NOW! And if you find Shadow with the black aliens...then kill them all!"
—The Commander after being told Shadow is in Westopolis, Shadow the Hedgehog
"You can't fool me, Shadow! This time, you're MINE!"
—The Commander after finding out Shadow was in Westopolis, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Alert all field commanders in sector B; I'm authorizing full use of all tactical weapons. I want both Black Aliens and Shadow stopped and buried. Failure is not an option."
—The Commander ordering his captain to stop Shadow with the black aliens in the Death Ruins, Shadow the Hedgehog
"It's over, Shadow. You'll finally be exposed and eradicated for the evil that you are."
—The Commander determined to have the last laugh, Shadow the Hedgehog
"The Black Creatures will feel their own bloody hell!"
—The Commander before he and the President leave the White House, Shadow the Hedgehog
"So he's finally to show himself! Attention all command units, mobilize all mech battle sections. Prepare all weapons to strike incoming vessels. Mobilize Diablon! [...] I don't care! We have no other option! We must protect the president and the Chaos Emeralds at all costs!"
—The Commander ordering his soldiers to defend their objectives, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Shadow... damn you! It's been fifty years. Justice will finally be served."
—The Commander loading his Pistol to kill Shadow for intruding the GUN Fortress, Shadow the Hedgehog
"YOU! You're the one who destroyed the ARK and killed everyone on it! It's time to settle this once and for all!!"
—The Commander teaming up with Sonic to defeat Shadow once and for all, Shadow the Hedgehog
"It's been a long time, Shadow. (...) I know you... Shadow the Hedgehog! You killed everyone I loved: My family; Maria. I've been waiting all my life for this day!!!"
—Commander appearing in front of Shadow, confronting him, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Maria was like a sister to me, she was the only family I knew... and because of you she was killed! Witnessing it all, the plan to create that horrifying evil creature... that black creature and that insane professor who unleashed it all! (...) You don't fool me! It's not just about Maria! Thanks to you, everyone I knew and loved was killed when the ARK was destroyed! Worst of all, MY family! Finally... JUSTICE IS SERVED!!!"
—The Commander talking with Shadow in person for the first time, even when he tried to kill him, Shadow the Hedgehog
"Excellent idea, Mr. President."
—Commander agreeing to the President that humanity will pay homage to Gerald Robotnik, in the end of Shadow the Hedgehog.
"Shadow, do you read me? First... I want to apologize for the other day. Actually, I just became a grandfather last week, and I was thinking of maybe having you over. I know that training is tough, but try and do your best."
—Commander during the Expert Mode in Space Gadget, Shadow the Hedgehog


  • On the back of the physical covers for the European Nintendo GameCube release of Shadow the Hedgehog, the Commander is labeled as "The General". This is most likely an error, as this is the only instance of when the Commander is referred to as such.
    • It happens that four silver stars are the formal insignia for a General in the United States Armed Forces. The Commander has four stars on the shoulder boards of his uniform, though they are gold in color.
  • The Commander is one of the only Sonic characters with heterochromia, (the other being Infinite) resulting in him having one green eye and one brown eye.
    • However, this is not seen in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood as both of his eyes are entirely black.
  • Confusingly, the Commander called Maria the only family he knew, but he later claimed that his family was also killed on the ARK.
    • This, however, may be an error in translation as in the Japanese script, he said that she was like an older sister to him as he does not have any siblings.
  • In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, the Commander's design was reused for the GUN Official, who is encountered in Blue Ridge Zone.


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