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Quotation1 We now return to the Comedy Chimp Show with your host, Comedy Chimp! Quotation2
Announcer, "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?"
Comedy Chimp Show inside

The Comedy Chimp Show in the studios.

The Comedy Chimp Show is a program that appears in the Sonic Boom franchise. It is a television show on Bygone Island, featuring the television personality Comedy Chimp.


Comedy Chimp Show live v2

The Comedy Chimp Show live from Eggman's lair.

The Comedy Chimp Show is a late night talk show named after Comedy Chimp.[1][2][3] The show's contents focus on the present host talking with various guest stars while telling and performing various jokes and sketches. The jokes featured range from anything between ape-puns to insults of prominent figures like Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman.[1][4] While Knuckles the Echidna worked as the host, the show focused more on slapstick comedy, but went back to the old ways when Comedy Chimp returned.[5]


TV Guests

  • Eggman
  • Justin Beaver
  • A humanoid cat promting it's next movie. (possible the actor that plays Jungle Fighter)


TV Series

Comedy Chimp Show

Comedy Chimp on his show's performance stage.

During the events leading up to Sonic's trial against Dr. Eggman, Comedy Chimp would make jokes about Sonic on his show which would incriminate Sonic for the case.[2] In a special edition of the Comedy Chimp Show, live from Dr. Eggman's lair at noon, Comedy Chimp did an interview on his guest, Dr. Eggman, about his success with his tomato sauce. During the show, Eggman revealed his plans to conquer the Village with his robotic sauce cans and took control of the Comedy Chimp Show to present his own brand of entertainment until Team Sonic came and stopped his scheme.[3]

While the Comedy Chimp Show covered Knuckles' rise to fame, Comedy Chimp had to take a leave of absence and had Knuckles cover him. Though Knuckles struggled, his tomfoolery on the show was a hit. The network thus made Knuckles the new host and took the show in a new direction. During Eggman's attack on the show though, orchestrated by a jealous Comedy Chimp, Knuckles quit to rejoin Team Sonic. Comedy Chimp then retook his job and, as a part of an agreement, allowed Eggman Industries to sponsor the show for the time being.[5]

Archie Comics

Comedy Chimp Show Archie Comics

The Comedy Chimp Show in the Archie Comics.

When Dr. Eggman held his Eggtoberfest to buy the villagers' trust, the Comedy Chimp Show would make fun of the doctor's obvious attempt with Comedy Chimp at the helm, inadvertently provoking Eggman into attacking the villagers.[4] The show later hired Kyle the Gorilla for its new "Slapstick Gorilla" segments, where Kyle's natural clumsiness proved to be a hit with the audience.[7]


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