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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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You, my friend, are one witty simian!

Wolf Sidekick, "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?"

Comedy Chimp is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. He is an anthropomorphic chimpanzee and a prominent television personality on Seaside Island. A comedian of arguable talent and the figurehead of the Comedy Chimp media empire,[6] he currently hosts the Comedy Chimp Show on his island's television network.[7]

Concept and creation

Comedy Chimp was conceived when the writers of the Sonic Boom television series needed a character to be on TV during "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?"[8] His voice is based on a person that Bill Freiberger used to work for.[9]


Comedy Chimp in his youth, from "Late Night Wars".

Comedy Chimp is an anthropomorphic chimpanzee about as tall as Knuckles, with brown fur, teal eyes, and brownish-grey facial fur and chest fur. He also has a pair of wisps on his forehead and a hair tuff on the side. In his youth, Comedy was fairly thin and wore a light blue vest with a popped collar that had diamond-shaped lighter blue markings.

Over the years, Comedy Chimp's health and looks have deteriorated. In the present, he is much bigger and rather chubby, with a round face and torso, large arms and hands, and surprisingly small legs. For attire, he now wears a blazecoat with a similar color and pattern to his old vest, white knee-high socks, and black shoes.


TV series


Comedy Chimp started out as a celebrity during his youth.[10] Establishing himself as a famous comedian, he got to travel all over Seaside Island and rub elbows with the cultural elite.[11] However, the years would take their toll on Comedy Chimp both physically and mentally, slowly claiming his health and positivity.[10]

Comedy Chimp in one of his old movies, from "Hedgehog Day".

At some point, Comedy Chimp had a career as a movie actor. Some of the films he starred in was a successful movie which was famed for having a twist ending, and Comedy Chimp's All-Stars Reunite For One Last Cash Grab 2.[12][13] During his fame, he would also sell his image to a lunchbox company, but did not get a dime out of it due to his shoddy negotiation skills.[11] He also once married an unnamed woman, but did not have a happy marriage with her.[4]

Comedy Chimp eventually went on to star in his own talk show, named the Comedy Chimp Show. However, he lost his studio's insurance payment in a poker game.[14] Also, when his wife left him, the money from his show's budget was used to pay her lawyer.[4][15] Her departure had a profound impact on Comedy Chimp, and his holiday special the same year suffered heavily from it.[15]

Season one

When Sticks received an invitation to the Awardy Awards, Comedy Chimp showed up unannounced twice, hoping to be among those Sticks would take to the gala. However, Team Sonic rejected him both times. He still got to the gala though, where he and the attendees were saved from Dr. Eggman when he tried taking the Awardy Award by force.[16]

Comedy Chimp's take on Sonic and Eggman's trial, from "Don't Judge Me".

During Sonic and Dr. Eggman's time in the court, Comedy Chimp would visit Meh Burger before later performing an act on his show accommodating the Sonic's trial and then his own New Years Eve Rockin' Bananaganza with Wolf Sidekick.[17] For a special edition of his show, Comedy Chimp interviewed Dr. Eggman about his success with his tomato sauce, where Eggman revealed his plot to conquer the Village with his robotic sauce cans which swarmed the set. Comedy Chimp tried to flee but was cut off by the cans and was kept as Eggman's prisoner until Team Sonic stopped him.[3]

While the world was caught in a time loop created by Dr. Eggman, Comedy Chimp would visit Meh Burger repeatedly until the loop was broken, unaware of what had transpired.[12] Later on, while on his talk show, Comedy Chimp helped introduce the Are You Smart Enough to Feed Yourself? television show.[18] Comedy Chimp later attended Amy Rose's sensitivity seminar where he vented some insecurities, though his fellow participant Sonic eventually left them to retire. Comedy Chimp later joined the seminar on a camping trip and found Sonic back in business upon his return.[19]

Comedy Chimp on his New Year's Adequate Eve show, from "New Year's Retribution".

When New Year's Eve finally arrived, Comedy Chimp hosted his "New Year's Adequate Eve" show in the Village Center, where he interviewed party guests like Knuckles and Mayor Fink, alongside Soar the Eagle. During this, Dr. Eggman used his Slow Motion Machine to slow down time long enough for him to beat Sonic in something before New Year, though Comedy Chimp did not see Eggman's victory as it happened too fast for him to notice it.[20] Comedy Chimp later took up an acting job his agent had picked up from Sonic, where he had to play a girl for a demonstration. Begrudgingly, Comedy Chimp saw the job through.[21]

As host for Bro-Down Showdown, Comedy Chimp advertised for the auditions. While Comedy Chimp hosted the show though, which Sonic and Eggman had joined as partners, Obliterator Bot attacked. Comedy Chimp quickly warned a battle-ready Sonic that he would be disqualified if he fought his partner's robot. Sonic still did it though, so Comedy Chimp declared the remaining pair, Dave the Intern and Lady Walrus, the winners.[22]

Comedy Chimp forming a partnership with Eggman, from "Late Night Wars".

When Comedy Chimp was getting new headshots after a miserable fan signing, he was overshadowed by Knuckles' new trend, and soon accepted he was past his prime. He thus had Knuckles fill in for him while he got facial surgery, certain a hack like Knuckles could not replace him. When Comedy Chimp returned though, Knuckles had taken his job, so he elicited Eggman to get Knuckles off the show in exchange for letting Eggman Industries sponsor it. The plan proving a partial success, Comedy Chimp reclaimed his job, although karma caught up with him when Eggman's Kitty Funball blew up as he advertised it.[10]

Comedy Chimp would later participate in the Robot Battle Royale, but his own robot was defeated by Lady Goat's in the first round. He continued to watch the rest of the tournament and saw Eggman steal Tails' Hypnobot at the end.[23] Back on the Comedy Chimp Show, Comedy Chimp would interview Soar about his new book, Counter Productive.[24]

Season two

Comedy Chimp interviewing Tommy Thunder, from "Tommy Thunder: Method Actor".

With Tommy Thunder's "capture" of the nefarious Weasel Bandits, Comedy Chimp interviewed the action star on his feat on the Comedy Chimp Show. During it, he inadvertently set Tommy up to be targeted by Dr. Eggman.[25] Hearing later that an asteroid would impact the earth, Comedy Chimp showed up to buy a spot in Eggman's bunker to ride out the impending apocalypse in. Although Comedy Chimp got to be one of Eggman's final choices, Team Sonic would stop the asteroid.[26] When the Village's water then began vanishing, Comedy Chimp would make light of the crisis on his show with jokes.[27] He would later, much to his displeasure, come to Career Day to give a speech about his career to the Village's youth.[11]

While subtly hypnotized by Dreamcaster's television broadcasts, Comedy Chimp angrily faced Sticks when she disturbed him with her unlikely story about Dreamcaster on TV. Blaming Sticks for his studio's destruction, Comedy Chimp had her arrested. Becoming Dr. Eggman's zombie slave soon after, Comedy Chimp and the hypnotized villagers would attack Sticks when she came to the rescue, but were freed when Team Sonic foiled Eggman's plan.[14] Comedy Chimp would soon after have a meal at Meh Burger.[28] While broadcasting his next show, Comedy Chimp revealed to the studio audience that they were giving away one free prize (since Stuff Mart declined their request for free TVs). However, he was disappointed to see that the show could only afford a lamp as a prize.[4] Nonetheless, Comedy Chimp would continue his show as usual, although one of his broadcasts got interrupted temporarily by a power outage.[29]

Comedy Chimp as a science judge at the Science Fair Awards, from "Mombot".

Becoming a science judge at the Science Fair Awards, Comedy Chimp served as the event's main speaker. There, he announced Beth the Shrew as the winner and presented the participants with their awards.[30] Comedy Chimp was shortly thereafter inspired by Knuckles to help Team Sonic and the villagers fight the malware-infected robots currently overrunning the town. Ultimately, the Village prevailed when the robots withdrew.[15] When the Lightning Bowler Society then became celebrities, Comedy Chimp interviewed the group when they appeared on his show. He also interviewed the Weasel Bandits on his show when they became bowling celebrities too.[31] Back in the Village, Comedy Chimp got pulled into an anti-gravity field by Cubot, who was now crazy and able to control gravity, when he came through town. As Comedy Chimp was about to be saved by Team Sonic though, Cubot began taking him to space. While Comedy Chimp was brought down to earth again by Sonic and Tails before he died from asphyxia, he nearly got crushed by the increased gravity emanating from Cubot's gravity device. Thankfully, he was saved when Knuckles smashed the device.[32]

When Race Day arrived several months later, Comedy Chimp would watch said event's auto race competition at its site.[33] Returning to his TV show, Comedy made a fool out of Justin Beaver when the beaver guest-starred on his show. A few days later, he took part in the latest pie festival. Because Wolf did not show up at the festival, Comedy Chimp made a joke out of it at Wolf's expense on his show the following evening. The next day, he saw Wolf getting arrested for stealing a hammer, although Wolf was soon proven innocent.[34] After that, Comedy Chimp ended up starring in one of Meh Burger's commercials where he advertised the restaurant's new delivery service. He would also appear in the next couple of Meh Burger commercials to advertise the updates on Meh Burger's delivery policy.[35] Soon after, Comedy Chimp went out shopping. However, his trip got interrupted by a purple creature that was being chased by Orbot and Cubot. After that, he went to Amy's anger management class.[36]

Comedy Chimp eventually gave a performance on open mic night before handing the mic over to D-Fekt, whom Comedy Chimp insulted when the robot could not make a good joke. However, D-Fekt would exact revenge on Comedy Chimp by assailing him during the next open mic night. He subsequent fled when D-Fekt began attacking Team Sonic.[37]

Archie Comics

The Big Boom

While at a restaurant, Comedy Chimp had to take cover as Dr. Eggman attacked in the Big Boy. While hiding, he talked with Fastidious Beaver about how bothersome Eggman's attacks are.[38]

Boom Shaka-laka

Comedy Chimp in the Go-kart Pan-island Grand Prix, from Sonic Boom #6.

During a trip in the Village Center, Comedy Chimp was offered a bridge by Dr. Eggman. Though Comedy Chip liked the offer despite its uselessness, he declined since he did not trust Eggman. After much consideration though, Comedy Chimp decided to invest in Eggman's proposition, but when he heard that the bridge was no longer for sale, he decide to invest in a go-kart instead.[2] When the Go-kart Pan-island Grand Prix was being held shortly after, Comedy Chimp joined the competition for the sake of publicity. During the race, he noticed Tails falling down a cliff and considered helping him. However, some Bee Bots convinced Comedy Chip with talking holograms of his shoulder devil and shoulder angel to crash his go-kart to create a spectacle for the audience, eliminating him from the race.[5]

Worlds Unite and aftermath

Comedy Chimp with Break Man, from Sonic Universe #77.

After the Go-kart Pan-island Grand Prix, Comedy Chimp was heading home with Fastidious Beaver when Sticks strong-armed the duo into joining "Team Sticks" and help the Maverick Hunters, who were stranded in their dimension, find Sigma. They thus infiltrated Eggman's lair, where they had Orbot and Cubot open a Genesis Portal for them.[39] Joining the Maverick Hunters on their adventure, Comedy Chimp's crew arrived on the Unified World just as Sonic's World and Earth from the year 20XX finished merging due to Sigma's Unity Engines. In the chaos, Comedy Chimp and his team joined the Freedom Fighters and the Robot Masters of Light Labs from these worlds to stop Sigma's plans.[40] On their way to Sigma's base on the Lost Hex in the Sky Patrol, Comedy Chimp tried to joke around with the bitter Break Man. When the Unified Army faced Sigma's defense line consisting of the Deadly Six and their Mechaniloid army however, Comedy Chimp and Fastidious hid inside the Sky Patrol in terror until the battle passed despite Sticks' orders.[41][42][43]

Though the exhausted Unified Army won, they soon after faced an army of Mavericks deployed by "Sigma-2," an evolved form of Sigma. When Sticks brought reinforcements from the world of Street Fighter, Comedy Chimp and Fastidious stayed on the Sky Patrol to guard the Chaos Emeralds while their allies pursued the Mavericks to the worlds they invaded.[44] Sigma eventually attacked the Sky Patrol, but with aid from Metal Sonic, Comedy Chimp and the crew got away in an escape pod with the Emeralds before Sigma landed the final blow.[45][46]

Comedy Chimp traumatized by his adventure, from Mega Man #52.

Comedy Chimp soon regrouped with the Unified Army, now bolstered by members from different dimensions, where he helped Cream guard the Emeralds until an alternate Sonic and Mega Man needed them.[47] Though Super Sonic and Super Armor Mega Man defeated Sigma, their Genesis Portal-ravaged reality would have killed them, but Xander Payne altered history by stopping Sigma's plot from happening, thus sending Comedy Chimp's crew back home. Retaining their memories though, Comedy Chimp and Fastidious were left severely traumatized and could thus not verify Sticks' story.[48]

Comedy Chimp eventually recovered and went back to the Comedy Chimp Show. During one of the recordings, Comedy Chimp introduced Kyle the Gorilla when the simian joined the show's talent team.[49]


Comedy Chimp is noted to be very witty and fearless in his comedy, not afraid of making jokes at others' expense, even when those people include famous figures like Sonic or feared villains like Eggman.[7][17][27] The attitude he presents in front of everyone has made him acquire extraordinary authority among the locals in Hedgehog Village; he is even able to persuade the police authorities without any effort to be right without any evidence.

Comedy Chimp appears mostly confident, open and undeterred, and often cracks jokes. In truth however, he keeps some deep insecurities and a lot of unhappiness on the inside.[14][19] His dissatisfaction with life is often manifested as a moody attitude and often irritation at any failure or people who criticize him. His assistant, Wolf Sidekick, often falls victim to his frustration. He has even developed complexes, such as considering plastic surgery.[10] Comedy Chimp also seems to have little understanding of pop culture; modern mash-up of songs, for example, are "just noise" to him.[4]

It has been implied that Comedy Chimp was more bright-eyed in his youth. However, in spite of the success and great popularity he has managed to achieve, his life as a celebrity has since taken its toll on him, both physically and mentally.[10] He is very attached to his life as a celebrity and actor, pursuing a good image and publicity. Having no dignity at all, he will begrudgingly take on even the most humiliating jobs.[21] Comedy Chimp will also also go to very selfish lengths to preserve his career, even if it means crossing the moral horizon, such as when he allied himself with Dr. Eggman to get his job back.[10] In spite of his questionable actions though, he does have a good side. He showed genuine remorse for the destruction he caused from allying himself with Eggman (although he brushed it off once he realized it was to his benefit) and considered giving up his position in the Go-kart Pan-island Grand Prix to help Tails.[5][10]

Like most comedians, Comedy Chimp is notorious for spending his money on bad investments, though his better judgment of people serves as a somewhat of a buffer to it.[2] He is also not a good negotiator, which also resulted in him losing great business opportunities. It has also been hinted that he may have a gambling problem.[14]


Wolf Sidekick

Wolf Sidekick (whom he refers to as "Wolfie") is Comedy Chimp's sidekick and cohost on the Comedy Chimp Show. Although Wolf stands by Comedy Chimp and always praises his jokes (no matter how lame they may be), Comedy Chimp does not show Wolf much, if any, respect. He often tells Wolf to "can it" when he speaks out of line and he normally makes Wolf the receiving end of his more physical comedy routines.[10][19][34] In fact, to an outside observer, it would be easy to conclude that Wolf holds a grudge at Comedy Chimp.[34]


"And the number one reason you might be attacked by Sonic the Hedgehog: you have been telling jokes about him all week on your late night show."
—Comedy Chimp, "Don't Judge Me"
"Being a comedian is great. I get to travel all over the island, rub elbows with the cultural elite, and get my face on lunch boxes. Of course, I haven't seen a dime on those stupid things. Remember kids, don't negotiate your own deals."
—Comedy Chimp on Career Day, "The Biggest Fan"
"So, you want me to buy a bridge I've never seen and that serves no useful purpose... Sounds like a great investment!"
—Comedy Chimp, Sonic Boom #5
"So, Dr. Eggman's back in the news. Apparently, he's trying to buy the trust of the masses. Maybe he should consider buying some soap!"
—Comedy Chimp, Sonic Boom #5
"What's it take for a celebrity to get noticed on this track? We haven't even started, and I am already exhausted! Hey-o!"
—Comedy Chimp, Sonic Boom #6


  • Comedy Chimp's voice actor, Bill Freiberger, is also the writer and co-executive producer of the Sonic Boom televisions series, and has also written a few stories in the Sonic Boom comic series.

The comic with Comedy Chimp.

  • In "Closed Door Policy", a comic book starring Comedy Chimp as a banana-themed super hero combating badniks appeared. This implies that Comedy Chimp had a career as a model for a comic book as well.
  • Comedy Chimp was already mentioned in "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?" on the television Sonic, Tails and Dr. Eggman were watching in the middle of the night.
  • Due to Dr. Eggman's frequent attacks on the island, Comedy Chimp had to take out his "assurance insurance" policy.[38]
  • Comedy Chimp's news network is sponsored by Meh Burger.
  • The horrible new headshots Comedy Chimp took in "Late Night Wars" landed him several gigs as the "before" guy in various infomercials.[50]
  • Comedy Chimp was said to have a film career with at least one successful movie which was famed for having a twist ending. This is a reference to film director M. Night Shyamalan, famously known for directing The Sixth Sense, a film popularized by its twist-ending.
  • Comedy Chimp has his own swimsuit calendar, which apparently contains disturbing content.[51]
  • Comedy Chimp has his own video game called Comedy Chimp's Combat Golf.[52]


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