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Sonic Underground
Come Out Wherever You Are (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "Come Out Wherever You Are".

[The Sonic Underground theme song plays]
Aleena (narrating): The life of a Freedom Fighter is hard, and the sacrifices are many. In these dark days, only an elite few live normal lives, all because of one evil presence.
Robotnik: Have all the preparations been made?
Bartleby: Oh yes, Doctor Robotnik, I've taken care of everything! And may I say sir, speaking for all the nobility? I want to thank you for allowing us to use the Royal Palace for this year's Debutante Ball.
Robotnik: Of course, Bartleby. Oh, and the... invitations?
Bartleby: They've all been sent, sir.
Robotnik: Excellent. [Bartleby walks off] The trap... is set! [sniggers]
Announcer (fantasy): Presenting her Royal Highness, Princess Sonia!
Sonic: Hey, sis! Yo?
Sonia: Oh, sorry! What?
Sonic: Cyrus wants to see us pronto. [sees the invitation] What's that?
Sonia: Oh, nothing. Let's go!
Manic: Yo, need a scan here!
Sonic: Hey, sis!
Sonia: What?
Sonic: You wanna scan for uglies?
Sonia: Oh, sorry. [presses a button and performs a scan] No Swatbots are being detected. We're clear.
Manic: Hey, man! What's buggin' her?
Sonic: I'm guessin' it's got somethin' to do with that paper in her pocket.
Manic: Hmmm... [grabs the letter from Sonia's pocket] Whoa, sorry sis!
Sonic: What's a "dee-but-on-tee"?
Manic: Topped me. But it sure looks fancy!
Sonic: Yuck! Look who's in charge. Bartleby!
Sonia: Guys! Look at this!
Sonic and Manic: [gasps]
Cyrus: Take a look at Robotnik's new toy. He calls it the "Predator".
Sonic: Looks like it's gonna be one mondo huge ship!
Cyrus: Fortunately for us, some assembly is still required, and this is the key component. An organically grown brain! Twelve hours from now, it'll be mature.
Sonic: He's puttin' a brain in a plane? Why?
Cyrus: To hunt Freedom Fighters.
Sonic: Then maybe we should hunt the brain.
Cyrus: It's not that easy, Sonic. That brain is genetically interwoven with a diamond-titanium composite, so it's virtually indestructible. Once the brain is mounted, it'll transform the ship into a living creature with an impenetrable skin!
Sonia: So, how does this thing hunt?
Cyrus: Here's the simulation. It's equipped with a carbon seek unit which detects unroboticized people. There'll be no place to hide! It will travel the world, capturing and bringing back Freedom Fighters to Robotropolis!
Sonic: Where he'll roboticize them! We gotta stop-
Cyrus: That's where this comes in.
Sonic: Oh, goody. A metal bar(!)
Cyrus: It's a biomechanical electronic override. It's called a "sleeper".
Sonic: I knew that(!)
Sonia: What's it doin'?
Cyrus: Assimilating and altering the molecular structure. Plant this on the ship before they install the brain, [pulls a lever which rotates their ship] and we control the Predator! You've got twelve hours. Think you can do it?
Sonic: Are chili dogs a basic food group?
[a robot guard dog growls]
Robotnik: This is the night when the Resistance will be crushed forever!
Sleet: We've taken every precaution, sir.
Robotnik: If anything prevents the brain from assimilating with the Predator, I'll have you both roboticized!
Dingo: I don't wanna be roboticized!
Sleet: Why? It could be an improvement.
Dingo: Oh! Yeah.
Sonic: Okay. Let's do it!
Sonia: Wait a minute, Sonic. Let's recap. Now I set the explosives to make them think we're goin' after the brain.
Sonic: Then, when the bots go after you, I tunnel under here, then slap the thingamajiggy on the ship!
Manic: Then I can distract 'em, so you two can escape!
Sonic: So can we get to it?
Manic: Remember: when the light flashes, it's time to spin!
Sonic: Outta here!
Manic: Good luck, sis.
Bartleby (fantasy): May I have the pleasure of this dance, my dear?
Sonia (fantasy): Of course, Bartleby. [the two dance around in circles until Bartleby shoves her] Ow! [Bartleby clutches her hand] Bartleby, what are you doing? Stop!
Bartleby (fantasy): [in a robotic voice] Priority one: Hedgehog.
Sonia: No! [backs into a Swatbot] [gasps] [Swatbots lift her by the arms into the sky] Sonic!
Sonic: Come on, guys!
Sonia: Sonic, Manic!
Sonic: [gasps] Bummer majores!
Sonia: Sonic!
Sonia: Ahh!
Sonic: I'm comin', sis! [runs to Manic] I'm goin' in. When you see the first explosion, do your stuff.
Manic: Luck, man!
Sleet: Well, well, Sophie. Looks like you belong to us.
Sonia: Don't worry, Slick. I'll be out of here in a Sonic second.
Sleet: Brave words from someone who will soon be... [the ground shakes] r-ro-bo-bo-botici-i-i-zed! What is that?!
Sonic: I bet you're wondering why I called this meeting.
Sleet: Priority one: Hedgehog!
Sonic: Right here and at your service.
Sleet: Whoa... [topples into a pit] Whoaaa! Oof!
Sonic: Don'tcha hate when that happens? [a beam of light shines on him] Huh?!
Sonia: Nice shot.
Sonic: All right! Now you do the brain, I'll do the Predator!
Sleet: Find them!
Sonia: Got it. Where do I meet ya?
Sonic: Stay in there. I'll come back for ya.
Sonia: Huh?
Sonic: Whoa! Mongo huge! [a shot nearly hits him] Ah! [escapes a group of Swatbots] Time to juice!
Dingo: Dee-dedede-day-dedede-day-dedededede...
Sonia: That should do it. [wires entangle her] Ahh!
Dingo: Sonia?!
Sonia: Dingo? Oh, great(!)
Sonic: Yuck! [attaches the sleeper, which melts onto the Predator] Way cool!
Swatbot: Halt. Intruder.
Sonic: That's my exit cue!
Dingo: I like Sonia!
Sonia: Yuck! So long, carthead.
Dingo: Alalalala! Dalalalala! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, arrrgh...!
Sonia: Oh, I'm sorry, did you wanna stop too? [Dingo crashes] [gasps] Ooh, that had to hurt!
Sonic: Hey, sis!
Sonia: You ready to blow this popsicle stand?
Sonic: Considering the popsicle stand is about to blow, the answer is yes!
Sonia: Huh?
Dingo: Blow?! I've gotta get outta here! [makes for the exit] Lucky, lucky, lucky. [sighs] [the place explodes] Arrrrrrrghh!!
Sonic: Mission accomplished! Let's beat feet!
Manic: I'm outta here.
Sonia: Right behind you!
Robotnik: Report, Sleet.
Sleet: They tried to destroy the brain, Doctor Robotnik, but they failed. The composite protected it.
Robotnik: And the Predator?
Sleet: Not a scratch. We're installing the brain now. Ready to launch in ten minutes.
Robotnik: Excellent.
Sonic: I don't get it, Manic. She could've super-spinned out of there before any bot could lay a hand on her!
Manic: Well, let's ask her about it. But be cool! Don't get her... all crazed.
Sonic: Cool? Hey, that's my middle name.
Manic: Huh? [hears Sonia arriving] Gotta remember cool!
Sonic: No problemo!
Sonia: Morning, guys!
Sonic: Okay, what the heck happened to you last night?!
Sonia: What?
Sonic: How did those bots get their mitts on you?
Sonia: I don't know, I guess I just let my mind wander, and-
Sonic: Yeah! What's with that? Is this about that invite you got?
Sonia: What?! Oh, I... uh, you wouldn't understand! [cries]
Manic: Gee, I think that went well(!) Unfortunately, we still don't know what's goin' on!
Sonic: True, but I think I know how to find out.
Bartleby: Oh, how simply yummy. [a leaf blower goes off outside] Ow! What the blazes?! [goes to the window] Excuse me, my good man! Hey! [Sonic aims the blower into his house] Huh? Stop and desist!
Sonic: Whoa, Bartleby! Nice jammies!
Bartleby: How dare you! [recognizes Sonic] Sonic?
Sonic: The one and only! Don't worry, I'm not here to prune your pansies. I need your help.
Sonic: Sonia's flipped out, and it has somethin' to do with a stupid... dee-but-on-tee ball thing.
Bartleby: It's debutante, you barbarian.
Sonic: Debutante. Okay, whatever. What is it?
Bartleby: Why, it's every young girl's dream! The day she is officially introduced to society.
Sonic: Ah, okay. Well then you and me gotta figure out some way for her to go!
Bartleby: Sonic, I had no idea you possessed this level of sensitivity!
Sonic: I don't. But she's wigged out so bad, I'm afraid she's gonna get caught.
Bartleby: Oh?
Sonic: All right, all right, all right. I want her to be happy. Don't you? Know any ideas?
Bartleby: As a matter of fact, [holds a mask to his face] I do!
Robotnik: Why, that's a wonderful idea, Bartleby!
Bartleby: Then a masked ball it shall be, Doctor Robotnik.
Robotnik: So, Bartleby thinks he can hide Princess Sonia behind a mask. How amusing! [laughs]
Cyrus: We cracked the code and we're testing for pilots. You guys wanna try?
Manic: Oh, we're on our way!
Sonic: On our way where?
Sonia: Huh?
Manic: What the-?
Sonic: This is what all the best people are wearin' to the Debutante Ball.
Sonia: Sonic, what did you do?
Sonic: Oh, nothin' much. Me and my pal Bartleby just fixed it so a certain sister of mine can go.
Sonia: You did that for me?
Sonic: Well, Manic helped. He stole the invite.
Sonia: Oh, you guys!
Sonic: Hey, what do ya- [Sonia hugs him] Oh, come on, sis, don't wrinkle the fur!
Sonia: Imagine: me, going to the Debutante Ball!
["Society Girl" plays]
Manic: Er, I hate to break this up, but don't we have to be somewhere?
Cyrus: To hijack the Predator and return the passengers safely, it'll take alertness, agility, and instinct.
Sonic: No problemo!
Cyrus: Don't forget you've got passengers on board, so you've gotta maintain a safe angle and good flight attitude.
Sonic: I've got a way cool attitude! Watch this. [whirls his seat around] Whoooo oooooh!
Cyrus: Easy, Sonic!
Sonic: Hey, it was just startin' to get good.
Sonia: Not for all the passengers who are plastered to the ceiling, Sonic.
Sonic: Hey, that's what seatbelts are for!
Cyrus: All right, let's start your run.
Sonic: Ready when you are!
Cyrus: And... go!
Sonic: Bogus! Enough of this maneuvering stuff. Time to kick it! [the cannons fire three shots] There's too many of them!
Cyrus: Aborting mission. Passenger injuries: one hundred percent! How about you give it a go, Manic?
Sonic: Do it to it, bro!
Cyrus: One hundred percent casualty rate.
Sonic: [chuckles] Welcome to the club!
Manic: Ah, that cuts it. I'm ground-bound.
Sonia: Check right, hold steady, then descend!
Cyrus: Ready, Sonia?
Sonia: Go! [guides the plane around the canyon] Check right, then descend, hold steady, it's all right! Descend from mountain approach!
Cyrus: Perfect! I've never seen better! You're our pilot, Sonia!
Manic: Way to go, sis!
Cyrus: Intelligence reports the Predator will return tomorrow night.
Sonia: But... the Debutante Ball's tomorrow night!
Manic: Sorry, sis.
Sonic: Hey, why don't we do both?
Manic, Sonia and Cyrus: Huh?!
Sonic: Can you say "secret passageway"?
Doorman: Lord Ambrey and Lady Agitha. Lord Harrigan and Lady Dagney.
Manic: Yo, is she comin'? Can you see her?
Sonic: No, she's not. Wait! There she is. Third in line now.
Manic: Wow, she looks great!
Robotnik: Well, who do we have here?
Bartleby: Oh, this is my cousin from out of town, er... Sarah!
Robotnik: Charmed.
Cyrus: Predator's inbound. It's within range! Two minutes before it reaches the roboticizer facility!
Sonic: Oh man, we're cuttin' it close.
Manic: She's next!
Doorman: Announcing Sir Bartleby of Dresdin and his cousin...
Sonia: Just a moment, please.
Robotnik: Hmmm...
Doorman: Announcing Her Royal Highness... Princess Sonia!
[surprised commotion among the guests]
Sonia: Hello, Buttnik!
Robotnik: Seize her!
Sonia and Bartleby: [gasps]
Sonia: Mother?
Robotnik: [gasps] Queen Aleena! Get her! And grab this one!
Sonic: Gotta hand it to ya, sis. You got guts. [grabs Sonia's hand] Time to juice!
Robotnik: Swatbots! Find the queen!
Cyrus: Fifteen seconds!
Sonic: Activating override.
[the guests panic]
Sleet: There she is!
Manic: Oh, thank you so much for the lovely party favor.
Swatbot: Hostile takeover of Predator. Control disabled. Orders.
Robotnik: What?! Shoot it down!
Cyrus: You're almost there! Safe hangar at Zero-Two-Zero, bearing Niner-Four!
Sonia: Okay, turnin' around!
Dingo: Sonia!
Sonic: Hey, big boys. Care to take a little spin around the floor?
Dingo: Spin?! AGAIN?! No thank you! [Sonic begins to spin] Ahhh! [gets whirled around and thrown into the air] Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, argh! Whooaaa!
Sleet: Huh? [sees Dingo] Oh no!
Dingo: Waaaarrgghhh!
Sleet and Dingo: Oof!
Sonic: Oh, what are the chances we'd all wear the same dress to the same party?
[everyone laughs]
Manic: [laughs] Yeah, dude...
Sonic, Manic and Sonia: [gasps]
Sonia: Oh, it's lovely! [picks up and reads a letter] I wore this at my debutante ball. I'm so proud of you. Love, Mother. Oh, thank you guys!
[The credits roll]