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A Combot

Combots were Assault Bots created and used by Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Far superior and more effective than the SWATbot model and even Dr. Eggman's Shadowbot model, the Combots proved successful in capturing the Knothole Freedom Fighters in one case. Combots were also the main force used by Crocbot after he rebuilt himself following his first defeat at the hands of Tails and the Downunda Freedom Fighters. A group of Combots was also used once by Dr. Eggman with resounding success, going so far as to defeat Sonic the Hedgehog. Following the Xorda attack on Mobius, the remaining Combots were upgraded and integrated into the regular SWATbot army of the Eggman Empire. They were made of titanium alloy, colored Army Green camouflage and had red eyes.


Creation and Early Uses

The Combot army was originally designed to be an invincible army that would be launched against the Freedom Fighters, overwhelming them by their sheer number. The day before the planned launch, Dulcy the Dragon overheard Robotniks's plan, and informed the Freedom Fighters. Sonic, Uncle Chuck, and Muttski planned on sneaking in and blowing up the place, but the plot appeared to have been derailed when Robotnik realigned Chuck and Muttski's minds, putting them back under Robotnik's control, making capturing Sonic easier. Eventually cornering the Freedom Fighters, Robotnik discovered to his horror that the Combots all started marching the wrong way. It seemed that Chuck and Muttski had Neuro-Overriders that negated the realignment. This allowed Chuck to not only free Sonic, but reprogram the Combots to march off a cliff and into the ocean. Humiliated, Robotnik retreated. (StH: #34)

Some time later, a second wave was built to guard the now crippled city of Robotropolis, its defenses damaged by a recent earthquake. These Combots had an unusual fuel that can cause a catastrophic explosion when the Combot is struck by lightning. When Sonic was caught in one such explosion, the chemical reaction caused Sonic to lose his speed, allowing Robotnik's Combots to capture the Freedom Fighters, minus Sonic, who had to dive into a lake to avoid another explosion, causing the Combots to think he had perished. The eventual Substitute Freedom Fighters rescued Sonic, and helped him break into Robotnik's base, distracting the Combots long enough to get the Power Rings needed to regain his speed and finish the Combots off. (StH: #38)

Crocbot's Army

After Crocbot's attempted escape in his Mega Mecha Tank in Downunda, a bomberang from Walt Wallabee knocked the tank off course, causing it to crash into the Great Crater (the former site of Echidnaopolis) and explode. Crocbot then planned his revenge after repairing himself with parts from Dr. Robotnik's supply blimp, and used the rest of the wreckage of the ship to make a small army of Combots to follow his orders. Crocbot then used the Combots to capture the Downunda Freedom Fighters and seal them in his new prison camp. (StH: #49 TMS: #3)

Crocbot later secretly planted a thermonuclear time bomb inside the Commander of the Combots who would bring mineral ore back to Robotropolis, hoping to wipe out Robotnik with the bomb. But the device was discovered by Bunnie Rabbot and Antoine D'Coolette however, and stolen for other purposes. Crocbot succeeded in shipping the ore to Robotnik via airbus, but just as the shipment departed, Crocbot and his Combot army then came under attack by the recently rescued Downunda Freedom Fighters. Crocbot was the only survivor of the assault. (StH: #50, SSS: #4)

Later Battles

One of the Combots from the Robotropolis battle survived, and ambushed Sonic, Sally Acorn, and Antoine D'Coolette. The battle left all three of them woozy, and they only accurately remembered their own roles in the fight. Sonic managed to shred the Combot's legs, and literally added salt into the wound by letting his speed throw sand all over the exposed circuits. Antoine then attempted to cut the Combot apart with his sword, but it's weapons were still functional. Desperate, Sally used her phaser to send a big rock crashing down on the Combot causing an explosion that left all three Freedom Fighters dazed and wounded, but alive. (SSS: #5)

Use by Dr. Eggman

A group of Combots were later used by Dr. Eggman to steal the Sword of Acorns from Sonic the Hedgehog. Using their cloaking abilities, the Combots managed to beat up Sonic and steal the sword from him. Sonic later tracked down the Combot which stole the sword, but wasn't able to get it back before Eggman activated the dome shield around Robotropolis. (StH: #90)

Integrated into SWATbot Army

Some time around 3237, Dr. Eggman switched from using Shadowbots to updated SWATbots. Some of the designs for the new models were based off the Combots. Some of these robots were seen holding Geoffrey and Hershey St. John prisoner and later during the massive assault on Robotropolis' dome shield. They were all destroyed, however, because of the garrison at Fort Acorn comprised of the Mes Braves Battalion and reinforcements from the Chaotix, Amy Rose and G.U.N.. (StH: #130, #131, #132, #133)


The Combots' standard abilities included being able to wield electricity whips from their hands along with a stunning spray, and also invisibility and camouflage functions. They have extending grappling wires, laser eyes, net launchers and concussion gas dischargers. They have army Green camouflage color and red eyes.

They are far more intelligent than regular SWATbot models. They despise the inferior SWATbots.

In the Spin City short comic, it was shown that at least some Combots were equipped with a bomb in their head which detonated shortly after the Combot was decapitated, possibly as a last-ditch means to try to take out the robot's assailant.


  • The march of the original wave of Combots off a cliff and into the ocean was recalled despairingly by Robotnik as what had happened before to a fleet of tanks he had sent to destroy Knothole on a previous occasion. (StH: #28)
  • Not all of the Combots assembled by Crocbot appeared to be complete or follow a consistent design, although this is probably because they were assembled from what parts could be gathered from the wreckage of the supply blimp Robotnik sent to Downunda. (StH: #49, #50, SSS: #6)