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An achievement for combo attacks, from the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed.

Combos, also known as Hits, are a game mechanic that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a term used for a set of sequential actions performed for the benefit of the player.


Combos can be defined as a designated a set of actions (the nature of the actions depends on the game) performed in sequence that yield a significant benefit or advantage to the player. This usually include providing the player with extra points the larger their combo becomes, alongside other rewards exclusive to each game. However, combos have strict timing limitations, meaning they will reset if the player takes too long to execute a combo-building action. Similarly, taking damage will reset a combo as well.

Game appearances

Sonic Rush Adventure

A Combo being chained during Sea Stages, from Sonic Rush Adventure.

In Sonic Rush Adventure, combos can only be performed during Sea Stages. In this game, they are activated and maintained through collecting Rings and destroying obstacles or enemies. If the player misses with an attack while riding vessels like the Ocean Tornado, however, the combo will reset. When building a combo, a counter for the current number of actions accumulated named the "Combo Count"[1] appears below the HP Gauge.

When the player's Combo Count hits 50, 100 and so on, the player's point multiplier will increase by one (x2, x3, and so on up to x9) to earn a higher score.[1]

Sonic Unleashed

In Sonic Unleashed, combos can only be performed by Sonic the Werehog during the nighttime Action Stages/Stages. In this game, they are activated and maintained through attacking enemies with Skills. When building a combo, a counter for the current number of hits accumulated named the "Combo Counter"[2] appears on the right side of the screen.

Sonic using a Combo, from the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed.

In the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 of the game, combos are more free-flowing and without limitations. When completing a nighttime Act, the player is awarded a point bonus based on their combos. Additionally, the player will receive Dark Gaia Force and increasing bonus points upon reaching certain combos in gameplay:

Combo bonuses
Combo nr. Points Dark Gaia Force
11 100 5
26 300 5
51 500 5
76 750 5
101 1000 5
126 1500 5
151 1750 5
176 2000 5
201 2500 5
226 3000 5
251 3500 5
301 4000 5
351 4500 5
401 5000 5
451 7500 5
501 10000 5
551 11000 5
601 12500 5
651 15000 5
701 17500 5
751 20000 5
801 25000 5
851 30000 5
901 40000 5
951 50000 5
1001 100000 5
1251 150000 5
1501 200000 5
2001 250000 5
2501 300000 5
3001 350000 5
3501 400000 5
4001 450000 5
4501 500000 5
5001 300000 5
6001 350000 5
7001 400000 5
8001 450000 5
9001 500000 5
9999 1000000 5

Sonic using a Combo, from the Wii/PlayStation 2 version of Sonic Unleashed.

In the Wii/PlayStation 2 version of the game, combos have a few limitations. On this version, combos are normally performed by alternating the right-handed and left-handed attacks. The player may start with either hand for a combo. However, the player may execute the same action repeatedly to have the same effect. Early in the game, the player can only perform up to three-hit combos (although the Combo Count will accumulate more). But as the game progresses, the player can unlock the Combo Level Up and will be able to increase the number of combos up to five. Sonic will also learn new skills that will allow him to perform finishing blows with the two-handed attacks anytime from the third hit in a combo:

Sonic Unleashed Wii Ps2 Combo Chart.png

Sonic and the Black Knight

Sonic with a 87-hit combo, from Sonic and the Black Knight.

In Sonic and the Black Knight, combos, referred to as "hits," are activated and maintained through defeating enemies. When building a combo, a counter for the current number of hits accumulated appears on top of the screen. As the player's 'hit count' increases, the counter will turn from yellow to red and emit sparkles.

Alongside giving the player extra points the higher the hit count goes, there are Skills that work in conjunction with hits. These include "Surge Rescue" and "Ring Rescue" (along with their upgraded forms) which respectively increase the Ring count and Soul Gauge based upon 'hit count.'

Sonic Generations

Combos, from the console/PC version of Sonic Generations.

In the console/PC version of Sonic Generations, Combos are incorporated into the Freestyle Tricks mechanic that the player can initiate when utilizing Trick Jump Panels. For each trick the player performs, the player will build up a combo link and gain a little energy for the Boost Gauge. Pressing Xbox-Button-LB.png & Xbox-Button-RB.png/Playstation-Button-L1.png & R1ps3.png at the end of a combo performs a finishing trick (called a Finish Combo), which creates a large amount of Boost Gauge energy. The larger the Combo, the more Boost Gauge energy the player gets from a Finish Combo.

Sonic Runners

Sonic with a combo underway, from Sonic Runners.

In Sonic Runners, players can activate and maintain a combo through collecting Crystals, Animals and Rings. As the player's combo rises, they will be granted a bonus score in accordance to the current combo they have managed to accumulate. Counters for both of these numbers appear above the playable character:

Combo bonuses
Combo nr. Points
1-99 1
100-149 5
150-199 10
200-249 15
250-299 20
300-399 25
400-999 30
1000+ 50

The game features a number of gimmicks tied to the combo mechanic. The Combo Bonus power-up prevents combos from resetting while it is active. In addition, it doubles the bonus points combos grant; when receiving a ten point bonus, it turns into twenty points. There are also a number of buddies that affect the combo in some shape or form:

Icon Buddy Type Effect
Cymbal Monkey SR.png
RC Monkey Speed Combo bonuses last longer.
Sonic Runners Purple Papurisu.png
Purple Papurisu Fly Every X combo destroys all iron balls.
MAG Power Every X combo destroys all spikes.
SR Cameron.png
RC Turtle Speed Every X combo turns Rings into Super Rings.
RC UFO Fly Every X combo saves all on-screen Animals.
RC Stealth Jet SR.png
RC Bomber Power Every X combo destroys all enemies on ordinary stages.
Easter Pocky SR.png
Easter Bunny Power Adds 25 to every X combo.
Sonic Runners Blowfish Transporter.png
Blowfish Transporter Fly Every X combo provides an equippable item.
Sonic Runners Genesis.png
Genesis Fly A chain of combos lasts longer before resetting.
Sonic Runners Cartridge.png
Cartridge Speed Start each stage with a combo.
Sonic Runners Green Crystal Monster (S).png
Green Crystal Monster (S) Speed Every X combo turns all small crystals green.
Sonic Runners Green Crystal Monster L).png
Green Crystal Monster (L) Fly Every X combo turns all large crystals green.
Blimp SR.png
RC Airship Power Boosts combos at Star Posts.
Sonic Runners Orca.png
Orca Speed Every X combo destroys platforms and increases ring appearances.
Boo Power Boosts score for destroying super enemies, and every X combo turns enemies into super enemies.
Sonic Runners Yeti.png
Yeti Speed Every X combo triggers the Cyan Laser effect.
Sonic Runners Arctic Chao.png
Snow Chao Fly Every X combo triggers the Indigo Asteroid effect.
Sonic Runners Ideya.png
Ideya Fly Every X combo switches an equipped item for another item.
N/A Christmas Nightopian Power Every X combo triggers the Yellow Drill effect.
Sonic Runners Orbot.png
Orbot Speed Every X combo causes you to lose Rings but triggers an item effect.
Sonic Runners Cubot.png
Cubot Power Every X combo occasionally triggers an item effect.
SR Shahra.png
Shahra Fly Every X combo activates a non-color power item at random.
SR Merlina.png
Merlina Fly Every X combo activates a Color Power effect.
SR ErazorDjinn.png
Erazor Djinn Speed Every X combo produces a shield.
Sonic Runners Carbuncle.png
Carbuncle Speed Every X combo grabs certain on-screen objects.
Red Fright SR.png
Red Crystal Monster (S) Speed X combos turn all small crystals red.
Dark Bat Sniper SR.png
Red Crystal Monster (L) Fly Every X combo turns all large crystals red.
Golden Bird SR.png
Golden Goose Power X combos turn all enemies into golden enemies.
Sonic Runners Chao Walker.png
Chao Walker Speed Every 200 combo allows Buddies to absorb Rings for X seconds.
Sonic Runners Dark Queen.png
Dark Queen Power Every X combo provides an item.
Sonic Runners O-Papa.png
O-Papa Power Every X combo destroys everything except terrain and produces a magnet effect.
Sonic Runners Opa-Opa.png
Opa-Opa Speed Every X combo banks a certain number of Rings.
Sonic Runners Dark Chao Walker.png
Dark Chao Walker Fly Every 200 combo makes your Buddy absorb nearby Crystals for X seconds.

In other media

Sonic Boom

Main article: Combo (Sonic Boom)

In the Sonic Boom games, combos appear as game mechanics in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric under the name "hits," and in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom under the name "combos."


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