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Sonic Rivals
Colosseum Highway Zone

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Amid majestic columns and pillars this perilous track is littered with pitfalls, traps and steep hills. Twisting corkscrews and boost hoops make for a non-stop white-knuckle experience.

Sonic Rivals Instruction Manual

Colosseum Highway Zone is the second Zone in Sonic Rivals. It is a ruin in the desert that has numerous loops throughout it, and is located on Onyx Island, a future version of Angel Island brought to the present by Eggman Nega.


Colosseum Highway is an area that is heavily inspired by Ancient Roman architecture in sunset, and features large centurion statues, Doric columns, aqueducts, antiquarian villas, and active fountains. Some plant life is also present, such as manicured trees and ivy creepers.

While many parts of this area appear to have been affected by time, such as a few headless statues and some crumbled structures, most of the course remains intact. In addition, at the end of the course is a catapult that will send the player hurtling to the goal, which is reminiscent of the Sand Ruins stage from Sonic Riders, and there are numerous loops throughout the stage.


Sonic and Silver

After overcoming the Egg Turtle, Silver still tries to question Dr. Eggman about Eggman Nega (not knowing it is Eggman Nega disguised as Dr. Eggman), but "Dr. Eggman" says that he will only tell if he can beat Sonic, who had just arrived at the scene to take back Tails and Amy, who "Dr. Eggman" had turned into cards. Silver, while introducing himself, does not intend to let Sonic get in his way to "Dr. Eggman", but Sonic gladly accepts the challenge and the two race after the Doctor.

Shadow and Knuckles

After Shadow defeats the Egg Turtle, Shadow thinks about why Dr. Eggman claimed he did not call for his help, despite attending to it 6 hours earlier, and decides to leave, thinking it is a waste of his time. Suddenly, he receives a brief call from Rouge, who tells him to keep following "Dr. Eggman". As he is about to head out however, he meets Knuckles, who also seeks Dr. Eggman, suspecting he had stolen the Master Emerald and just had a battle with him, but lost him when he escaped. Shadow then mocks him for letting Dr. Eggman escape. Enraged, Knuckles challenges Shadow to a race to see who can catch Dr. Eggman first.


  • Concept images show that this stage was originally going to take place on a sunny day, rather than at sunset.
  • Colosseum Highway could possibly be the Future version of Marble Garden Zone.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
Colosseum Highway Act 1 Chris Rezanson 0:52
Colosseum Highway Act 2 Chris Rezanson 0:52