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The Colosseum is an unlockable arena in Sonic Battle. It is unavailable in Story Mode, except when taking part in Virtual Training, but the player can listen to its background music if the player goes up against a Phi.


This arena has a digital look; The floor is black with a pulsating green grid pattern and contains red wire-frame platforms. The arena is a fairly complex one, allowing for more advanced strategies then in other arenas.


  • The music for the Colosseum arena, which is also the theme of the Phis and Emerl's theme, was remixed as the music for the extra Zone, Nonaggression, from Sonic Advance 3. Coincidentally, in that extra Zone, the player fights Gemerl, which is another robot copy of Emerl created by Eggman.




Name Artist(s) Length Music track
N/A Either Tatsuyuki Maeda and/or Kenichi Tokoi and/or Hideaki Kobayashi 4:07

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