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Colonel Percy Granite is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He was an officer in the British military who was the commander of Operation Starwatch, which was set up to monitor for UFOs and catch aliens. He suffers from megalomaniacal tendencies, xenophobia and extreme paranoia.



Colonel Granite from Sonic the Comic #115. Black and white art by Bob Corona and colour by John M Burns.

When Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary crash-landed on Earth during an attempt to find their way back to Mobius, their landing was detected by Operation Starwatch. When informed Colonel Granite ordered his men to mobilise and led them to capture Amy and Tekno, who were in the process of rebuilding a teleportation device to get them home.[1] Back in the Operation Starwatch base, Granite accused Amy and Tekno of trying to contact an "invasion force of googly-eyed, six-tentacled aliens", exposing his own paranoia and leading Amy to question his sanity. He then went to interrogate Professor Cratermass, a human that the girls had befriended after landing, believing that Cratermass was part of a plot to take over the world and dismissing the Professor's claims that he was trying to help them get home.

When Amy, Tekno and Cratermass subsequently escaped, Granite led the forces of Operation Starwatch to the Professor's house. However, by the time Granite arrived, Amy and Tekno had already been teleported back to Mobius. Granite wished to follow them through the gateway and recapture them, only to find out that Cratermass had deleted the program, and it was impossible to restore without Tekno's input. Granite was furious.[2]

Some time later, Granite began to divert military funding to secretly develop a time machine. He travelled back from the year 1998 to the American Wild West in Kansas in 1870, intending to conquer 19th century America with his 20th century technology. He then planned to use America as a base to conquer Victorian England, Europe and the rest of the world, and make himself master of the world. He was thwarted again by Amy and Tekno, who were transported to 1870 by the Eternity Ring. Amy and Tekno forced Granite and his soldiers back to 1998, but were captured. Threatening to torture Amy, Granite ordered Tekno to input the co-ordinates of Mobius into his transport system so that he could invade Mobius and wipe out all of its alien inhabitants. Tekno input the co-ordinates, but also set the machine to self-destruct. Amy broke free, and the two girls escaped through the gateway moments before it blew up, preventing Granite from following. However, the system had saved a copy of Mobius' co-ordinates, and Granite still intended to rebuild the project and invade Mobius.[3]

On New Year's Eve 1998, Granite went AWOL with an army regiment and invaded the Emerald Hill Zone through an Inter-Dimensional Gateway that his forces had created under Trafalgar Square in London. Although Sonic blocked the Gateway, stranding himself temporarily on Earth, Granite's forces trounced the Freedom Fighters with superior firepower.[4] Granite planned to sell off the conquered Zones to human industrial developers, and he renamed Mobius "Planet Percy" after himself. He was finally defeated by a freak storm that took out his regiment and blew them back through the Inter-Dimensional Gateway to Granite's backup base in Scotland. Seemingly, nature itself had fought back against Granite and his plans to destroy the ecosystem. He was last seen being arrested by orders of the Prime Minister, who had learned of Granite's plans from Sonic.[5]


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