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Colin Kintobor is brother of the infamous Julian Kintobor (who renamed himself Dr. Ivo Robotnik), the father of Colin "Snively" Kintobor Jr. and one of the high ranking generals of the Overlander army during the time of the Great War. After the war's end, Colin lead his people on a journey through outer space in search of a new planet to call their own. When they were unsuccessful, Colin and the other Overlanders returned to Mobius. By this point in time, Dr. Eggman (a version of Dr. Ivo Robotnik from another universe) had replaced Colin's late brother, though only the Mobians were aware of this. Colin, unaware of Eggman's schemes, took his people to Robotropolis to live in the "safety" of his "brother's" city. When Colin discovered his "brother" was planning to roboticize all of the Overlanders after they were poisoned by the city's radiation, Colin attempted to punch Eggman, only to be roboticized by coming into contact with him. Colin, now a frozen roboticized statue, was destroyed when Robotropolis was nuked by Station Square. In StH #93, Colin Kintobor stated that Hope was his stepdaughter. However, in StH #177, Hope claims that Snively is her half-brother. It remains unknown if this was a writer's error or a retcon.


Early life

Colin was born into the prestigious House of Ivo and would often tease his younger brother Julian as a child.

In 3206, Colin married and had a child whom he named Colin Kintobor Jr. However, Snively's mother died whilst giving birth to him, leaving the young boy to be raised alone by Colin, who had absolutely no parenting skills. As his son got older, Colin nicknamed him "Snively" as a sort of badge of honor for all of Colin Jr.'s treachery and antics. When Snively was a teenager, his antics "crossed the line" to a point Colin was not willing to tolerate, and thus he kicked him out of the house. At this point, Snively went to work for his uncle Julian, who was the current Warlord in the Kingdom of Acorn.

At some point, Colin re-married following the death of his wife, becoming the father of Hope Kintobor and the son-in-law of Lady Agnes.

The Great War Years

Around the year 3220, Colin Kintobor was the Minister of Justice in the Overlander city of Megapolis. After the outbreak of the Great War, the Ministry of Conflict issued all of the scientific minds in the city to produce weapons of mass destruction to bring a swift end to the war. When Colin's brother Julian developed the Ultimate Annihilator and planned on using live Overlanders as test subjects for the weapon, Colin sentenced his brother to ten years in prison.

Nearly a year later, Colin was fighting on the front lines, having been made one of the Overlander military generals. Colin led one of the mortar shelling raids on Mobotropolis, which lasted for several hours—issuing his troops to continue firing until there were absolutely no survivors (his brother included). However, when a group of Mobian ground troops managed to find an underground route and emerge behind them, the shelling ceased as the Overlander troops were forced to turn their attention to the closest threat. As the Mobian troops emerged, Colin fired a shot from a pistol that wounded Amadeus Prower's eye, blinding it permanently. When the close combat began going poorly for the Overlanders, Colin fled into the underground catacombs which the Mobians had originally emerged from, after Cocoa told him to cease where he was. Colin vanished into the underground conduits, never being found by the Mobian troops after the battle.

After the War and Return to Mobius

Due to the technological and intellectual help provided to the Mobians by Colin's brother Julian, the Kingdom of Acorn had the brains and brawn to go on the offensive. Eventually, the Mobians were able to cause a stalemate with the Overlanders, and following a sword duel between the leaders of both sides, the Great War ended with the Mobians triumphant. Overwhelmed with shame for their loss to the supposedly inferior Mobians, Colin and approximately seventy other Overlander families blasted off into space in search of a new planet to call their home. After eleven years of searching and not finding a hospitable planet to live on, the ships turn around and return to Mobius, Colin's second wife did not survive their star trek however, making him a single parent once more.

When Sonic the Hedgehog arrived and saved Colin and the Overlanders from one of Dr. Eggman's Shadowbots after they arrived back on Mobius, Colin did not believe Sonic was there to help them. Instead, Colin immediately believed Sonic was not to be trusted when Dr. Eggman (Colin's brother from an alternate universe) told him through a holographic transmission by the damaged Shadowbot the Sonic was a dangerous Mobian. Monkey Khan arrived on the scene shortly afterwards to exact revenge upon Eggman for destroying his village, and because of Khan's violent behavior, Colin was adamant that the Mobians were still violent savages and lead his people to the "safety" of Robotropolis.

Once in Robotropolis, Colin spent some time explaining where he'd been after the Great War. When Snively was caught breaking curfew, he was brought before Colin after making a deal with Eggman not to expose his plans, in exchange for letting Snively exact revenge on his father for never acknowledging his intellect. During the next six weeks, the Overlanders lived happily in Robotropolis, completely unaware they were prisoners of the city held captive by Dr. Eggman's Shadowbots. Additionally, the city was polluted with toxic radiation, which was slowly poisoning the Overlanders. Unaware of this, Colin and his family lived in Eggman's "palace", though Colin did not spend much time with his brother or son as the two were working on a means to roboticize everyone.


When Hope began explaining to Colin that she believed the Mobians to be friendly and that Eggman was responsible for creating the Robians, Colin immediately dismissed the accusation, unable to believe his brother would have anything to do with the roboticized Mobians. However, Eggman arrived to hear their conversation, and informed Colin that what Hope was saying was true. Having made himself able to roboticize beings with a mere touch, Dr. Eggman was ready to roboticize all of the Overlanders. Colin, outraged that Snively played a part in Eggman's schemes and furious that his brother had betrayed them, attacked. However, as soon as Colin punched Eggman, he was roboticized, becoming an immobile statue.

Colin was one of the four Overlanders roboticized by Eggman and turned into statues, the others being Professor Cheddermund, Lady Agnes Hopkins and the scientist Nate Morgan. Sonic discovered their frozen roboticized bodies during his mission to rescue the Overlanders from Robotropolis. The four roboticized Overlanders were totally destroyed when Robotropolis was nuked by Station Square.


Colin, like many other Overlanders, is openly racist against Mobians. When Lady Agnes and Hope expressed how they didn't trust staying with Robotnik, he coldly remarked, "Well, it's a step up from being with monkeys and hedgehogs isn't it?".


  • When first introduced in Sonic the Hedgehog #72, Colin was the splitting image of his brother outside of a muscular build. When reintroduced in Sonic the Hedgehog #93, Colin was redesigned as a much more handsome and realistically proportioned man. This had the effect of making Colin look younger then both his younger brother and son, Snively.

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