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"Coachnik" is the forty-third episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the forty-third episode, it aired as the thirty-first episode during the show's original run.




Sonic costumes

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Ballet Master


Sonic and Tails are running through the desert with Tails saying that he wants to help Sonic out with Scratch and Grounder. Sonic replies that next time he can help him. Up ahead, Scratch and Grounder have set a trap for the two; Grounder plans to spray the road with oil making Sonic slip while Scratch lights the oil with a flamethrower causing the hedgehog to burn up. When Sonic and Tails come, Scratch tells Grounder to spray the oil but he says he can't until he says go. By then Sonic and Tails pass them and in the confusion, Grounder sprays oil at Scratch while Scratch himself sprays fire at Grounder and the barrel of oil causing an explosion. While Sonic laughs at this, Tails becomes discouraged but Sonic tells him that next time he can help.

Back at Robotnik's base, Robotnik berates the two for failing again and Scratch replies they did their best. Hearing this, Robotnik says the only way to solve the problem is to train harder to improve their abilities. Going to the robot maker, Robotnik puts in various books and videos on sports and strategies, sand, steel and 300 lbs of ham. When Scratch asks what robot is he making, Robotnik replies the only way to beat Sonic is to coach the two to make them better and introduces the Coachnik. Going up to Scratch and Grounder, Coachnik says he's ready to train them to defeat Sonic. He shows them a series of clips from their previous schemes and explain why they failed at them. While Robotnik loses confidence, Coachnik is certain that his training will pay off.

One week later, Sonic overhears that someone saw Scratch and Grounder at the old stadium which was abandoned since Robotnik built his fortress and he and Tails set to investigate. While spying on them, Tails sees Scratch, Grounder and later Coconuts training to get better and gets a glimpse of Coachnik. When Tails tells Sonic about this, Coconuts later ambushes them and attempts to attack only for Sonic to counterattack. Then Scratch and Grounder give chase causing the two to run. Sonic and Tails eventually see a tunnel and decide to do a reverse painted tunnel trick. The two cover the tunnel with a tarp that looks like the wall as Scratch and Grounder look around. They eventually get run over by an oncoming train allowing Sonic and Tails to escape.

Arriving at the stadium, Robotnik concludes that Sonic did some training of his own when he see the state of his badniks. Coachnik meanwhile says it's still early and next time Sonic comes, they'll be ready. Knowing that Sonic may beat them again, Robotnik heads back to his base and combines all kind of explosives (including a shaken soda) creating a football shaped bomb called the Long bomb. After testing a small piece of it on a wall which makes a big hole in it, Robotnik plans to detonate it next to Sonic in a 5 mile radius to beat him for good.

Heading back to the stadium, the doctor decides to hide it into one of his badniks creating the perfect sneak attack. Just then he bumps into Coconuts and almost drops the long bomb. Recovering Robotnik asks what's Coconuts doing here and Coachnik replies he has a lot of skill and the two leave him to do weightlifting. Just as he's starting, Sonic (disguised as a weightlifting coach) begins adding more weights eventually getting to the point where he crashes through the floor.

While Coconuts is getting fixed up by Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder are doing ballet to overcome their clumsiness with Sonic (disguised as a ballet master) teaching them. In the class, the badniks spin around so much they start to get dizzy and Sonic makes them trip causing Scratch to fall into the gorge nearby. Heading back to Tails, the fox asks if he can help. Sonic eventually gives in and Tails says he won't let him down.

As Robotnik is left to repair Scratch from his fall, Coachnik lets Grounder to do the obstacle course which includes the rope, climbing the wall and the tire run. However while doing the run, Sonic adds in more tires leading to the street with Grounder getting run over by a truck. While Coachnik attempts to get the rest of Grounder from the truck, Robotnik sneaks the long bomb in Grounder's head and sets the time for two minutes. Unknown to him, Tails had seen him.

Tails then races back to Sonic and tells him about the thing Robotnik stuffed in Grounder and the two head to the stadium to check it out. Watching 5.1 miles away from his fortress, Robotnik sits and watch how the game will turn out. Eventually a skirmish plays out in the stadium and at one point, Tails finds the thing inside Grounder's head revealing it to be a time bomb. After a fight with the bomb, Coachnik kicks the bomb out of the stadium and toward the fortress where Robotnik attempts to flee in his Egg-o-Matic. The long bomb however lands in his vehicle and explodes before he could do anything about it. When Coachnik welcomes Robotnik as he crash lands at the stadium, Robotnik in anger throws another remnant of the long bomb at Coachnik as revenge for kicking the long bomb at his fortress.

As they're running, Tails berates himself for finding nothing but a time bomb in Grounder but Sonic says by finding the bomb, he's glad to have Tails on his team making Tails happy. Back at the stadium Grounder asks what happened and Robotnik replies he gave Coachnik the boot. Hearing this Coachnik fights back as his severed leg starts chasing and kicking Robotnik all while yelling to stop.

Sonic Sez

Sonic and Tails are warming up for a football game against Scratch and Grounder, who just stand there and mock the former. Sonic tells Tails that warming up before a football game can prevent you from pulling a muscle. When the game starts, Sonic and Tails have full energy, while Scratch and Grounder pull a muscle.

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  • The alternate name of this episode is "The Coachnik".

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