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Quotation1 Lets not waste any more time men, I'm here to tell you why your game is going down the tubes, and what you got to do about it! Quotation2
— Coachnik, "Coachnik"

The Coachnik is a character that appears in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It was a large and powerful Badnik designed by Dr. Robotnik to coach Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts; this, however, did not work in the end.


The Coachnik was Dr. Robotnik's largest badnik built yet, standing taller than Scratch, "his largest badnik at the time," and being much wider than Robotnik himself. However, he was designed to be that way, being made out of playbooks, game films, strategies, plenty of grit (a large sack of sand), nerves of steel (several steel bands), and a literal 300 pounds of ham. He wears a large pink coaching shirt, a whistle, and a red hat.


The Coachink was first seen in The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode of the same name. In this episode, Robotnik is getting tired of Scratch and Grounder's failures at trying to capture Sonic, so he builds a large robot to train them to catch Sonic once and for all, the Coachnik. The Coachnik shows Scratch and Grounder certain techniques that in fact do work for the time being; however every time Sonic appears, they still constantly fail to catch him and fall for his traps. Being the one for motivation and optimism, the Coachnik states that they learned a lot from this match up and would be ready next time. Robotnik, doubting that whole idea, builds the "Long Bomb," a large metal football-shaped bomb that contained all sorts of bombs, missiles, and explosive materials. After a series of mishaps, the Long Bomb gets placed into Grounder's head and falls out after a small skirmish. The Coachnik notices it on the ground and doesn't realize that it's a bomb. He kicks it towards Dr. Robotnik and the bomb blows his fortress to pieces. Robotnik returns furious, but the Coach is unaware of what he actually did since he was misinformed. Robotnik then takes a small pellet of the bomb's remains and blows Coachnik to pieces. However, Coachnik is still functioning. He moves his leg and kicks Robotnik. It is unknown what happens to the Coachnik after that.


The Coachnik is an aggressive motivator who always wants the best for his team. He shows clear discipline and strength when solving a problem. He always wants to show the best to Dr. Robotnik even when things haven't always gone their best.


  • Despite being said to be the largest Badnik built by Robotnik, some Badniks are apparently bigger than Coachnik. Arnold Robonegger is an example.


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